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The World of Gotha is a collaborative geofiction and worldbuilding project in a setting equally fantastic but different from that of our own world. Intended as an interactive setting for members to showcase their creativity and develop new skills, we enjoy exchanging ideas as well as learning about & discussing various topics as they relate to this project.

If you'd like to participate as a nation-holder, environment designer or observer, or you just want to learn more about Gotha then proceed to the Setting page of the Gothawiki ➦ and follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or send us a message at

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  Request for Nation/Colony Summarys
Posted by: Brian von Gotha - 08-06-2013 09:42 PM - Replies (8)

To any player (especially those) with current approved colonies and/or dominions.

Please provide me with a list of your APPROVED colonial claims, along with the name of that grouping and whether it is a regular colony or company run entity (or dominion by special approval). Providing the year of acquisition is helpful if known, either for the entire group or individual territory. Please do not include a list of your colonial hopes and aspirations Wink

I will cross reference these for approval, but this will make it easier for me to complete the ledger and map more quickly, as rooting through threads with evolving colony proposals is confusing and time consuming. Many of these threads, after realizing player conflicts or changes in direction from the original requests, end without a clear statement of what was actually approved.

If there is a known out-of-game (OOG) conflict, please mention it as well. In-game disputes can also be mentioned by the de-jure occupant listing the territory on his/her report.

If you have a preferred nation trigraph, other than one which I may have assigned in the wiki nation infobox, please let me know.


Quote:Colonial Report for Myopia
trigraph: please change to MPA

Homeland (no date necessary)

Awesomland (colony; est 6550)
6607 (6555)
6608 (6551)
6609 (6550)
6613 (6559)
6671 (6561)
-unresolved OOG conflict with Dumbland over territory 6671


Superdooperia (dominion: acquired 5250)
-In game dispute with Dumbland over territory 5613


Lipton Islands (company admin by Tropic Tea Co)
7005 (5998)

Thanks a lot guys and gals... this will really help me out a ton!! And help bring about a resolution to any issues we may have outstanding.

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  Transition of Powers
Posted by: Brian von Gotha - 07-05-2013 05:33 PM - Replies (4)

Beginning on August 1st, I am going to re-position myself within Gotha from administrator to "Founder."

This will mean relinquishing my admin position, in terms of decision making, and transitioning to being the keeper (and 'improver') of statistics. I will, of course, also be a regular player and have my own nation. While I will not be voting on administrative issues, I will be available to advise and mediate when needed. This will hopefully alleviate some of my frustration with feeling overwhelmed, and give me a chance to channel some creativity into Anat Tahan and Gotha in general.

In the mean time, I am putting the finishing touches on an updated ledger and map of development based on revamping some of our original stats for some of the advanced colonial areas. They should be similar population-wise, but have better GDPs than are created via the (old) 'retroactive' colonial update method I was using before. That method was fine for short periods (i.e., for playing out the game), but some of our colonies are just too old for it to work, resulting in skewed statistics (very poor people) without additional tweaks. Basically, we'll be starting with a (more balanced) base, with no tweaks or retroactive development. I gave special attention to some key areas on the 'colonialized' continents, so this will not affect most homeland territories. Anaria remained virtually untouched in this process.

This needs to be finalized before I step aside, so I will put the proposed updates forth to administration, and we will discuss it and make changes. After that, and until further notice, ledger updates (in terms of advancements) will be every 10 Gotha years (like a census), that's every 5 earth years. Essentially it will be static unless something awesome happens in terms of database programming/automation on my part, but we wont plan on that. Instead I'd like to focus on making those statistics easily accessible and usable.

A more detailed description of my duties, as well as the duties of the Administrators will be posted by August 1. At this time the name of a new Admin will also be announced.



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  The Hallish Language Club
Posted by: Tommy - 05-16-2013 02:57 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: HLC1.jpg]

This is a roleplaying medium. You may begin by inventing one or two pen friend profiles with the following information: 1) name, 2) address, and, 3) interests. And then post this information in this thread and then again in your nations' forums. Those who wish to initiate the pen-friend correspondence may begin by posting in your recipients' nation forums wherein are found the same such profiles. As a gentle reminder, not many people in this era has the luxury to learn a foreign language, nor find a need to do so. Consider the costs of ink, paper and postal fee in this period. Anyways, have fun!

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Information Announcement from the Administrative Team
Posted by: Dr.Tesla - 05-03-2013 10:25 PM - No Replies

Public Announcement

Expulsion is never taken lightly, but sometimes is necessary. Intentionally breaking the rules will result in an administrator reprimand (with evidence of misconduct). Repeated breaking of rules will result in a second administrator reprimand. After two administrator reprimands within a period of a year, a third breaking of rules will result in a public vote on the player's expulsion on the forum for a period of one week. After one week, the vote will close with the public majority being the deciding factor of the player's expulsion along with an unanimous administrator vote.

It was suggested by a player that we needed a clear process with dealing with possible future misconduct. We hope this is an effective and fair way to deal with misconduct.

From the Administrative Team

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