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Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
03-28-2019, 11:46 PM
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Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The calm waters of the Sinnean Ocean are made more reassuring by the large Anisoran flotilla that has bestowed its generosity and hospitality to emperor Ezshkowhot XLV. With this being the first foreign visit of the emperor the Anisorans seem to have spared no effort to impress the emperor and his entourage. The Anisoran battleship Atrox has been able to accommodate their guests without much difficulty, it seems that the Anisorans have temporarily outfitted a surplus munition store into a luxurious apartment for the emperor; the apartment has provided ample headroom and entertainment for the voyage.
The Atrox and it’s accompanying flotilla are arriving at Pena, the Anisoran capital, having already passed rival Anati territory. Despite the unconventional voyage for a man who had never travelled by sea it has been interesting and the captain of the Atrox with the assistance of diplomats and translators has entertained the emperor over many diners. The captain even arranged for a demonstration of the power of the ship.
“My emperor the landscape you can see through the telescope is the city of Pena, it’s a large city built in classical Anarian style and its people are very different from the humans that share our lands, "explained a Luoran who was a member of the emperor's personal guard.
“Yes I see, and yes I expect that most will be pale unlike the humans of the empire," the emperor panned across the horizon using the telescope. “They are pale but pink or red unlike us, some look like you could bite their cheeks and get as much blood as you would get juice from biting into a ripe peach,"
With a hearty laugh, the guard replied “I thought so too but I’m sure they do not want to satisfy our curiosity,"
“Yes you are right, but anyway," turning to the guard “Their people are also ruled by an emperor, I am told he is a man of taste and has a beautiful wife. Can you please arrange for my concubines to prepare their gifts and to practice their manners and decorum,"
“Yes my emperor, just to inform you the emperor will be gifted with a gold inlaid black hardwood chest containing a gold and silver longbow and arrows, a selection of fine literature translated into Pastanan and Anisoran, a collection of our finest spirits and selection of silks," the guard continued through the list “For the empress a red and gold lacquer chest containing fine arctic fox, mink, bear and polar bear pelts, a collection of fragrances selected by your mother and a silver filigree necklace with violet saphires,"
“For the people of Anisora ten Esgaran stallions will be gifted,"
“Yes, that sounds acceptable, it should be," the emperor pondered “This is the first time the empire treats another nation as a friend, not as a tributary or an enemy,"
“As we are coming as friends to their strange lands, they should gift me with some of their most beautiful morsels. If they do not I shall extend my generosity to a few beautiful young women and take them as my Wikgutshe‘ti, they will make a great souvenir of this exotic land”
“I think that would be good, but we should see if the Anisorans object” advised the guard.
“Why should they object, they will live like queens and enjoy being part of the imperial family” the emperor replied laughing “I think you just don’t want to be left out that’s all, you are permitted to find a woman or two for you and your men to enjoy and devour as a reward for braving the ocean”

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The following was co-authored by myself and Felipe (Thor99)

“And there you can see the flagship of the Marina Imperiale, IAN Atrox, with the Arsasan delegation disembarking. The flagship was the naval guard of honour for the Arsasan emperor…” There was a slight pause as the Anisoran announcer shuffled some papers, “” the announcer tried to pronounce, moving swiftly on. “I hear it was the first time the Emperor had travelled by sea, so I am sure it was quite an experience for him and his retinue.”

“Very true” answered the second commentator. “This visit is indeed an historic occasion, full of world firsts we do not doubt. A moment of great significance to the nations of Anaria and Davai, and of humans and the Luora subspecies.”

“As the Emperor disembarks we can see what appear to be four retainers following closely behind him; or perhaps they are his concubines? It is my understanding that the Luorans are somewhat…” the commentator paused, trying to find a suitable word, “archaic, in that respect.”

“Indeed. Their customs will undoubtedly be a shock to many in Anaria - as I dare say ours will be to them, such are the differences between humans and the Luora. The emperor’s followers are in pairs behind him, carrying a chest respectively. No doubt full of wonders and treasures from the west - the riches of Arsas are of course legendary, and it is only fitting that an Emperor should wish to bestow gifts upon our own sovereign.”

“The Emperor is now approaching the dockside and from our position ashore we can see that he truly is an impressive sight. He is wearing a long black cape of sorts, with what appears to be a golden clasp and chain at his chest. The cape seems to be intricately woven with exotic patterns and designs in gold, which are glimmering in the morning sun. Most impressive.” After a brief pause, the commentator continued. “Behind the emperor and his entourage there are a number of horses of great stature and strength emerging. Are these the emperor's own? We shall see in time”

“And with that the Emperor of Arsas has landed in Anisora - and indeed Anaria, for the very first time. He is of course welcomed by His Royal Highness the Grand Prince of Pastana, Prince Titus, who will be escorting the Arsasan leader to meet his father the Emperor of the Anisorans at Colombera Palace later in the day.”

“It is only now, with the Emperor standing besides the Prince that the size of the Luora becomes clear. They truly are impressive creatures. Standing well over two feet above the Prince, the emperor, and indeed his entourage of Luora, are very pale, with what appears to be a pink flush over their skin. I’m not sure whether that is because of the change of climate, or the grandeur of the occasion. Who can be sure? They are such a strange, exotic people.”

“Alongside the Grand Prince, the Emperor is now being introduced to the array of Anisoran dignitaries that are stood at the dockside to welcome the royal visitor. Representing the imperial government is the Countess of Bonaldo, President of the Imperial Senate and Lord Privy Seal. Even smaller than the Grand Prince, Her Ladyship nevertheless does not seem phased by the scale of the emperor or his followers.”

“The emperor is now being shown the soldiers and sailors of the Fulminari Guards and a detachment of the Imperial Marines arrayed in his honour, standing to attention in their impeccable uniforms.”

“Attention!” Came a distant should through the microphone. “Take aim! Fire!” A loud crack of rifle fire could be heard as the Guards and Marines fired a salute.

“You just heard the guards and marines firing a salute there. And, yes, the Emperor is turning to face the mighty battleship at anchor in the harbour. Aboard her deck is a military band, playing what I can only imagine is a traditional Arsasan piece of music - or perhaps their national anthem, if they have one.”

As the music rose to a crescendo and then stopped, an almighty crash could be heard as the battleship’s 14.5 inch guns fired in salute.

“And there you have it. A welcome fit for an emperor, indeed. Oh, it appears that the Emperor wishes to address the delegation…”


“We the Luoran people and the *outsider* peoples under our protection present His Majesty, His eternally fertile consort and the people of Anisora with these humble gifts as a token of our friendship” The Emperor gestured and spoke in Luoran but his words were translated by an older Luoran that stepped in to assist the emperor.

As the emperor concluded his short speech, his concubines in pairs came forward from his sides. His concubines placed both chests at the feet of the Anisoran delegation and gave a small courteous bow before returning to their place behind the emperor.

The emperor stepped forward with open arms and embraced the Grand Prince firmly as he bent his legs and bend down to reach the Grand Prince. The emperor took care to not lift the Grand Prince. Prince Titus’ face showed how much of a shock this was; a somewhat comical expression mixed of horror and confusion. The Fulminari Guards closest to the Grand Prince, despite their training, or perhaps because of it, twitched, with one trooper lurching slightly in response to the sudden movement. Physical contact was rare in public in Anisora, especially for royalty, but for the guardsmen it was a knee-jerk reaction. The trooper who had lurched looked mortified a second later when he realised it had been merely an embrace.

The Arsasan emperor let go of the Grand prince and patted the prince's side as he gave him a big approving smile.

The Grand Prince composed himself, giving an awkward smile in return before speaking. “On behalf of my father, the Emperor of the Anisorans, I thank you for these wonderful gifts.”

The emperor then looked at the crowd and waved at them with both arms lifted as he turned on the spot.

“People of Anisora I the Emperor of the land of salt, ice and ash bring you a gift of ten esgaran horses, might horses assisted our mighty warriors built empire in ages past” boomed the emperor as his translator attempted to translate and keep up with the emperor’s dramatics and volume. “May these ten stallions serve you as well as they served our ancestors” At concluding, the emperor puffed his chest and took a pose of great self satisfaction only matched by his smile.

As the translator attempted to shout the Emperor’s words to the assembled Anisoran crowd, many of them gawking in astonishment at the spectacle, there was a polite uptake of cheering and clapping, with many waving Anisoran flags in recognition of the Emperor’s words. Most of them had not expected to be addressed directly, never mind given a gift, so there were many genuine cheers and shouts of welcome.
As the cheers died down the emperor stood keeping his pose but a look of mild confusion took over as neither him or his translator were sure what to do next, the Arsasans were unaccustomed to foreign engagements.

There was a moment of awkward silence as the respective delegates looked at each other. The Grand Prince stepped forward. “Thank you again for these wondrous gifts.” He gestured to the chests laid before him as four Fulminari guardsmen appeared ready to take them away. Traditional Anisoran procedure had the official gift-giving at the Palace, during the state banquet. There had clearly been a miscommunication and now the Prince stood accepting the gifts with nothing to give in return. The Prince looked awkward before continuing. “My father very much looks forward to presenting Your Majesty with gifts personally at the Palace this evening. We hope that our humble gifts will be well received by Your Majesty and indeed Your people. And I wish to thank Your Majesty once again for these fine gifts, and for the magnificent horses.”

The Grand Prince’s attendants gestured to both parties to follow them. Both parties followed and departed the dockside as spectators waved Anisoran flags.

