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Alessandro Salvatore Virini
Alessandro Salvatore Virini

Born 24 June 7536
Gallia Palace, Duchy of Gallia, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

In office
27 March 7572 - Present
Preceded by I. A. Zambrano (18 August 7553 - 10 April 7568)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Alessandro Salvatore Lord Virini M.M. LP GES OMM KCWO LH MAE is a Lord Paramount under the reign of Cephorus IV. He is also the noble Count of Pontezza.



Alessandro Virini is the second oldest of four children born to Benito and Carolina Virini, nee Pini, the Marquis and Marchioness of Linza.

At five Alessandro entered the Veneratio Scientia where he would take up the training of a young aristocrat. For the next ten years, he would study elocution, music, deportment, jurisprudence, literature, equitation, poetry, history, geography, constitutional law, theology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and philosophy, among other courses. He received "O" levels in his final examinations and graduated with a top grade point. He earned a coveted Scarlet Letter for his efforts in law and jurisprudence theory.

Alessandro would later attend Ferdinando College at the University of Gaaze. His studies focused on general medicine with a minor in diagnostics. At this same time, he also took his final form of training in Via Vesica - Way of the Blade - a blade-fighting tradition exclusive to the aristocrats of Auresia. In mid-7554, Alessandro joined the Imperial Armed Forces. He would continue his advanced education during his first three years of service as well as advanced courses in tactics and other officer-centered topics. At the outbreak of the Returner War, Virini held the rank of colonel and was commanding the XIV Groundnaut, an infantry unit that was present at Belgadarion. He was cited for his bravery and leadership when he led his unit on an unauthorized strike against enemy forces charging a unit already engaged with other hostiles, positioning his troops between them and the oncoming attack. He was injured by shrapnel from mortars during the fighting on Talandra field and suffered a severe concussion from a rifle butt that struck him in the back of the head, but was spared when the enemy soldier left him laying there, believing he had killed him.

In his present capacity, Lord Virini has a reputation as a quiet, observant man, thoughtful and of few words. He reserves his counsel for his peers and for his Sovereign, and he often serves as calm voice in counterbalance to the more passionate voices of the Privy Council.

Private Life

Lord Virini has been married since 7554 to the Lady Argia Virini, nee Giuriati. They have two sons and a daughter together. His father's younger brother, his uncle Vittorio Virini, is the Boss of the Papalia crime family. Alessandro has not seen or spoken to his uncle since 7542, shortly before his sixth birthday, when his late grandfather, then Duke of Gallia, expelled him from the House of Virini. The reasons for this expulsion remain a family secret.

Awards & Decorations



  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • He stands 6'3" tall.
  • His nickame is "Sandro".
  • His blood type is O+.
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