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Airships come and go.
05-25-2016, 01:31 AM
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Airships come and go.
A few years ago when the treaty sealing the Vittish trade route through the endless expanse of the Bind was sealed into law and enshrined with the protection of the Great Father ambitious promises of commerce and opportunities had been made, sixteen previously decommissioned airship ports and fields were been gifted to the Vittish crown under a lease of undetermined period which meant as long as it pleased the Father and not perpetuity. Airfields where meant to become hubs of trade where produce and goods would flow out of the Bind and into Stoldavia and city Airship ports and compounds had been hoped would become arcades with exotic Stoldavian consumer goods, grand dreams that quickly tarnished following several incidents, the airfields became surrounded with barbwire and watch towers after some were stormed by abominations of the Bind seeking refuge away from their rightful place while the old grand airship docks of the cities shuttered their premises and barricaded themselves.

The old airship dock of Chred-Praet had been reopened and restored at the expense of the Bind before the hand over, the classical Wolgos building with its wrought iron fittings, green marble surfaces and and gilded interior was made ready for its to be Vittish owners in many ways which included changing its electrics to Vittish standards to even replacing sanitary ware to what the Vittish would be accustomed to. Great effort was made to coax the Vittish into establishing a formidable trading presence in the city as to encourage local plurality as wished by the lobbies of Kalsulan but after the handover the project began unraveling, the guarded Vittish kept to the port compound and their offerings where lacklustre, with a minor part of the arcade being devoted to dazzling the Wolgos while the rest of the newly restored halls became no more than warehouses for goods flowing from Fisk to Vittmark.

Soon incidents started to occur as cultures, language and ideologies clashed culminating in the murder of a Vittish waiter by a patron who considered the service rendered lacked the respect he deserved, the murder immediately lead to a brawl between patrons and the staff which further escalated when both Wolgos and Vittish authorities intervened, both authorities claimed authority over the law within the structure and claimed their own mutually incompatible laws to be applicable as for the treaty never stipulated legal jurisdiction and all parties assumed theirs applied. Due to classic Wolgos tact the matter was not resolved in a civil manner and escalated into a brawl between Wolgos city watchmen and Vittish soldiers.
Following the incident the city watchmen devolved jurisdiction of the dock compound and law within to the Vittish, the Vittish shuttered their establishments, chained the gates and set up a barricade around the compound while the Wolgos watchmen closed the streets around it and set up a patrol and just like that all contact with the city was severed.

Now days only curious people and Wolgos frequent the roofs of the buildings across the no-mans land to watch the Vittish airships come and go as they ferry goods to Vittmark and to see the curious sight of free abominations move through the compound and the abomination soldiers guarding their precious warehouses and playing sports in the gilded halls of the compound. A familiar sight across all the City port compounds operated by the Vittish to the great annoyance of the progressive Wolgos lobbies of Kalsulan with vested interest, even so the strange fascination of the great Father with these abominations from a land where he once fought in, the gifts they give him to placate him and the obscure interests of the Divinators keep the project alive without sign of faltering.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"

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