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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The following was co-authored by Alex and Felipe

Formal diplomatic encounter

The assembled dignitaries, both Anisoran and Arsasan, were mingling in the Exemplar Arnald drawing room in Colombera Palace. The room was high ceilinged with tall windows looking out onto the palace gardens, the fading afternoon sun shing on the neat rows of trees and hedges viewable from the north windows. The room was appointed in the traditional ‘Marian’ style of the mid 74th-century, with rich green fabrics and gold inlaid oak adorning the furniture and walls. Around the room there were placed sofas and chairs, with footmen weaving between the guests serving champagne and the finest Anisoran wines.

The host of that evening’s reception, Marius III, Emperor of the Anisorans and Grand Prince of Casella, stood at the centre of the room. He was wearing a traditional white tie dinner suit, with the bright red sash of the Order of the Fauglia across his chest, an array of other knightly order medals shining in the light. Next to him stood his wife and consort, Avrona Lassinia, Empress of the Anisorans, beautiful in a light blue gown, a deep sapphire on her neck, her blonde hair up in the Amberian style.

Towering above the imperial couple was Emperor Ezshkowhot. The emperor for this occasion was wearing a completely black cape covering a fitted Arsasan layered suit composed of soft cotton under layers with a fitted black silk coat of knee length, long knee length black leather boots whose heel gave the emperor a redundant boost in height. Accompanying the emperor was the emperor's favorite concubine, much shorter than the emperor at six foot high and with a slim but voluptuous frame. The concubine was donning a delicate and intricate black lace dress that revealed her shape with only a black mink shawl draping over her shoulders and covering her breasts. An intricate gold filigree wide band choker grasped around her neck. Hovering between the two imperial couples was the Luoran translator, without whom conversation would have been limited to hand gestures and nods.

“Emperor Ezshkowhot,” said Emperor Marius, pronouncing the name surprisingly well. He had practiced the word many times prior to the meeting, but despite his interest in languages, Marius found the Luoran tongue inexplicably difficult. “Tell me, how was your journey across the sea? We understand that it was your first time crossing the ocean.”

The translator spoke quickly to his emperor.

“Thank you Emperor of the Anisorans from across the ocean. The journey was interesting, the ship and your captain was but I found the ocean to be monotonous. Despite the maddening flatness of the ocean I enjoyed observing how your men worked and the magnificence of your vessel” Replied the Arsasan emperor “Now having crossed the ocean I am glad to meet a leader of a remote land as friends” With this the emperor opened wide his arms and attempted to embrace the emperor just as he had with his son.

Emperor Marius stiffened, trying to suppress an expression of disgust at the imposition. He tried to forcefully produce his hand for a handshake, but the much larger Luoran emperor only crushed the proffered hand beneath his embrace. There was an awkward silence around the men as Emperor Ezshkowhot released Marius, this being wholly inappropriate according to Anisoran etiquette and convention.

Emperor Marius’ face rehardened into an emotionless smile. “Thank you, Emperor Ezshkowhot. We are likewise gladdened to,” a short pause, “embrace, you and your people as new, steadfast friends. And we are particularly pleased you found much to admire in our navy. Our people are a proud, seafaring people. Perhaps the ocean was not to your tastes, but the Medio Sea, and the thousands of islands that litter it, make for a particularly enjoyable cruise. There is much to see, and much to enjoy.”

“I trust you are correct Your Highness, your lands are certainly blessed with a pleasant climate. Your lands are green and moist, a contrast to my more vast but harsh lands of high mountains, endless sands, dark forests and bitter inland seas” The Arsasan emperor added “I would be glad to explore the wonders of your land with your highness.”

“My husband and I should be most pleased to host Your Majesty across Anisora” answered Empress Avrona, smiling. “As you say, our land is so different to your own. But, prey, tell us more of your dominion. We have heard such stories of the riches of the west.”

“Gladly your most gracious consort. To me my land is mundane and common but I am sure you would find it exotic as I find yours. Our realms wealth is largely derived from the holy opium poppy and the great opium road which brings western goods to Anaria and Anarian machines west.”With pride he added “We are the custodians of the road and from our service we benefit greatly and built great ancient cities bathed in patchully, oud and many luxuries to satiate anyones desires.”

“Your Majesty’s people have a great deal to be proud of, certainly” replied Empress Avrona. “An illustrious history, and dare we say it, an even brighter future. This commitment to friendship between our two great empires fills ours hearts with gladness. The opportunities that we can provide one another are truly unique, to the mutual benefit of all.” Emperor Marius inclined his head and raised his wine glass in toast to his wife’s words.

The Arsasan emperor joined them in the toast and with that they enjoyed some more conversation mediated by translators before the state dinner.


Informal encounter

While the emperor, four guardsmen and his concubines where at a reception being held by the Anisoran emperor and state dignitaries, the rest of the Emperors guard were taken on a tour of Pena by a group of Anisoran hosts from the guard of Marius III. The official tour began at the Corazzieri dell'Imperatore barracks where the small group of Arsasan guards in their formal black garbs and blood red encompassing capes were taken from display to display and horse stall to horse stall. The barracks tour was as expected, a dull tour given by a monotonous and droning translator.

Eventually a young and clearly battle experienced Anisoran captain interrupted “Thank you Signore Moretto, your talk has been exemplary, but I think out foreign gentlemen guests would like to see the city, after all they have not come so far to look at musky displays and smell the dung of our horses.”
Captain Moretto looked momentarily offended before nodding curtly. “As you wish, but they are your responsibility. Should the savages damage anything or anyone it will be on you.”
“Very well, would you like to translate that to our guests?” added the captain with a mischievous smirk.
“Let’s just go, just keep it decent”

The Anisoran captain decided to take his Luoran guests on a mini tour of the surrounding Colombera district. As they walked down the Viale della Colombera in front of the Palace, they turned south and walked through Colombera Park. The park was enclosed by a high metal fence, but the gates were open this time of day. As the group of soldiers walked through the park, almost every Anisoran they passed either gauped at the Luorans or double took in shock. A well-dressed family passed giving them a wide berth, their child pointing obliviously at the Luorans as the parents hurried the young boy along. The Anisoran captain smiled awkwardly at his guests.

As the party progressed through the park, one of the Luoran soldiers pointed to a large monument off to the right, standing tall in marbled stone. “What is that?” he asked.

“That” replied the captain, “is the Flavian Memorial. It commemorates the Emperor Flavian who was assassinated during the War. He was our current emperor’s uncle.”

The Luorans nodded in understanding - assassinations of Arsasan emperors were not unknown, but they perhaps found such a grand commemoration of a presumably bad emperor rather odd - why would an inept emperor be commemorated? The tone of the Anisoran captain suggested he didn’t want to discuss the topic further; Emperor Flavian was a controversial topic in Anisora, particularly for the army, although more and more people were attempting to vindicate the emperor’s controversial legacy these days - the early days of the War and the actions of the military government fading from living memory.

As they passed the memorial, they exited the park onto Via Valerio III, a busy street full of cafes and hotels, with motorcars and more traditional horse-drawn carriages busying their way along the thoroughfare.

The Anisoran captain turned to the Luorans. “How about a drink? I know a wonderful little cafe nearby. We can give you a taste of real Anisoran wine.”

After some translation the Arsasans nodded in agreement.

The Anisorans led them round the corner onto Piazza Garphese, a long thin square with beautiful fountains at either end. “Here it is” said the Anisoran through the translator. “Cafe Morena.” The cafe was relatively small, with a sweeping wooden bar at one side of the room bedecked with shining brass instruments, coffee makers, and an elaborate absinthe fountain in polished silver. As the group entered they were greeted by a waitress. She was strikingly beautiful, with dark brown hair that was almost black, and deep green, playful eyes. Her eyes passed over the Anisoran officers, but when she saw the Arsasan soldiers, awkwardly ducking to get into the door, her eyes widened before composing herself, her professional demeanour returning.

“Buongiorno, signori! Good day, gentlemen. Please, this way.” She gestured for them to follow her as she seated them at the back of the bar, somewhat apprehensive that the Luorans would fit, but they did - just. On the walls next to their table were various paintings of Pena and the Casellan countryside, with sweeping hills and lonely farmsteads. Opposite hung a lithograph of the Emperor and Empress, the stately couple staring down imperiously.

“What can I get for you gentlemen?”

The translator turned to the Luoran soldiers. “What would you like to drink?”

“We want to try something local, we hear you make wine with a fruit called grapes” answered the luoran captain as he fixed his gaze on the waitress and admired her curves and glossy delicate lips. When he noticed that the waiter had caught him, he gave her a suggestive wink and wide smile.

“Yes” laughed the Anisoran captain. “Wine is an Anisoran speciality.” He turned to the waitress and ordered in rapid Anisoran, “Four glasses of Alzeno, please.” The waitress nodded, “of course, captain.” She smiled flirtatiously at the Luoran captain before returning to the bar to bring them their drinks.

The Luorans and Anisorans attempted to communicate with each other through gestures and with the occasional assistance of the translator as they waited for their drinks. The wait was short and the waitress approached with a sensual gait as she balanced the tray of drinks on her right hand.

“Gentleman the finest wine of the nation, I hope it leaves a good impression” said the waitress as she served the drinks. As she finished and was about to leave the men to drink, the Luoran captain took her left hand and then her right hand, gently grasped them as he bend down to kiss them. After kissing them he gently lifted his gaze back to her with a lingering look. The waitress was surprised at how forward the Arsasan captain was and flashed back a smile of surprise and embarrassment - such open shows of affection or intention were frowned upon in Anisora. She blushed before looking around the cafe nervously.

