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OOG note Anisoran is based on Italian with changes to pronunciation, vocabulary and lexicon.


Pronunciation /anisoˈraːno/
Region North-western Anaria

 Anisoran Empire

Status Living
Speakers c. 38 million
Language family Kachal-Anarian
Parent languages Pastanan and Dragaric
Early forms Old Anisoran
Writing system Anarian alphabet (Pastanan variant)
Official status
Official in  Anisoran Empire
Regulated by Academia della Lingua Anisorana

Anisoran (Anisorano [anisoˈraːno] or Lingua Anisorana [ˈliŋɡwa anisoˈraːna]) is a Pastanic language of the Kachal-Anarian language family. It is descended from Late Pastanan (West Pastanic), one of the main spoken languages of the Dragar Monopoly, and is subsequently a member of the Dragar languages family. Anisoran is spoken natively by more than 33 million people, predominantly in the Anisoran Empire, where it is an official language, with minority speakers in Ardennes and X, and a number in the Anisoran colonies and dominions throughout Gotha. In the Anisoran Empire, Anisoran is the first and native language of almost 75% of the population, with a further 10% using it as a second or even third language. Anisoran is also widely spoken, primarily as a second language, in Anisoran colonies and overseas territories. It is largely mutually intelligible with Auresian and many other Tovan-Anisoric languages, such as Marolian.

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