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Orders from Hoffnung
06-30-2015, 02:49 AM
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Orders from Hoffnung
Things were stirring in Fügung, Admiral Helmut Frankl received orders from Hoffnung. The Commonwealth Gründer was called into session hours ago, all in response to the heating up of events in Ærilar and Vittmark. Orders were issued by the Anführer to dispatch naval warships stationed in Rissland and additional vessels stocked with supplies along with space for passengers in case the situation within Vittmark continued to threaten Hellish nationals and interests located within the Port Concession city of Nabben.

Hellish nationals were also being recalled within the Economic Zone of Cooperation in Mörenburg. Troops along the Vittmark-Mörenburg border were being mobilized in case the situation heated up. All troops still maintained a significant distance from the border, following the terms of the Non-Agression Pact, but many were questioning Vittmark's commitment to the Non-Aggression Pact.

News received also spoke of orders given out by the Anführer to the government of the Commonhold of New Südentor. All Vittmark and Fisk vessels were to be stopped and turned around if tolls were not to be paid.

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