“Where are you from, that such behaviour is appropriate?” she asked mischievously.

After a back and forwards with translation the captain replied “I am from a very far away land, a land that would bathe a woman like you in exotic fragrances, silk and the warmth of of men of valour and good taste” as he gently reached for her chin and then caressed her face with a hand big enough to hold most of her gently and feminine face.

She pushed his hand away not ungently, looking around the room again as if expecting a rebucal from someone. “It sounds a wondrous place” she answered with a smile. The Anisoran officer looked away awkwardly, pretending to look at the paintings on the opposite side of the room, clearly uncomfortable with a savage taking advantage of a young Anisoran; but he was their host, and must remain polite. The portraits of the emperor and empress looked down disapprovingly.

“Drink up” the waitress said, laughing. “You’re in Anisora now - it would be rude not to drink our wine.” She turned and walked back to the bar and began pouring more drinks for another table, pointedly not looking over at their table, but with a smile on her face.

The Arsasans stayed the rest of the evening, the Anisoran captain humouring his odd and flirtatious guests. They communicated the best they could, but as the wine flowed well past closing time, their conversations became less awkward, more relaxed. They spoke of their respective countries, food, wine, and as the Anisoran captain’s inhibitions loosened after the third or fourth glass, women. Anisorans were known for their sober propriety, which most Anarians called cold snobbishness, but when Anisorans drank, they were known for letting go of their strict social codes and throwing caution to the wind.

After the bar had closed, the group of soldiers stayed, with the drinks continuing to flow. By then the Luoran captain had sat the waitress in his lap and embraced her. “Tell me what is your name, it's been a long night and you have yet to tell me.”

“Benedetta. Benedetta Acquarone” she replied.

“A fitting name for a woman that should be mine. Come tonight with me and let me show you the accomodation your people gave us, your opinion would be welcomed” and with a playful smile and whisper he added something he had learned in atrocious Anisoran. “Do not worry, trust me, everything is in proportion.”

Benedetta laughed out loud, mocking shocked surprise. “What an invitation!” she said. “I’ve never been to the Palace before. You’re at the royal barracks?”

“Yes, a simple room each, simple but private.”

She throw caution to the wind, replying, “that’s good enough for me. I’ll bring some wine!” She got up from his lap and went behind the bar, producing two bottles of wine. “My boss won’t mind” she said laughing.

And with that the group stood and departed into the night after closing the cafe.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
Informal encounter

Benedetta awoke the following morning to bright light streaming into a simple room with whitewash walls and with functional furniture. There was a hardwood desk with a chair and a wash basin station but no bed, the bed had been removed and replaced with two queen-size mattresses laid side by side on the floor to accommodate the Luoran frame.  She Awoke to find herself alone, the Luoran captain had already left to conduct his duties but she could still sense his scent in the linen mingled with the exotic musk and fragrances that Luorans seemed to favour.
As she composed herself, she at first felt uneasy to have been left behind but soon she found a card leaning onto an empty wine bottle with writing made by a careful but unsure hand that read “Wait here”. From the Anisoran phrase book found near to the card she figured it was written by the Arsasan captain, the card was signed Adlshnoelzkh in Anarian script, his name surely. As Benedetta mused on her options, she heard muffled foreign instructions being barked just outside the window. She approached the tall window and looked outside to the distance where she found the Arsasan captain, the captain seemed to drill four other Luorans. She observed the captain taking part as he drilled his men through several exercises, despite the distance she could see the captain a man of more action rather than protocol and ceremonial pomposity. The captain was lean and strong if somewhat vascular and sinewy, his looks rugged and battle-scarred but masculine and handsome.
As the drills progressed, she drifted her attention to his belongings, some familiar to her and other completely foreign in style and purpose. She found his trunk, a large mahogany box covered in thick dark green leather, unlike other trunks she has seen this one opened from the middle and to the sides to reveal several compartments and boxes. In the lower compartments, she found his capes, uniforms and other clean laundry and in the top compartments a variety of fragrance vials, grooming implements and substances along with various other sundries and books filled with exotic writing and illustrations. Next, to the open trunk, she found two spare pairs of knee-high black military boots somewhat reminiscent of riding boots, she tried them on and found it comical how big they were on her; she estimated his foot length must be some fourteen inches or so.
Benedetta browsed through a book belonging to the captain while lying in bed for a while without being able to comprehend much besides the various images depicting scenes of hunting, animals and the intricate patterns that bordered the pages. The books were pretty, but the room was bare with little to do and soon she felt restless of just waiting, feeling embarrassed of going through the belongings of a man she barely knows she decided to do something to make it up to him and to keep herself occupied.
It was still early and her Arsasan captain would surely be hungry after the drills so Benedetta decided to bring his breakfast up to the room so they could spend some more time together. She hurriedly dressed but found her blouse soiled with red wine from last night, a soiled blouse would certainly broadcast the wrong impression. She brazenly rummaged through his laundry once more and found a crisp embroidered linen shirt with a high silk collar and cuffs; the shirt was long enough to reach her knees, so she tied a silk ribbon she found in the trunk around her waist and improvised a simple and functional dress. After admiring her improvised dressed she put on her shoes and descended to the mess hall.
“Buongiorno” Benedetta called to the cook “Is your kitchen preparing the meals for our foreign guests?”
“Yes we are, what do you want” answered back the cook as he toiled in the cooker.
“I am here to bring the Arsasan captain his morning meal, I am his… appointed attaché, to see that our guests are seen to”
“Oh, really I thought it was Mr… what’s his name? but very well," the cook turned to her from across the kitchen, “Oh yes! I see they even dressed you in some sort of foreign garb! The ministers must really want these savages to feel at home”
“Well, I am sure they have their reasons,” Benedetta gave him a meek grin.

“Very well, let me serve up his meal” exclaimed the cook as he served up various items from trays and pots into containers and placed them in a basket for Benedetta “You take them up to his room, it's your job anyway, I assume”
“I’m only bringing up the captain’s meal up to his room, not for his entire group”
“That is the captain’s meal, only his meal, it’s half a loaf of bread, 250 grams of butter, eight fried eggs, four apples and a litre of hot milk. I know right, you will see he will eat it all”
“Very well” Benedetta said as she took the basket as turned away, but just before she made way back to the room she added “Oh the captain requested that a bath and hot water is brought up to his room, I was told he was displeased that he had to use the barracks common facilities”
The cook grumbled “Well, I will tell the custodian, he is having a smoke outback”
After returning to the captain's room Benedetta had laid out the captain’s breakfast on the desk and had the custodian ready his bath, she ready for his return. Not long after the Arsasan captain returned and was surprised to find a hot bath and breakfast waiting for him, a pleasant surprise only made better by the right of Benedetta waiting for him, he expected her to have dismissed his note and to have left. He approached Benedetta who the morning light streaming through the window had given an aura that made her brunet locks shine like amber.
She could feel the steam coming from his sweat-drenched body as he embraced, the captain said something in Luoran that she did not understand but his pleased smile and the back of his hand caressing her face spoke for him.  

She lead him to the desk and served his piping hot milk, seeing this approached his trunk and noticed someone had explored its contents and flashed a look back at Benedetta with a knowing smile. He took a metal box from his trunk, approached the desk poured the milk back in the jug and took from the metal box some tea leaves and a sieve with which he brewed some hot tea and served it for himself and Benedetta. Before drinking the tea, he added a lump of butter in each cup and taught Benedetta how to drink tea the Arsasan way, buttery tea brewed in milk with plenty of sugar.
After drinking tea and after he devoured his large breakfast, she removed his boots with some effort as he sat back observing her with a look of satisfaction. She then took his hand lead him to the bath and gently undressed him, she was taken aback when he reciprocated by untying the bow from her waist and removing his shirt off her smooth milky white body. He then stepped into the warm and steaming bath and lead her in.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The following was co-authored by myself and Felipe (Thor99)

The Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty

“Your Majesty, I understand you wish to discuss the terms of an outfitting of the Arsasan Navy.” The Anisoran Tribune for Foreign Affairs, Lord Valiano, spoke to the Arsasan Emperor Ezshkowhot, standing over seven-feet tall at the opposite side of the large mahogany table. They were in a large meeting room at Palazzo Laterino, the official residence of the Anisoran Prime Minister in Pena. The room was full of high-ranking Anisoran and Arsasan officials, royal advisors, lawyers, military personnel, and translators, all here to agree terms to one of the biggest bilateral trade agreements of the century. The bulk of the negotiations had already been held prior to the official Arsasan delegation’s visit to Anisora, lasting for months, such was the scope of the treaty. Today the final adjustments and commitments were to be discussed before an elaborate treaty signing ceremony between the Emperor of Arsas and the Emperor of the Anisorans.

“Yes, Aid to the Anisoran emperor” after a pause, “The Oltvelepekhdltonusogr and Indœshxegedv have made their recommendations and set out some boundaries for the terms of a treaty of mutual benefit. Our current navy, if you can call it that, is dependant on unreliable elements of the empire and completely under the control of the private sector.”

Leznodhver Kœlh Wstœdhoz of Oshghatar added, “Under assistance acquired by our brothers the Wolgos, and the Fisk, we have begun the construction of two naval bases and dry docks to serve a future navy. But of course two facilities staffed by ignorant lords and peasants and without ships are not of much use. Also the Fisk have a small if somewhat unsavoury clout and have been unable to assist us further.”

