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The World of Gotha is a collaborative geofiction and worldbuilding project in a setting equally fantastic but different from that of our own world. Intended as an interactive setting for members to showcase their creativity and develop new skills, we enjoy exchanging ideas as well as learning about & discussing various topics as they relate to this project.

If you'd like to participate as a nation-holder, environment designer or observer, or you just want to learn more about Gotha then proceed to the Setting page of the Gothawiki ➦ and follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or send us a message at

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  Anarian Players
Posted by: TeamBattleaxe - 10-22-2019 11:09 PM - Replies (21)

[Image: qivfRYP.png]

Here is a map of the active nations in Anaria, either with active players or a sizeable presence in the lore. I've included our newest player nation Varennes as intended at the moment.

You'll also notice an expanded Alsair. This is just a proposal of mine for a more substantial nation located there which would exist mainly to justify an English-Greco-Latin scholarly tradition that means Gothan naming traditions among other things are justified in lore. It would be a place of vineyards and universities with a chivalrous reputation as if it was founded by King Arthur himself. It should remain collaborative for the most part, I'm just laying down the basic idea.

Also another consideration of mine is adopting a more active role in Anarian game play myself since most of the action is going on over there! Not that Kamura is going anywhere oc, it'll still be a major linchpin of Gothan development.


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  Political Map of Gotha: Mar 2019
Posted by: TeamBattleaxe - 03-28-2019 04:35 PM - Replies (3)

[Image: j3t5Es9.jpg?1]

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  Political Map of Gotha: Feb 2018
Posted by: TeamBattleaxe - 01-19-2018 07:51 PM - Replies (5)

Data is gathered from various sources on the forum and wiki. Shown are active nations and their confirmed colonies, proposed nations and shell nations.

It's not meant to be a work of art, only a way of keeping track of what the map of Gotha looks like. You use the colours to identify nations which I didn't bother naming (You'll hopefully know most nations off by heart). Some of the colours may be very similar to each other but I assure you they are different.

It is at this stage unofficial, just to clarify.

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