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Grab the paper!
07-01-2015, 01:22 PM
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RE: Grab the paper!
The national radio station of Vittmark had been announcing the queen's speech ever since the news of the demise of Av Varung had been made public. Many people had gathered around the few radio's that were available in the country, often located in mantalshus or government buildings.

"As Our experiences enlight Vind, and Vind enlightens us, we will overcome hardship and celebrate the next step to accomplish Vind's master plan, for the times, FOR THE TIMES"

Queen Anna had opened her speech with a quite usual but formal Orkanan greeting.

"It is with sadness that we have to announce the demise of the foreign secretary of our respected neighbors in Aedeland, Herr Jakob av Varung. We express our condoleances, on behalf of all the people of Vittmark, to his extended family, his friends, the government in Alesund and the people of Aedeland. Despite our recent disagreements on political matters, we can only express respect for his leadership and his services for the people of Aedeland. We are convinced that his skill and dedication will be missed.

"As our sources indicate, his death did not have a natural cause. Given the recent political developments it is possible that the leadership in Alesund will indicate involvement from Vittmark. As your queen we can assure you that no federal institution nor agency, nor any of our member states offices are in any way connected to this sad event. We would like to urge you to ignore any accusation directed against the people of Vittmark, because those allegation do not apply to us.

"We don't have to explain that this very unfortunate incident only adds to the tension that has arisen since the signing of the Treaty in AErilar. The federal government is disappointed that the very same nations that have helped us to create more peace, stability and welfare in Vittmark now are blocking free passage of the open seas that have been created for every living being on this world. We are even more disappointed that Aedeland clearly is rallying our natural allies like Anisora, Amberia and Auresia against us. Not only is the agenda of the Aedelish set completely by self interest and financial gain, it now becomes obvious that through setting up our allies against us they have a hidden agenda as well: the complete domination over Vittmark.

"We don't have to explain that such a threat to our integrity will not be tolerated. But we also urge you to let the federal government deal with this immediate threat. I am personally appealing to your common sense to treat the foreign citizens living in and around the port concessions with the regards they deserve. These citizens have been invited as guests and should be treated as such. If they visit your store or bar, they should be served and charged equally as your domestic clients. The traders, workers and their families are just as much subject to the political climate as you are, they can not be held responsible for the actions of their governments. You are however free to decide if you want to do business with traders or manufacturers from signatory nations. The ties between business representatives and their governments is of a different magnitude.

In these dark hours, there is also good news to be announced. When some doors of cooperation get closed, other opportunities open. We are proud to announce that a diplomatic mission from The Bind will visit Östvallen within a couple of days. It will be a mission of friendship, of cultural exchange and of business opportunities. Representatives from the manufacturing and guild trades have been invited to assess the opportunities for increased welfare, and even for the people of Östvallen and Vittmark there will be an opportunity to experience at first hand some of the remarkable accomplishments of the Wolgos people in a showcase of new technologies and products.

The federal government is aware of the sensitivity surrounding the Wolgos as a people, especially in the south. But over the past decade we have proven we are able to tolerate or even cooperate with former enemies, both domestic and foreign. We don't ever have to forget what happened, but on the other hand we can not let awful memories keep us from developing, from marching forward, into a future where we can contribute to Vind's master plan. It is with honor that we serve the people of Vittmark, in the name of Vind, for the times... FOR THE TIMES."

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10-04-2016, 09:17 AM
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RE: Grab the paper!
June 1st 7577

Editorial opinion article.

It has been two and a half years since the signatory nations of the Treaty of AErilar tried to impose their illegal international taxes onto the merchant fleet of Vittmark. The treaty itself already is a severe breach of the autonomy of independant states, but it also did not take into account how basic government funding works. In a country like Vittmark, where the mandate comes from the people, international unilateral treaties can not be imposed as such. If you don't have a government but just a nationally sponsored military to back merchant interests, or an unholy top-down command structure as government, then it's understandable that you don't have an understanding of how the civilized world works. But keep it within your own borders, please.

Fortunately, there are also practical and decent nations out there. Like Anisora, who created an international shipping registry where today about 28% of the oceangoing merchant fleet is registered. They sail across the straits like if the Treaty does not exist.

But we see an even more interesting development in Helreich, Amberia and Auresia, where merchant vessels flying the Vittmarker flag easily can dock in several ports without having to cross any of the straits falling under the Treaty. Trade is moving from ports "behind the straits" to "outside the straits", and with that the industries, workshops and jobs.

On top of that, vessels from Fisks and Vittmark have been allowed passage along the northern coast of The Bind. This not only made it possible to keep the colonies connected, but opened up a wide variety of new trade opportunities. Import from goods made in Helreich, Amberia and Aedeland has dropped considerably and our ports are now flooding with Wolgos products.

So for the last two years, Vittmark has been defying the Treaty of AErilar, not having paid a single crown in so called common tariffs. At the same time, trade volumes have been growing. It seems that for the first time, the value of exports of finished products will exceed that of import in 7577. This was already the case for bulk goods and half products like coal and iron. Difficult circumstances have brought about the most creative solutions, as in any good Orkanan tradition.