“We quite understand,” said Lord Valiano in his most diplomatic voice, speaking through the translator. He quite agreed that Fisks had clout beyond their size, and through his extensive dealings with the Vittmarkers in recent years, he considered them a difficult bunch to do business with. “And we have indeed received the recommendations from your government. A strong Arsasan maritime and naval defence force is in the interests of Anisora also, and will surely contribute profoundly to the stability and freedom of navigation of the Sinean Sea. Anisora stands committed to helping Arsas develop her key naval ports in Toshvaradh and Murkthever.” He pointed to the respective ports on a large map of Arsas on the table in front of them, both the most eastern and western coasts of the vast Empire respectively.

“So they do speak to others beyond their mandate!” exclaimed Kœlh in surprise. “I believe you understand that we must first protect our coast and enforce our commercial will, we need to deal with piracy and contraband being perpetrated by rogue Arkal lords, some of the same at feign allegiance to our emperor.” As he pointed at key locations across the Arsasan coast, he said, “we are requesting at least 20 vessels to function as the workhorse of our western and eastern flotillas, these ships should be powerful enough to project our will regionally and deter foreign powers.”

“The Imperiale Raphaello-class of light cruiser would prove just such a vessel, I believe” said Lord Valiano. “It has performed admirably in our navy, and the Vittmarkers are taking delivery of their first cruisers this year. They are a highly versatile vessel, and we can undoubtedly adjust the existing design to accommodate the stature of Your Majesty’s most loyal naval officers.” Lord Valiano looked over to Rear Admiral Sir T. Emanuele Di Parra, Chief of naval capability at the Anisoran Admiralty.

“If I might interject, Your Majesty” said Rear Admiral di Parra. “I have spoken to our naval architects and naval engineers at various dockyards, and all of them are confident that the alterations requested by Your Majesty’s government regarding increasing headroom for Luoran officers are perfectly workable. Provisional drawings have already been drafted, which I would be happy to send to Your Majesty should He wish.”

“Very well, we have seen the specs given to our diplomats and our external advisors concur with your recommendation - The Raphaello-class with the modifications we requested will be known as the Ehnoegh-class or the night class in your language” added Kœlh as he shuffled documents strewn across the desk.

“A most excellent name, if I may say so” replied Lord Valiano, his diplomatic courtesies going into overdrive. “A second class of ship, much smaller and cheaper, would furthermore serve His Majesty’s needs, particularly in regard to anti-piracy and search and rescue operations at the littoral of Your Great Empire. The Dontarini-class of sloops, small vessels of 600 tonnes, around 75 metres in length, will provide the Arsasan Navy with a suitable capability to enforce Your Majesty’s commercial will.”

“This class of vessel will be known Arrhoeht-Class, or the feather-class” Added Kœlh. “As you must understand from our last communique, after much debate we believe we need five heavy cruisers, one to act as a flag ship and the other four to counter foreign ships with guns of 7-inch calibre. This class we will call the Irpresh-class, the poison-class.”

“After close consultation with your communique’s requirements,” continued Lord Valiano, “we believe the Folignano-class heavy cruiser is a suitable vessel to fulfil His Majesty’s requirements.”

Both the emperor and Kœlh studied the specs given to them by the Anisorans. “We have not had time to study the specs for this particular class but if it has the same maintenance versatility as the other ships we can agree in principle” spoke the emperor with some trepidation.

Rear-Admiral di Parra spoke up. “The Folignano-class is a highly capable vessel, with 7.5 inch guns, and displacing around 10,000 tonnes. Naturally with an increase in displacement and armament an element of versatility is lost in terms of littoral capability, but sailing at 30 knots, it is a very fast vessel, despite its size.”

Both Luorans looked at each other, and Kœlh spoke. “Very well Anisoran master of the waves (Luoran translation of admiral), we will accept the recommendation.” Kœlh then opened a leather folder and passed the Anisorans a set of documents and schematics for various components. “There is a sensitive matter to discuss, something that we trust will remain between us. As you are aware we will be dependent on the Arkal to man the new vessels despite a compliment or Luoran officers, but the Arkal are still a people with let's say too much autonomy to be fully trusted.”

Lord Valiano frowned, not quite understanding where this was leading. “Naturally anything said here is kept in the strictest of confidences.” He gestured for the non-vital members of the Anisoran delegation to remove themselves, although he nodded to the Anisoran lawyer to remain seated. “How does His Majesty wish us to assist in this regard?”

“If you look at the schematics, our native chemists and engineers have proposed a solution we believe is elegant at securing our control. They propose a fast gas delivery system that would saturate the Arkal ship decks with chlorine gas, only once activated with a special set of keys held by the captain and first officer.” Kœlh gestured to the documents. “We are aware that it will disable the ship and may corrode some components but it should ease our concerns.”

There was a pregnant pause after the translator had finished and Lord Valiano smiled before turning to whisper into the ear of the Anisoran Prime Minister, Sir Alessandro Nicotera-Sarno, who up until now had remained silent. After a moment or so, Lord Valiano turned to the Arsasan Emperor and said, “Forgive us, Your Majesty. Your requirements are most understandable, but perhaps you would allow us to consult with our legal advisor momentarily?” For the first time in the many meetings and official negotiations that had taken place over the last months, Lord Valiano looked somewhat uncertain. These Luorans were savages, Lord Valiano reminded himself, who only feign concern and regard for humans. But the prospect nevertheless unsettled him. After he had spoken, the Prime Minister got up from his chair to face the Anisoran lawyer at the back of the room. They spoke in lowered voices so nobody could overhear.

The elderly prime minister spoke quickly and quietly. “If the Arsasans used such a device and killed their sailors, it might not take long for word to get out. As soon as that happens, I dare say fingers will be pointed at the Anisoran dockyards for designing such a barbaric contraption.”

“Indeed, Prime Minister” answered the lawyer, concernedly. “Naturally the law on facilitating murder is quite clear. However, given the nature of such a bilateral agreement, there may be scope for exploitation of ambiguities in the existing law. If the murder is committed in international waters, for example, or indeed another sovereign waters of a foreign state, the Anisoran government would not be culpable in an Anisoran court.”

“Good. My primary concern, however, would be the publicity that such an incident could provoke. Do you see any way that we could retain plausible deniability?”

The lawyer thought for a moment, fondling his moustache. “I believe that if the system were to be installed after the official completion of the vessel, for example in an Arsasan dockyard, rather than in Anisora, plausible deniability could be maintained by the government. While I am not an expert on the technicalities of naval architecture, if the shipwrights built the vessels with an allowance of space for these systems to be installed at a later date, it may be possible. And should anybody accuse the Anisoran government of foreknowledge, I believe the necessary alterations Rear Admiral di Parra mentioned would serve as adequate cover.”

The prime minister smiled broadly, staring at the lawyer in satisfaction. “Excellent.” He quickly turned back to the table, taking his seat.

“I apologise for that, Your Majesty. But after consultation with my legal advisor, I believe we will be able to ease your concerns. I will consult further with my team and deliver your schematics to our naval architects as soon as possible. But I believe we will be able to accommodate Your Majesty’s request.”

“I am pleased, and as I mentioned before this is sensitive and for our purposes we will refer to it as a backup fire suppression system. If this had to be disclosed publicly we both would rather break the spine of everyone in this room and cause a state of belligerence rather than risk the stability of the empire,” said the emperor jokingly as he laughed out loud. “I believe we have the ability Kœlh, right?” Kœlh nodded in agreement as he joined in laughing.

The prime ministers eyes narrowed ever so slightly. “I can assure His Majesty that every part of this project will be of the highest secrecy. I need not remind His Majesty that by agreeing to assist Arsas in this endeavour, a great deal of risk is being borne by my government.” He paused as the translator caught up before saying, “is there any other sensitive business Your Majesty wishes to discuss before I call for the other negotiators to return?”

“I do not think so Leznodhver of Anisora” as he patted the prime minister on the side of his arms. “And I am glad you can take a joke, it was just a joke between friends.”

There was another pause before the prime minister smiled a humourless smile. “Of course, Your Majesty. A most excellent joke.” Anisorans did not have a reputation of having a sense of humour at the best of times.

The prime minister nodded to a footman who then opened the main door into the room, allowing the other dignitaries to return, who promptly took their seats saying nothing.

“As you know we are looking for more than just assistance with our ports and navy" said Kœlh after everyone had taken their seats. "As you know we have a nascent steel industry in Kewseonedl that benefits from the regions large hydroelectric potential, coal and iron deposits” Kœlh pointed to a small town called Enthverthe. “In this town we have constructed several forges and workshops along with a purpose built town that serve a new facility we refer to as the imperial skunk works. This facility has the purpose of designing and producing equipment, arms and ammunition for Luoran use, as you very well know Anarian arms are of unfavourable dimensions, we cannot operate your equipment with ease or efficiency.”

The emperor interjected. “It is not that we do not wish to purchase from our new friends, it's just that the trigger of your pistols, for example, is too small for most Luoran soldiers, the length of your rifle stocks fail to compensate for our arm length and we are wasting the potential of our men who are able to wield arms of greater calibre and weight.” He paused. “As you understand any native equipment we produce would be incapable of competing with your industry as I guarantee that your average human will not be able to operate our equipment with much efficacy.”

