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[New Proposal] Khatuni Kamuraav
02-13-2018, 11:39 PM
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RE: [New Proposal] Khatuni Kamuraav
(still haven't gotten around reading it)

The whole "genders are complimentary, one isn't necessarily better than the other" is present in Vittmark as well. There are typical gender roles, partially as a result of recent warfare. But that is by no mean the Orkanan default.

It is on the other hand more logic that there is a link with the Kakuri, since they have some common cultural ancestry. But they are by no means a matriarchical society, it's just that the current leaders are women. The previous 4-5 leader groups were completely male, except for one mixed group.

OK I should shut up and read stuff...

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02-14-2018, 09:30 AM
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RE: [New Proposal] Khatuni Kamuraav
TeamBattleaxe Wrote:I'm more than happy for Kamura to have a dark era of instability, Anarian meddling and possibly even unequal treaties that allow for an Anarian presence in West Davai. The Bind still officially have a concession there anyway, maybe Anisora could have one? Or Auresia? I do want the wind to be changing though, with the prospect of a resurgent Kamura increasingly holding these Anarian concessions at their mercy. Maybe a re-imposition of strait tolls is in order...

Just wanted to clarify your position. I really like the narrative of an increasingly powerful Kamura, and it will put some nice pressure on established colonial empires from Anaria. I also like the idea of Anisora having a small territory in West Davai, and have been thinking about such a possibility for a while. I'll have to have a look for somewhere suitable - unless you have any ideas about where you think such an Anarian presence would make sense?

TeamBattleaxe Wrote:Please elaborate what 'universal male subject' is?

A lot of the descriptions of Kamuran religion and the political system are neutral and don't necessarily remind the reader of a feminine bias. I personally think from a Kamuran standpoint this is realistic. We, in our culture, tend to assume the gender of an entity is male until proven otherwise but in Kamura this would not be the case. Assume the major institutions of government, bar those affirmed to the contrary, are female dominated.

You have elaborated on it for me. The universal male subject is the inherent male bias that most societies place on humanity. I.e. the default of human is male. As you rightly say, this dominates our culture on earth (with some interesting, but often isolated, exceptions). I respect the choice of remaining neutral in describing politics and religion, for example, and think it might fit with Kamura.

Having said that, if politics and religion are dominated by women, with certain top positions barred from male participation, gender does present one of the main "impediments to success in Kamuran administration and commerce". The overall neutral tone of the descriptions are absolutely fine, and I think you are right to do so. But such statements (as above) might cause confusion in relation to the position men have in society. But, it's your nation. I am just very interested in how gender works in societies, so forgive me! Big Grin


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