Maybe that is a lesson to be learned by the abominations of the Faith, Lazarianism and Stellism, those Orkanan half-products-in-denial: you'll have to work and create in order to gain income, no piece of paper will guarantee you a lifetime of free money. You want your tariff? Come and get it! By delivering added value, not by adding unreasonable extra costs.

(OOG note: an editorial does not mirror any government point of view or policy...)

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02-12-2018, 10:28 PM
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RE: Grab the paper!
Östvallen, February 16th 7580

Second Cabinet installed

After receiving a mandate from the federal parliament in the night of February 14th, her majesty Queen Anna has installed the Second Cabinet of Vittmark yesterday. First Chancellor Frania av Lårsten arrived with the new cabinet members at the Royal Palace doors at exactly 13:37, a moment in time that has become a tradition in Vittmarker rituals.

Av Lårsten will remain in function as Chancellor for Federal Affairs, beside her role as Prime Chancellor. Also remaining is herr Rågersson of Sörmarkspartiet, who will take over the Department of Foreign Affairs. Herr Av Hagen from Haga Framtid will continue to be in charge of the Department of Security. Development will remain in the hands of Herr Liljeroth of Iunsala Förbund.

Secretary Av Vinborg was installed as the new Chancellor for Judicial Affairs, also a member of Haga Framtid. Lastly Fru Bilanda was appointed as Treasurer, being a new face in the cabinet on behalf of Lundens Allians.

Three new secretaries from the Loyalist Party were installed as well, Herr Iärnsaxa for developing a cultural stimulus program, Fru Lindström to outline internal oversees relations and Herr av Livtuna for implementing the financial inspection works. Lastly Herr Kämpe of Lundens Allians received the role of secretary for international trade.

Despite being called Second Cabinet, it is in fact the fifth executive government of Vittmark. But it is the second after the ratification of the Constitution in 7574. Main tasks for the government include further developing foreign relations in an environment with inceasingly hostile neighboring countries, as well as developing new trade relations. Since the export of coal and steel to Aedeland an Helreich was halted a year ago there is an overcapacaty in production. In internal politics some federal executive offices will be decentralized from the capital in order to distribute jobs and wealth more evenly.

Chancellor Rågersson announced that former Prime Chancellor Ödebo will be offered a position as ambassador in Auresia or Anisora. Both former secretaries Av Kronobäck and Av Tallen have been offered free advisory roles to cabinet members, partially because of their age. Kronobäck turned 78 last week, while Av Tallen will become 73 next month.

Queen Anna attended the entire first meeting of the cabinet. She has even received three members in private sessions, while the other six will be invited today (Febr 16th). The inaguration marked the first transition of power between executive cabinets since the ratification of the Constitution, even though the mandate from parliament comes from the same coalition of political factions. Together, they have a 63-30 majority in the assembly (with 7 absentees). In the House of Lords two senators objected to the new cabinet, while one chose to abstain, giving the cabinet a solid 15 seats support.

The first testcase of the new cabinet will be the byelections in April and May. The latter will be taking place in Liden, where 25 seats will be divided mainly between the coalition partner Lundens Allians and the oppositional De Lidh party.

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03-04-2019, 09:43 PM
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RE: Grab the paper!
Östvallens Nyheter
21 December, 7579

Funding and commitment secured at international conference

The excavations of the remains of Skiöldavik will continue. That is the outcome of an international congress held this week in Gårdarna. The newly opened museum of natural history in Vittmark’s capital is located exactly opposite the excavation site, on the other side of the Dämman reservoir. For three days this was the scene of a gathering of religious and worldly leaders of the Orkanan sphere.

The host of the conference, Queen Anna of Vittmark, has been facing fierce opposition against her plans to start excavations in unexplored parts of the ancient complex. Between 7568 and 7579 scientists have worked on removing the protective sand layers that were used to cover the vulnerable remains during the Pan Anarian War and following Three Ways Conflict. The excavation plans became subject of domestic political debate, with some of the influential Stifts unwilling to make funding available. There was also international opposition, mainly fed by the notion that a young and unstable nation like Vittmark should not be leading such a historically important project.

Breaking point of the conference was the field visit halfway the program, where Queen Anna herself symbolically put down her own hands on the rain soaked soil while stating “I am going to do this, with or without you all. But if you’re with me, you will have a say in how, when and where.” This put her opponents in an unsustainable position. The excavation site is located on federal soil by special city leases. Her majesty just echoed the current policy of the City of Östvallen, the federal government and The Crown. Even if her position would be a minority one, she still would pursuit her own line.

According to an unnamed source participating on behalf of one of the international delegations “this was exactly the reason why our government is hesitative about Av Kulla being in charge of this unique project. We only have one chance of excavating it, we destroy most of the context of what we find for all eternity. Such a task should not fall under the responsibility of that woman.”

Emperor Marius of Anisora clearly was on Queen Anna’s line. The emperor, himself a man of science, already stated that the site should be excavated now the circumstances are right for the first time since the 7520’s before he embarked the airship taking him to Vittmark. But while the Anisoran leader attended the entire conference himself, Queen Anna only was present during some parts of it. This fed rumours that her majesty still is has not recovered from her hospitalization last August and September, related to the birth of Prince Kolgard. According to sources at the Royal Palace this is not the case. “Her majesty has full confidence in the Vittmarker hosting delegation advocating the federal government’s position, her continuous presence is not needed.”

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