The prime minister replied, rather than Lord Valiano. He wanted to take a more direct role in the negotiations from now on. “I quite understand. Our weapons, as Your Majesty rightly points out, would not be suitable for Luoran needs, and indeed Luoran weapons for humans. Anisoran engineers and technicians will be available for hire, as previously discussed, to help in your burgeoning small arms industry. And, naturally, Anisoran industry should be only too glad to design and produce Luoran-proportioned weapons for export to fill any shortfall in production, including in the immediate future before said industry is fully operational.”

“I trust we will be using your most gracious offer, the need is more urgent that our production capacity can fulfil.”

“Excellent” smiled the prime minister. “A mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“Perfect! Now all this friendship is not a one sided affair and we must respond in kind. We have a preliminary agreement on what the Anisoran Empire has requested to seal our mutual friendship” said the emperor in a warm and cordial tone. “We wholly agree to point one; establishing a 200% tariff on opium and opium derivatives to Anat Tahan. And to an Anisoran distribution monopoly in Anaria Minor and Northern Tharna. We agree to point two; the mutual reduction of export and import tariff to 5%, to foster free trade between our nations and so the Arsasan peoples can benefit from exotic Anisoran goods.”

“Our hearts gladden at the news” said the prime minister. “Trade is the lifeblood of all nations, and fostering more open trade is to the benefit of all.” The Anisoran distribution monopoly on opium in Northern Tharna was a particularly sweet element of the treaty. At a stroke Anisora and Arsas deprive their mutual enemy Anat Tahan of access to cheap opium and derivative medicinal products, being forced to buy it from two rivals. It was a small victory, but the relatives of the millions who had died fighting the Tahani on the Western Front would surely gain some satisfaction.

“The oil concessions on point three for the new deposits discovered in Meng need further clarification. Would the Anisoran Empire clarify the terms for the emperor?” added Kœlh.

“Certainly” said the Anisoran prime minister, his focused energy unusual in a man of 72. He looked over at Adriano Doralino-Fangoretti, Chairman of the Moreva Petroleum Corporation, who had straightened up further down the table. “I believe Signore Doralino-Fangoretti is best qualified.”

“Your Majesty,” said Doralino-Fangoretti clearly, “the Moreva Petroleum Corporation proposes the establishment of an Anisoro-Arsasan Oil Company to exploit Arsas’ oil and gas wealth. In exchange for exclusive oil and gas prospecting and exploitation rights in the various regions of Arsas, the Corporation will provide over 80 years of expertise and 100% of the investment required to establish the Arsasan oil and gas industry. In exchange His Majesty will receive a lump sum, an equal amount in shares of the new company, and a guarantee of 16% of future profits.”

Both the Emperor and his Leznodhver spoke frantically between each other at great length in hushed voices. Finally the emperor offered his opinion. “The offer in its surface sounds generous but there are some caveats that concern the emperor and will concern at great length the Eghorwœkmok. To start the emperor is unable to accept a lump sum, the emperor's budget is set by the Eghorwœkmok or parliament as you would call it, this needs to be addressed. The empire would request a controlling stake of 70% of the joint-company and a guarantee of 55% of the profits.”

The faces of the Anisorans across the table dropped almost together as the translation was given. But Doralino-Fangoretti’s face was like stone. This was an outrageous counter-offer, but he knew that the Luorans were merely setting the negotiating limit higher in an attempt to obtain larger concessions from the Anisorans. “I was unaware that His Majesty was unable to accept a lump sum, and for that I most humbly apologise. However, the Moreva Petroleum Corporation considers His Majesty’s satisfaction to be of the utmost importance, and needless to say the Corporation will show its appreciation in abundance.” Doralino-Fangoretti gave the Emperor a large smile, sharing a significant look with his Leznodhver beside him. If the Emperor was unable to accept a lump sum directly, there were myriad ways of expressing the Corporation’s gratefulness.

“Very well, and how about the stake and profits cut?” abruptly interjected the emperor.

“The equivalent in shares will come to a 12% stake in the new company, and I believe we are willing to guarantee 18% of future profits.”

“12% is far too low, 40% and a requirement that no other individual besides the Anisoran government may control over 51%. 35% of the profits” barked back the emperor.

The Anisoran prime minister spoke before Doralino-Fangoretti could reply. “Your Majesty, we are doubtlessly in agreement that no other individual besides the principle investor should control over 51%. But it nevertheless remains that Anaria is developing at an increasingly fast rate. This oil concession will provide Arsas with guaranteed influence in the oil and gas industry, and provide the first tangible step to the realisation of Arsas as a modern industrial nation. The Moreva Petroleum Corporation is in a unique position to be able to provide Arsas both economic and geopolitical advantage by undermining and challenging the Tahani oil corporations to your south at the same time as tangible economic investment. No other oil corporation on Gotha can provide Arsas with such a beneficial arrangement, and Arsas stands to gain much economic and military advantage from an exclusive Anisoran oil concession.”

There was another pause before Doralino-Fangoretti spoke. “Just so Prime Minister. The Moreva Petroleum Corporation is prepared to offer a 14% stake in the new company, and 20% of future profits, but I am afraid that is as far as I am mandated to negotiate.”

The emperor and his Leznodhver retired away from the Anisoran delegation and discussed the final terms over a few shots of strong Arsasan spirits. The discussion took just under half an hour despite making the Anisoran delegation wait. After concluding their heated discussion they rejoined the Anisorans. “I would apologise for the delay but seeing this is a matter of great importance I will not. I should have made you wait longer. After a lengthy discussion the Arsas Empire has decided to agree to the terms of your third and last offer.” After a pause and a scolding scan of the room the emperor added, “after agreeing to those terms it would only be fitting that you filled my room with your best whores. And you should not expect to get them back unbruised. Also whores for my men!”

Everybody around the room broke out in smiles, congratulating themselves and the Arsasan members of the delegation, despite the remarks about the prostitutes.

“That is wonderful news, Your Majesty” said Doralino-Fangoretti, standing up to shake the Emperor’s hand, trying to contain his relief. The emperor shook the businessman’s hand but from the shake it was clear that there was some lingering resentment.

The Anisoran prime minister rose from his chair with a satisfied smile on his whiskered face. “This agreement and the other articles agreed today will undoubtedly, undoubtedly” he repeated, “foster a new era for both of our Empires and people. It is only a matter of time before the Arsasan Empire can challenge the likes of Anat Tahan and Kamura on an equal industrial footing.”

“We can challenge those bastards any time we want! It will only be a matter of time until we can challenge the likes of Helreich and Auresia! But not you, friends, you will always walk with us” boisterously answered the emperor as he shook the prime minister's hand with the same energy and tension as had shaken Doralino-Fangoretti's.

Being a 72 year old human, well over three feet smaller than the Luoran emperor, the prime minister could not hope to return the forcefulness of the handshake. But he looked intently into the huge man’s eyes, laughing and smiling broadly. “Indeed, Your Majesty. Agreements like this wed nations like ours together for decades, if not centuries. Today is the beginning of a new age of friendship and prosperity for the Arsasan and Anisoran people alike.”

“Yes, yes, let us toast emperor to emperor and conclude this ... meeting” translated the emperor's translation, paraphrasing the emperor's words into something more polite. “Prime Minister, if I may, the Emperor was serious about the demands for … women, at no point were there any humorous phonemes” advised the translator.

The prime minister nodded. Normally he would not have appreciated such open talk of prostitutes, but considering the marathon negotiations they had all been through, he just nodded. “My Lord Valiano” he said, gesturing for the Tribune for Foreign Affairs, the nearest official with any connection to hospitality, “would you arrange some of your people to send some, um… to His Majesty’s quarters and those of his men?”

“Of course, Sir” replied Lord Valiano with a knowing smile.

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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The following was co-authored by myself and Felipe (Thor99)

It's just good business

Once the treaty had been signed and the toast concluded, Adlshnoelzkh the Luoran captain with a Wolgos translator that had not until now participated at all approached Lord Morena, the Anisoran Tribune for Trade and Industry.

“Lord Morena” spoke the Wolgos translator. “The emperor has received your communication about your invitation to your estate to show him Anisoran customs and hospitality. Unfortunately he will not attend but will send his most trusted captain of his very own guard, Lord Adlshnoelzkh” he said as he presented the captain. “The captain, the emperor assures you, will be able to enjoy your hospitality and is instructed to participate to your satisfaction. The captain does have some requirement we will discuss once we are at your estate.”

“I should be only too happy to discuss those requirements and facilitate any needs of His Lordship.” The two men exchanged a knowing look and they separated, with Lord Morena making his excuses and retiring from the room. He understood the code ‘at your estate’ to mean the park near his Pena residence on Via Esemplare Luisa, and so he made his way home by motorcar. When he arrived he announced to his staff that he desired a walk in the park and headed down the road, his valet following behind him. Once at the park he saw the Luoran Lord Adlshnoelzkh with the Wolgos translator sitting on a bench, surrounded by bushes secluding the bench from the path.

“My Lord” said Lord Morena as he approached the bench, not attempting to pronounce his full name. “A pleasure to see you.”

“It is Lord Adlshnoelzkh who has the pleasure to see you” answered the Wolgos translator. “Lord Morena the “People of Arsas” has received your request for a commodity transit and trade license from the Empire. You understand that until now they have been restricted to Luorans only and that despite our mutual friendship and your offer of paying a generous dividend in hard Anisoran currency to the Emperor himself that such a license being granted would be unprecedented and of much advantage to a foreigner” translated the Wolgos as the Luoran lord spoke. “I will require you to fulfil a whim of the “people” and one of the lord’s himself in order to secure the trade transit licence for your company.”

