Altaian Reach

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Altaian Reach
Aklan Xawys
Flag of the Reach  

The Altaian Star Lotus

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Parent Nation Kamura
Official language Kamuran
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Colony Founding Date 6800s RH
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Religion 80%> Kamuran Celestialism
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The Altaian Reach or Aklanan Reach (Aklan Xawys in Kamuran) is a dependency of Kamura situated in northeastern Altaia that has historically been settled and heavily influenced culturally by people from West Davai, mostly Sriaav and Ameratsu Samzayids but also minorities of Yan-Xiangren migrants who were brought over as labourers for Kamuran overlords.



The region is given the name in Kamuran, Aklan Xawys with the name Aklana referring to the continent of Altaia which Sriaav explorers names after the Aka'lm peoples native to the northern-eastern regions that were explored and incorporated into the Hanayaka Empire. The designation Xawys is the closest Kamuran term for 'Colony' or more accurately 'Reach' to describe Kamuran imperial sovereignty reaching Northeastern Altaia. The Reach is considered a natural extension of the country, historically and culturally, but is granted some regional autonomy due to it's distinct geopolitical circumstances as a contiguous, continental territory situated some distance away from the Kamuran Archipelago.



The Altaian Reach was the first region of Altaia to be settled by the ancestors of modern native Altaians who travelling across the Artic Strait, which may have been above sea level at that time, crossed over from Davai no earlier than 30,000 BP. Due to the proximity of this region to Northwest Davai, there is understood to have been several migrations back and forth across the strait over thousands of years.

Ancient Era

Around 6000 RH the Samzayid Expansions brought Ameratsu peoples to Altaian shores from the Sriu Peninsula in Davai. They were successful traders and explorers of both the Artic and Shangti Seas and brought new trade goods to the Aka'lm societies native to the Reach. After the beginning of this Trans-Shangti trade network, the previously tribal societies of the region rapidly developed into increasingly complex states, the largest and most extensive being in the Nuss Basin accessible via ports in the Reach.

Middle Era

By 6800 RH the Kamuran Empire under the Hanayaka Dynasty was consolidating its monopoly over the Trans-Shangti trade web and Sriaav traders and settlers were strengthening Kamuran dominance over the ports of the region.

For a period of roughly seven centuries the Reach was governed by a string of Sriaav colonies under the sovereignty of the Hanayaka Empire, still hosting a large minority of Samzayids who had been incorporated into the Empire mostly peacefully. The majority of conflict during this time was between the Kamurans and various successive Aka'lm imperial states based in the interior. Throughout this period Sriaav settlement and acculturation stayed along the coasts, especially along the shore of the Lower Nuss Basin. In the far northeast, along the Shangti shore Sriaav influence did extend up to the foothills of the Shucian Range and significant agricultural and mining activity was overseen by Sriaav overlords who imported Aka'lm and Xiangren labourers to work to make the colonies profitable.

Modern Era

Following the events of the Kamuran Revolution in 7508, the administration of the Reach was re-consolidated following the crushing of a separatist uprising the 7510's. The old colonial divisions were centralised into one unit, a unitary Xawys in 7520.

The Reach has been a valuable crutch for the Kamuran Empire through a turbulent period of contraction in the South Shangti which saw it be forced to competed with technologically advanced Anarian rival powers and modernise rapidly. Much of the Empire's raw materials used to supply military industries have been extracted from the Reach and it's military infrastructure is extensive provide extra security and thousands of jobs. In the decades since the uprisings and unrest of the early 7500's the Reach authorities have engaged in a consistent repression of separatist politics in the territory, the integrity of the Empire being considered legally sacrosanct.



The area of the Altaian Reach is a contiguous territory located at the Northeastern-most extent of the continent of Altaia, closest to Davai. It's topography is generally gently sloping from the highlands of the Shoucian Hills to the coasts for the Arctic and Shangti Oceans. The Reach is divided into numerous watersheds along it's length and some of it's larger rivers are navigable and provide access to the sea from the inland mining regions via barges. Most port cities are located by estuaries.

Offshore the Reach administers over several coastal islands.


Climatically the Reach is influenced by two major weather systems, one is a cool northern system from the Arctic and the other a warm system from the Shangti to the South. Due to the presence of the Shoucian hills separating the Arctic coast from the Shangti coast, there is a dramatic contrast in the climates of the two regions. The north of the Reach is under temperate and during tireal winters subarctic influences while the south is increasing subtropical further down the Shangti coast until one reaches the far south which can be quite torrid during tireal summers.

Most lowland areas of the Reach can support high agricultural activities and the land is generally very habitable and productive.

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