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Anarian Players
11-02-2019, 10:29 PM
Post: #21
RE: Anarian Players
Quote:Pastana was never (as far as I am aware) under Orkanan Realm control.
That might be correct. Thultannia was full of Orkanan settlements, colonies and dependancies connected to the Realm, but as a ruling entity, it never reached Pastana.

About Alsairic: potentially an interesting figure, halfway between myth and history like so many leaders from the Realm era. Plenty of room for him to start his own thing somewhere on Thultannia, since that was only loosely connected to the Realm anyway. But how the Realm, Parnethians and Dragaric Momopoly are related, I have no real clue...

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11-03-2019, 01:02 AM
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RE: Anarian Players
On Alsairic, I would say he invaded the Parnethian Empire which possibly had it's own possessions on Thultannia and set about raiding and pillaging Northern Anaria Major. These invasions and conquests (not sure how defined they will be yet) are among the things weakening the Parnethian Empire and eventually, the Dragar States assert their own power in the region, perhaps defecting to the Realm for a time before forming their own Monopoly.

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