Lord Morena smiled, suppressing a rising excitement. Securing a trade license would provide him with unrivalled opportunities in the West, with the prospect of extravagant wealth his for the taking. He would do almost anything to secure such an agreement. “I am at His Lordship’s service. Anything I can do to facilitate His Majesty’s and the People’s wishes.”

“Thank you, Lord Morena. My personal request first, a very simple request. I have met a woman here, I desire to own her and as such you will arrange a leaving permit for her.” The Luoran lord paused. “The people's request is less straightforward: five virgin girls and a virgin young woman of exceptional beauty and health are needed. They must be provided to the people for transport and must disappear from Anisoran record and memory, no one that may jeopardise our relationship must know or be involved. Lord Morena, why they must disappear or their fate should not concern you. I could tell you what their fate be, it's normal in Arsas but you might prefer to not know. I can assure you that they will fulfil their purpose once they have had their first bleed and are of age.”

Lord Morena’s stomach lurched. Disgusting savages, he thought. Vind only knows what they do to virgin girls in the desert wastes of Davai - he didn’t want to think about it. He hasn’t answered for a number of seconds before he realised he was keeping Lord Adlshnoelzkh waiting.

“My Lord’s requests are quite difficult, you must understand. Firstly, I must ask for logistical purposes, this women you desire to take with you to Arsas; does she do so voluntarily?”

“I believe she will desire to leave willingly, yes. She will be happy and her life, may it be short or long will in fate’s hands and in mine or the peoples.”

“Very well” said Lord Morena nervously, slightly relieved that the one adult he had to deal with should at least be amenable to persuasion - or perhaps the Luoran was deluding himself? He would soon find out. “As for the, um, the young girls in question, I believe an arrangement can be made. The orphanages are packed to capacity these days - I’m sure any reduction in the numbers to be cared for will be of benefit to the hard working staff of those institutions.” He was rambling and justifying what he was about to do weakly, for his own benefit.

“You can promise them comfort and happiness, I can guarantee they will know both for a time” Lord Adlshnoelzkh added reassuringly, at least he thought. The last three words rang in Lord Morena’s ears… ‘for a time’. “The young woman will know bliss but I can’t guarantee even that, for she would be of age.”

“Very well” Lord Morena said abruptly, straightening himself up. He had made the decision to facilitate the depravities of these sub-humans as soon as they had requested it of him, but he wasn’t going to let himself brood on the details. He wanted the trading license, and needed it for his son’s future - he would leave him a business empire which would justify any amount of sacrifice. “I will arrange the necessary paperwork for the transport of His Lordship’s lady and deliver the young girls before your delegation returns to Arsas.”

“Excellent, both I and the people will be pleased. At the exchange the Leznodhver will hand over the licence, legally binding. It will be a disproportionate gift as appreciation for your hospitality to me.” After clearing his throat, he continued, “I remind you, no disease, no blemishes, no imperfections, unruly temperament will seriously impact their outcome. They must be perfect.”

“I will ensure they are of suitable quality to fulfill the “people’s” requirements.”

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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
*written by Alex and Felipe*

It was the penultimate day of the Arsasan delegation’s visit to Anisora. With the Treaty having been signed and the Arsasan Emperor due to return to his homeland the following day, a farewell reception had been laid on at Colombera Palace to see the Arsasan’s off, hosted by the Emperor and Empress of the Anisorans. The guests were mingling in one of the large drawing rooms on the ground floor of the palace, the room a canvas of light blues and teal silks, the silver ornaments and fittings glittering in the candlelight.

The emperor's favorite concubine, Workshur, had been chosen to attend the farewell reception, she was brought to the reception as his most complimentary accessory with the sole purpose of smiling warmly and looking as a perfect example of Luoran womanhood. She had not been introduced to anyone thus far or even spoken to anyone but the emperor or their minder, a fact that gave her some comfort as she was unfamiliar with everything around her and the pigglety pink skinned people buzzing around her. She was nonetheless curious about their funny haughty mannerisms, the whiskers framing Anisoran faces and the curious hairstyles donned by their women.

For most of the night she stood next to the emperor as she was meant to do, but since signing the treaty, the emperor had been less than pleasant, even less than he could usually be. All night he gave her scolding looks as if he blamed her for the terms of the agreement and brushed her off anytime she spoke to him or even gestured in his direction. After a while she just thought it would be best to let him be and that she would be more comfortable without her hovering around him, she decided to pull back and just pass the time by looking at the room and the funny Anisorans mingling around her. Soon she found herself shyly wandering around the room, admiring the sea of blue silk with silver ornaments like glinting like stars in the night sky.

As she moved through the room she came to a mahogany table with an elegant silver disc with two beautifully wrought swan figurines on what looked like a faux lake of crystal. As she approached to inspect the object a footman she had not noticed leaned in towards the device, turning a handle a few times, smiling but saying nothing. When he retracted his hand the swans started to glide across the crystal ‘water’. Faint music soon accompanied the swans’ movements, which she could just about hear above the din of the room behind her. The swans continued to glide gracefully across the crystal until a collection of tiny silver signets appeared from beneath a metal tree, travelling to reach their parents. As the family was reunited the music started to quieten and the swans’ movements slowed before the signets retreated once again, leaving the two swans where they had begun in the centre of the lake.
She has never seen any device like this, a device without any real purpose but to engage in mechanical folly. The closest thing in Arsas that she could compare it to would be windchimes adorning the balconies of homes. She wished she could bring something like this with her but she would not dare ask, her desire to own something like this would most likely be used against her by the emperor for his own pleasure.

While Workshur was enjoying the clockwork device, the Anisoran Empress Avrona neared, although she had her back to the Luoran, in conversation with one of her ladies-in-waiting. She turned to her left and approached a side table, gesturing to a footman she wanted another drink. When he had brought one to her, the Empress only then realised that the Arsasan was standing right behind her. She turned and their eyes locked. An awkward smile passed between them.

The Empress had managed to avoid being alone with the concubine for the entire week of events, not difficult considering she had clung to the Arsasan emperor like a shadow. She had no desire to talk to this wretch, clearly terrified and no doubt tediously dull, even through a translator. Her status as the Arsasan Emperor’s ‘concubine’ made an interaction with her even less appealing, and when she had first been told he was bringing not his wife but a ‘concubine’ she had been outraged. Had such important diplomatic and business interests not been at stake, she would have refused to let her in the palace; it was bad enough she was luoran. But now she could see no polite way of removing herself without talking to her, particularly as the translator approached, anticipating a conversation.

“Lady Wor...Workshur” said the Empress, unsure whether she got her name right. “I see you are enjoying this fine contraption.” She gestured to the silver swan display with her wine glass.

Workshur the emperor's concubine was surprised by the Empress, she had not expected to be directly addressed at all and hesitated to reply back. Out of instinct she nervously scanned the room for the emperor and saw he was with his back turned to her and in conversation with an Anisoran and a translator.

“Your most fertile mother to Anisorans, it's an honour to speak to you” the translator said before adding, “I think she means empress by that, Luoran words are too descriptive at times”.

“It is unexpected to engage in conversation, I was not expecting so” added the concubine. “Yes the contraption is most curious, it's delightful.”

Avrona hated the ‘most fertile’ address of the Arsasans. They had referred to her as such throughout the whole week. Having borne eight children the style was not inaccurate, but it was nevertheless still unwelcome. “I am glad you enjoy it so. My husband’s grandfather collected clockwork devices - we have so many of them, they’re scattered throughout the palace.” She looked around to see if anyone was coming to her rescue, but everyone kept either a respectful distance or had their backs to them. “So, Lady Workshur,” the Empress continued, reluctantly, “tell me about yourself.”

“Interesting, my emperor also collects things…” She paused briefly “but what would you like to know about me?”

“Let’s start with where you are from” replied the Empress, slightly patronisingly, something which was diminished through the translation.

“I am from the homeland of our ancestors Whowdluora. It's a land of small towns dotted amongst a vast mountainous expanse of forests and ravines. It’s not warm or dry like the capital and it snows quite heavily during winter months.” With a friendly smile she added, “it can be cold but nothing a good fur coat can’t deal with.”

“We get snow here in Pena every winter, but I dare say it is nothing in comparison to your homeland. If I am not mistaken, fur used to be traded across the Sinian Sea - particular fashionable pelts from your Empire. I am unsure whether the trade still exists, no doubt it does.” Why was she talking about furs? the Empress asked herself. She realised it was because she had no common ground with which to converse with this totally alien being, no mutual understanding or education.

“I wouldn't really know your most fertile mother of Anisorans, trade and where fur comes from is more of a man’s domain” she smiled with nervous confusion. “But the emperor has given me a few fantastic coats, even an amazing polar bear trimm coat. But if you wish to know more about fur and trade I could ask Mr Xorshulwd, he is bound to have some opinion on the fur trade,” she added as she pointed at a middle aged male Luora-looking aid near the emperor: a strange Luora, no more than 5’11 in height.

The Empress had no idea who Mr Xorshulwd was, and had no desire to trap herself into a tedious discussion with him. “No, no” she said, trying to remain polite but emphasising that she did not want her to do that. “That’s quite all right, but thank you, Lady Workshur.”

“Most fertile mother to the Anisorans, I see that there are women here without their masters. Have they lost them and become wards of the emperor?”

The Empress looked momentarily confused as she heard the translation. “Masters?” she said, “There are no slaves in Anisora, child. Nor in the rest of civilised Anaria.”

