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[Protectorate Proposal] Principality of Tavonia
06-16-2019, 02:22 PM
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[Protectorate Proposal] Principality of Tavonia
On the back of discussions we all had a while ago, Brian and I have been thinking further about developing Anaria Minor. Brian had the idea of creating an Anisoran client state in the region, and I liked the idea - it has been something I've been thinking about for a while now. And so, here is my concept for the Principality of Tavonia, which will be one of the states granted independence after the PAW.

Throughout the 75th century through to the PAW, most of Anaria Minor was ruled over either directly or indirectly by Anisora and Anat Tahan. After the PAW we envisaged numerous nations being created to answer nationalist calls for independence as well as the creation of a stable buffer zone between Anisora and Anat Tahan to further cement the peace signed in 7552 (they had been fighting for well over half a century, after all).

Principality of Tavonia

[Image: Tavonia-Map.png]
Tavonia is in green.

Territory: 1147, 1148, 1155
Location: Central Anaria Minor
Name: Principality of Tavonia (Native name: Tavarat (Տավարատ); commonly known as Lusavan to many Izhaic locals, but due to naming dispute with Anisora cannot legally use the name).
Capital: Carmon; Karmavush (Կարմավուշ; Karmavuš)
Languages: Multi-lingual state. Lusavanic (Armenian) majority language; Anisoran (Italian) in the east; and Parnethian (Greek) in the south.
Religion: Izhaic majority (Norynan sect the most dominant); pockets of Orkanan throughout the state, with major communities in the east closer to Anisoran border.
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Population: 5,705,552

The Principality of Tavonia is a constitutional monarchy ruled by a Prince and governed by a parliamentary system headed by the prime minister.

Tavonia was ruled over by Anisora for many years, with territory acquired over numerous wars, including the Anisoro-Lusavanic War (7372-7375). Before Anisoran rule, the region was part of the Kingdom of Lusavan, an Izhaic kingdom that traced its roots back centuries, which most Tavonians would consider the principality's national predecessor. The Kingdom of Lusavan was dismantled by Anisora during the 75th century, when the last remnants of the kingdom were split between the Grand Principalities of Casella and Lusava. During the PAW, Lusavans and Tavonians fought in the Anisoran armed forces, but nationalistic fervour began to grow. In 7552 at the end of the Pan-Anarian War, an economically exhausted Anisora granted Tavonia independence as part of the Treaty of Asola (in Ardennes) that determined the makeup of post-War Anaria Minor.

Tavonia retains nominal independence, with complete self-governance, its own armed forces, and its own currency. However, under the terms of the Treaty of Asola that granted Tavonia independence, Anisora is the principality's protector - as such Tavonia can be described as a protectorate of Anisora, who retains influence and legal responsibility over aspects of the state's foreign policy. Anisora's role of protector is recognised by the Treaty of Asola, and reinforced by the 'Holy Shrines Covenant', which is the legal and moral framework under which Anisora acts as protector of all Orkanan shrines and Orkanan people in Anaria Minor (think the Russian Empire's protection of Christians throughout the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century).

Tavonia is a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic state. The majority of the population are Izhaic (specifically the Norynan sect), but sizeable minorities of Orkanans live throughout, particularly in the east. Lusavanic (Armenian) is the majority language, but Anisoran is also spoken by many (especially in the east), and Parnethian (Greek) is spoken in the south. Due to the state's ethnic makeup, tensions have been historically high, with Anisora committing her fair share of ethnic violence and religious persecution at various times. Due to the large Lusavanic population in the neighbouring Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano, a state of the Anisoran Empire, Tavonians share lots in common with a prominent minority in Anisora - tensions between Orkanans and Izhaics can be very high, with terrorism and agitation common during times of strife. There are many in Lusava that want independence, but they were not permitted it, while those of Tavonia were. This has caused lingering resentment in Lusava, with the Anisorans often being heavy handed in their treatment of these minorities for 'security' reasons, including Tavonians.

Ethnic and religious tensions are a perennial part of Tavonian life, especially considering the controversial decision to install an Orkanan as Prince. The Anisoran government wanted a member of an Anisoran royal stim to be installed as Prince, with their preferred candidate being Ludovico of Vattoro, younger brother of Emmanuele V, Prince of Vattoro. However, given the nature of the federal monarchy in Anisora, many Tavonians feared that with an Anisoran dynast on the throne, Tavonia would become in reality another state of the Anisoran Empire, rather than being independent. After many candidates were put forward and asked to consider the throne (with many princes across Anaria refusing the offer), a compromise candidate was agreed - Prince Andrew, the brother of the King of Ardennes. In addition to not being Anisoran, Ardennes was neutral during the PAW, which meant Andrew was a much more suitable candidate in the eyes of the Tavonians as well as Anat Tahan. Prince Andrew is known in Hallish as Andrew I of Tavonia, although he took the regal name Aram, and is mostly known as Aram I in Tavonia itself.

I'm working on flags and coat of arms etc. In the meantime, let me know what you all think.

06-16-2019, 09:21 PM
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RE: [Protectorate Proposal] Principality of Tavonia
The flag and coat of arms of the Principality of Tavonia are below. The blue star is the national symbol of Tavonia and has a strong association with the Lusavanic people more generally. The coat of arms is complete with the grand collar of the senior order of chivalry of the principality, the Order of Andrew I.

[Image: Principality-of-Tavonia-flag.png]
[Image: Co-A-of-Principality-of-Tavonia.png]


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