With a soft giggle, “I am aware there are no slaves in Anisoro - we do not have slaves in Arsas either either. I mean their men, like Shegewk says in the holy scriptures “Men are masters of the fair sex, leading them through hardship and into paradise. For which women kneel before men in gratitude.”

Empress Avrona considered for a moment how best to reply to this. She was surprised to hear that the Arsasans didn’t deal in slaves, and on that count, she noted, the Luorans were more civilised than the certain Anarian people, like the Aedelish. But apart from that they were clearly backwards, and considering the behaviour of Workshur and the few other female luorans she had seen, had no conception on what women could contribute to society. For a split second she felt pity for this alien female, so docile as to be a nonentity, but the feeling quickly passed as her eyes focused on the bizarre features of the woman.

“Your people may very well believe that, but things are very different here in Anisora. Women have opportunities to be their own person, and are not owned by their menfolk. Naturally there are duties all women must perform, as it states in our own Sacred Scriptures - but none of us are wholly beholden to men.” When she had arrived in Anisora over thirty years ago, she had found that women had slightly more opportunities than in her homeland of Auresia, opportunities which were broadening with each year. Anisoran women have always been able to get an education, hold and inherit certain titles in their own right, and more recently have been able to climb to the highest political offices of state. But as she spoke to this alien aristocrat, she realised that Anisora still had room for progress. Not that she had sympathy for an Amberian-style regime, of course.

“Luoran women can have opportunities” Workshur replied. “With a good marriage and with the blessing of Shegewk women can produce many children and enter into the good graces of a man. If a woman if fertile and exceptionally beautiful a powerful man can take her from her lesser husband, and rise up in society.” After some pondering, she said “But I know the type of woman you mean… we have certain women who read the wrong kind of books, who speak more than they should and who use relationships to their advantage.But those kind of women usually upset the wrong man and find themselves cleansed by fire or humiliated to death in public by being forced to mate with a horse.”

As the translation was given the Empress’ face darkened with horror. Had she really just said that outloud? Vind, these luora really were savages of the worst kind, she thought, trying to compose herself.

“What a disturbing notion” was all she said, her voice ice cold. She wanted to get away from this conversation now. Mild curiosity to learn more of luoran society had been replaced by disgust at the barbarity of these creatures.

“I know, but good women have nothing to fear. I have seen myself the cleansings in the long fountain plaza but I am not afraid, I honour my master” said the concubine, with a mild sense of satisfaction and pride. “It is well known that these kind of women have not been blessed by Shegewk and only disobey their masters out of spite for all the women who have been blessed with numerous beautiful children”

Avrona stared at the luora in astonishment. She had not said a word all week and now the floodgates had opened, and the Empress did not like what he heard. She was about to speak, to end the conversation, before Workshur continued.

“I knew I had been blessed after my ceremony of woman hood. Through my brother I was able to give a precious dowry for the emperor and Shegewk blessed me with his attention. Now I have everything I could ever want.”

Avrona spoke quickly, ensuring she would not be interrupted again. “I am most happy for you” she said with a weak smile. She looked past Workshur’s shoulder at one of her ladies-in-waiting, he eyes burrowing into her, demanding she intervene and put her out of her misery. A moment of awkward silence elapsed before the lady-in-waiting approached.

“Your August Imperial Majesty, Lady Workshur” she said bowing to the Empress and nodding to the luora, “Forgive me, but His August Imperial Majesty wishes to speak to you.”

Empress Avrona answered quickly, probably too quickly. “Ah, thank you Luisa. Please forgive me, Lady Workshur” and before waiting for a reply she walked off towards the centre of the room, leaving Workshur and the translator at the side of the room.

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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
The following was co-authored by myself and Felipe (Thor99)

To the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens

The foothills of the North Bhazen Mountains, known as the Garda Mountains in Anisora, rolled across the horizon, the lush forests covering all but the summits of the largest peaks. Located about an hour from the capital city of Pena on the train, the Casellan countryside that welcomed Lord Adlshnoelzkh and Benedetta was bright in the midday sun, the coolness of February retreating from the cloudless sky. The couple, along with their Wolgos translator, were sitting on a hill, thick trees to their backs, and looking west at a breathtaking vista of the foothills.

“I had no idea that you had any knowledge or appreciation for the Anisoran countryside,” said Benedetta. “It’s just beautiful here! I’ve not left Pena since I was a girl, and actually never been here before. Why have we come here? It must be for a special reason, I hope.”

Speaking through the Wolgos translator that had been accompanying him, Adlshnoelzkh said, “we are passing through for work, we had to fetch a present from a lord for the emperor. But now that we completed our task I thought you would enjoy coming along. We should enjoy ourselves and the sights of your homeland.” While looking into the infinite blueness of the sky, he continued. “Sorry I left you with Mr Dlhowdr, I hope he was pleasant company.”

“He was alright despite the strange energy and personality he exudes. But honestly, tell me, and I don’t mean to be rude, but why did you bring this monster with you!?” asked Benedetta as she looked cautiously at the Wolgos. “I had never seen one before, except in newspapers, and they are very off-putting.” The Wolgos translated this to Adlshnoelzkh with a nasty perverse smile. Benedetta knew the Wolgos people had committed the most horrendous crimes during the War, and she had grown up on stories of their brutality and savagery. When she had discovered a Wolgos would be escorting her to meet Adlshnoelzkh, she had to repress a desire to flee. But she had wanted to see her luora once again, so decided the risk was worth it - the stories were probably exaggerated, anyway, she thought. Nevertheless, she was still watching what she said, frustrated that she couldn’t converse with Adlshnoelzkh without him.

“Don’t mind him, I’m here and I will protect you from nasty monsters,” laughed Adlshnoelzkh. “He is here as my translator. The Wolgos are more worldly and know more languages, so it’s a fitting role for him. More reliable than an Anisoran translator - by that I mean I am more used to them than Anisoran translators.” After a thoughtful pause, “I don’t want to hear anymore about it, please, there are more important matters to discuss while we are here in private and in such a serene place.” Jokingly, he added with a hearty laugh, “and anyways, you do know they are our cousin people, right?”

Benedetta thought for a moment. “The Tahani are our cousins - doesn’t mean they aren’t bastards” she laughed back. To many Anisorans, the Tahani were viewed with even less warmth than the Wolgos - Benedetta’s own father had died fighting them on the Western Front during the War. She had been conceived during her father’s leave from the army, but he never returned, dying just weeks before the war ended, and months before she was born. The sudden thought of it made Benedetta sad.

“Yes that's true, we are different in many ways. They are brutish, hot headed, mean and uncultured, while we enjoy beauty, are more thoughtful and understanding” he answered back, giving Benedetta a reassuring pat on her left thigh.

“I know you are leaving soon,” Benedetta said, “leaving to a far-off place. I am enjoying our time together.” And with sadness she asked, “what do you want to talk about?”

“I want you to come with me, leave this place and join me in Oshghatar” he answered as he laid in the grass watching the clear blue sky, nibbling a piece of straw. “It will be very different from here but you will have me to protect you. You will live in comfort and never want for anything,” and with excitement he added, “do you see that mountain peak? In Arsas if you choose to accompany me during my duties, you will even get to see mountains so high that they break through the sky and not even snow is able to fall on their summits.”

She didn’t reply at first, her mind considering as the translation was given. “Come with you to Arsas? I… It’s very far from Anisora” she said, stating the obvious. A million thoughts whirled around her mind as she began seriously considering abandoning her life in Anisora. She’d not had an easy life, that was sure. With her father dead just weeks before the War ended, her mother had been forced to move to Pena to try and find work to feed their small family. But she had died when Benedetta was six, leaving her in one of the many overcrowded orphanages that struggled to cope with the post-War influx of destitute families and their children. Poverty and hardship had been her parents after that, and as she thought about it, she realised she didn’t have much in her life. She had her job, yes, and her little flat above the cafe on Via Lamartino - she even had a few friends. But as the fear rose in her as she contemplated leaving it all, she asked herself - was it worth staying for? She’d always wanted to travel: to see Aschgæt and Cedelphia, and more of Anisora - she’d never really left Pena. But the thought of leaving everything, throwing caution to the wind and travelling to somewhere as unknown and exotic as Arsas - that filled her with excitement.

“It sure is… Its far away but you would find it exciting, traveling with me while I am on duty, after I conclude my duty we can return to my villa on the outskirts of Oshghatar, overlooking the wide Oshnata river from where you can see the summer regatas under the shade of pergolas heavy with wisteria blooms.” Turning to Benedetta, he continued. “It is a nice home, build from pink sandstone, it has large cool rooms with fine Ouzko rugs. Well kept gardens with a pond full of colourful carp. The perfect home to raise a few children.”

“Children?” she said quietly. “This is all so sudden. I…” she struggled to find the words. “Will I… Will I be accepted, by your people?” She asked the question hesitantly, not sure of the answer she wanted to hear - the reasons for abandoning the only life she had ever known disappearing fast.

“Acceptable? It is somewhat unconventional for a luoran to live with a human but its not unknown and it's not scandalous. It might upset a few, a miniscule minority, but who cares what they think and it's not like they can do anything but upset themselves.” While reflecting on the question, he said, “the luora are the premiere people of the empire, but only one of many other peoples. You would see many other humans too. Including educated and cultured humans, some even who are very wealthy.”

A sudden realisation overcame her. “Will there be other women? Other females?” she found herself saying, still adjusting to the new concept of interacting with non-humans. She had heard tales of the many concubines Luorans took - there were even rumours that the Emperor of Arsas had brought not his wife, but a concubine, to Anisora with him. But, she supposed, perhaps that was not so different to archaic Orkanan line marriages?

With a laugh of incredulity, Adlshnoelzkh said, “other women? I might have a title, a privileged life but other women would be concubines, and those are only for the very wealthy or powerful. I want to enjoy life with a single woman who can make life exciting and interesting, not have a gaggle brimming with rivalries and schemes. The emperor might enjoy having concubines rather than a wife but trust me, and keep this to yourself, he rules them with a literal fist and they are deadly afraid of him.”

It was perhaps not the best thing to say at that moment. She suddenly realised just how huge Adlshnoelzkh was, how strong. Images of Wolgos atrocities came unbidden into her mind, but she pushed them away. Not Adlshnoelzkh - he had treated her like a queen, been gentle despite his great size. No, he was nothing like this Luoran emperor, or the Wolgos she had been taught to fear.

“I feel like a girl half my age, even considering this” she laughed. The prospect of being the wife of a great Luoran lord, with wealth, status, and maybe even servants, all the things she had only ever dreamed of, was filling Benedetta with excitement and anticipation. There was a moment pause as she looked away from Adlshnoelzkh and out towards the rolling hills of the Casellan countryside - her homeland. Her insides were doing summersaults before a moment of calm washed over her. “Yes” she said simply, turning back to him. “I’ll come with you.”

“You just made me very happy, as once I departed I would have never seen you again. I anticipated your possible acceptance of my proposal and have arranged for your departure visa. All you have to do is board the vessel with me. Bring anything you want from Anisora as you will not be able once we leave.” Kissing her hand, he said, “in time you will make a good mother to some luoran orphans in need of nurturing.”

Benedetta’s mind was full of plans now, and despite her excitement and preoccupation, those last words confused her. Luoran orphans? “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I don’t know if you are aware but luorans cannot impregnate other peoples or vise versa. We would need to adopt to build our family. But we can try all we want” answered Adlshnoelzkh, with a serious tone and a cheeky smile.

With all the excitement, the previous mention of children had escaped her. But the notion of producing a child with a Luora did, if she was honest with herself, fill her with uncertainty. But the prospect of adopting - of taking in young children and saving them from a life in the orphanages, of giving them the childhood that she had enjoyed so fleetingly - that filled her with joy. She smiled broadly, looking deep into his eyes. “Let’s go then…Let’s go to Arsas.”

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RE: Visit to Anisora by the emperor.
Written wholely by me

Toshvaradh houses the emperor’s Blue palace, a dark royal blue and tall stone structure located a top a stone outcrop overlooking the city. The palace is magnificent and constructed entirely in the more vertical and organic Arkal style, the current palace was reconstructed from the ruins of a prior Arkal palace a few decades after the region’s integration into the empire. Despite being an official residence of the emperor, it seldom housed the emperor or his family because of the large distance between the city and capital, in recent years the trend has shifted, and the emperor now resides more frequently in Toshvaradh to oversee modernisation projects and closer ties with Anaria.
It had not been more than two days since returning that the emperor summoned Adlshnoelzkh, he would have wanted to summon him sooner, but state affairs interrupted his plans for rest and indulgence. “Adlshnoelzkh I have been told that you have been busy yourself with that human woman, will you keep her only or also find a good Luoran woman to breed with?” Asked the emperor.

“My Emperor yes you have been correctly informed, she is excited about seeing Toshvaradh and looking forward to setting off to Oshghatar. And I don’t know, I like this woman and I believe I will raise children with her, I told her we can adopt," Adlshnoelzkh replied with some ambivalence,“ Obviously, I will not adopt as my lineage must continue, I will find an attractive Luoran farm girl, breed with her and in time take the children to my home.” he added with a faint smile and a raised eyebrow filled with satisfaction.

“I am glad, not that you prefer a beast as a pet rather than a woman but that you will perpetuate your lineage. Do not let a creature like that influence your choices, you are the master, she is the beast," there was a brief pause as the emperor put on his black leather gloves ‘Speaking of beats, the five Anisoran girls are on their way to Oshghatar to join my household I assume, and the young woman of age?”.

“She is here, waiting just outside, I thought you would like to sample something exotic sooner. That why I had a grown woman brought along, so you wouldn’t have to wait years,” answered Adlshnoelzkh.

With an expression of agreement, the emperor said “Good thinking, it is just a shame she won’t be able to speak with me or understand me and won’t take part eagerly. I will just enjoy a different approach I have not used in a while; it will season the meat differently but a change once in a while is good,” the emperor gestured to the door, and checking his coat pockets and finding what he was looking for “Enough small talk. I am ready, bring her in”.

Adlshnoelzkh briefly left the room and led in an Anisoran girl of no more than seventeen, she was fair skinned with light brown hair and only around 5’5 in height. The girl entered the room with grace and curtsied in front of the emperor; the girl seemed to be aware of who she was meeting, She nervously stood in place in front of the emperor with no much idea of why she was meeting him or why she had been exiled from Anisora.

With a nod from the emperor, Adlshnoelzkh unsheathed a dagger from his belt and tore away the girl’s dress. The process was neither swift nor gentle and startled the girl; the sudden realisation they would defile hit her, she screamed and fought back in vain against the monolith of sinew and muscle that was roughly tearing away at her dress.
Once Adlshnoelzkh he let her go the girl just stood where he left her sobbing while attempting to preserve her modesty with her hands. The emperor approached her and explored her body; she recoiled at his touch and resisted the emperor grip of her wrists as he moved her hands away from her intimate parts. The emperor was displeased yet excited that the girl recoiled at his touch, her fear was palpable able and he loved it.

The emperor grabbed the girl by her cheeks and jaw with a single hand with the force of a vice. The girl tried pushed back and to claw at his arms, “This one is a fighter; she will be a fun one to break” the emperor said before releasing her and slapping the Anisoran girl. The slap from the immense Luoran was forceful enough to knock her to the floor burst her lip, the girl was hysterical, she tried to stand but collapsed and had to crawl away as she wiped the blood from her face. The emperor slowly followed, overtook the girl’s pace and stood in front of her, she looked up and saw the emperor with a wide smile of pleasure in his face as he said something she could not understand. In fact, she could not understand the situation at all, the orphanage had told her she would travel as a guardian for the other girls, that she would be treated well and now this was happening. nothing made sense to the girl, no is explaining why she was being treated like this.
“This won’t do, learn to stay in your place and take as I give you. I will teach you; I will be your teacher and much more” said the emperor as he looked down on the girl before crushing her leading hand with the heel of his boot. She screamed in pain, recoiling into a fetal position trying to soothe the pain. He picked her up by seizing her face with a single hand while taking out from his coast a small golden circular box, he opened the box and dabbed his fingers with a fine white powder the box contained “Our lessons will continue soon but for now it's time for you to rest, it has been a rough first lesson for you”. As he spoke to the girl who could not comprehend him or his motivation he forced his fingers between the girl’s lips and rubbed the powder into her gums, not long after she became limp and lost consciousness.

Hours, days or weeks later the Anisoran girl woke up confused with her senses slowly coming into their own. As soon as she focused her vision, she became aware she was sitting on the floor between the legs of a naked and a very large man with the back of her head resting on his crotch. She noticed that the man was naked and that he was holding her head back with one of his hands and soon realised that the face looking down on her was that of the emperor.
The emperor was not alone and was in the company of another Luoran who was busy working at a grill with a range of tools and ingredients, and in the company of a Wolgos translator. Through the translator the Emperor spoke to the girl “Welcome back, it’s time for your instruction, I have taken the liberty to start without your presence. But first, are you hungry? It has been a while since someone has fed you”
The girl tried to move but her hands were tied behind her, her legs seemed to have fallen asleep and his grip on her chin was solid as stone, she hesitated to answer as she was gripped by fear but after that brief moment of hesitation; she began to implore for her life in Anisoran.
“Stop that, lets enjoy our time together. You must be hungry and I am going to feed you, trust me it’s delicious and very tender” As the emperor finished speaking the Wolgos translator picked up a small bowl and fed the emperor, the emperor chewed while making sounds of satisfaction before opening the girl's mouth and spitting out into her mouth a slimy ball of mashed meat. He held her mouth closed and forced her to swallow before saying “Exquisite don’t you think? Meat from a special animal, tenderly cooked by my expert chef. enjoy it, do not waste it”

The girl swallowed the chewed food whole but not without feeling nauseous, and as soon as she swallowed, he fed her more despite her struggles and protest. After the fourth forced feeding, she could not hold in the regurgitated mash any longer and vomited over her face and the emperor’s hands. “Ugh all over your pretty face and my hands. I would punish you if you were not making a fool of yourself. You are insulting the chef and yourself, you should not waste meat that comes from a precious beast like yourself” as he finished his sentence the emperor released the girl’s chin and jaw. Her neck was sore from being forced in place, but the emperor helped her straighten her head to observe her surroundings. As her gaze travelled from the emperors face, to the room and her naked body, terror and panic gripped her. She could not help but scream hysterically as she saw that her thighs ended in tourniquets just before where her knees should be, beyond the tourniquets only bloody bone remained.
The emperor gripped her head and jaw again attempting to calm her down “Don’t worry, its only part of your transformation and service to me. Calm down and let’s enjoy the meal you have provided us," she continued to struggle hysterically between his legs before biting the emperor's hand. “The slut bit me! Adlshnoelzkh pass me the pliers! We can’t have her biting anything more sensitive than my finger”

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