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Avrona Lassinia of Auresia
Empress of the Anisorans
Grand Princess of Casella

Grand Princess of Lusava and Vascano
Princess of Marona
Avrona Lassinia of AuresiaEmpress of the AnisoransGrand Princess of CasellaGrand Princess of Lusava and VascanoPrincess of Marona
Official Photograph, 7556
Empress-consort of the Anisorans
Tenure 7th July 7553 - present
Born 3 October 7526
Aquitania Palace, Auresia
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Spouse Marius III (m. 7549)
Issue Princess Livia, Duchess of Pilano
Prince Titus, Grand Prince of Pastana
Prince Brutus, Count of Rellivetta
Princess Victoria, Countess of Tapolia
Juliana, Princess Imperial of Auresia
Princess Bella
Prince Alberto
Princess Julia
Full Name Avrona Lassinia Decus-Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father Prince Imperial Aulus Calvandrus of Auresia
Mother Jenovia Seveccia Alexandros, née Mosello
Religion Peratolian Orkanan
(born Lazarianism)

Avrona Lassinia Decus-Alexandros is the current Empress-consort of Emperor Marius III of Anisora. She is a member of the House of Alexandros, the ruling dynasty of Auresia. She is an elder cousin of reigning Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV, and the eldest grandchild of the late Dynast Emperor Emshandar III.


Titles, styles, honours and arms

Imperial monogram of Empress Avrona Lassinia.

Titles and Styles

  • 3 April 7526 - 10 October 7545: Her Imperial Highness the Princess Imperial Avrona Lassinia of Auresia
  • 11 October 7545 - 9 May 7549: Her Imperial Highness the Princess Avrona Lassinia, Countess of Apparona
  • 10 May 7549 - 23 September 7551: Her Imperial Highness The Grand Princess of Pastana
  • 24 September 7551 - 6 July 7553: Her Imperial Highness The Grand Princess of Pastana and Duchess of Naffalonia
  • 7 July 7553 - present: Her August Imperial Majesty The Empress-consort

The Empress' full style and title is as follows: Her August Imperial Majesty Avrona Lassinia, By the Blessing of Vind of the Highest, Empress-consort of the Anisorans and Their Dominions and Territories Across the Seas, Grand Princess of Casella, Grand Princess of Lusava and Vascano, Princess of Marona, Duchess of Niviaponte, Countess of Apparona, Imperial Lady of the Most Illustrious Order of the Fauglia, Grand Mistress and First and Principal Dame Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious Order of Colombera, Imperial Lady of The Most Distinguished Order of Exemplar Edvin and Exemplar Livia, Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star (Auresia), Dame Commander of the Imperial Wensician Order (Auresia), and Dame Commander of the Order of the Auresian Empire (Auresia).


Avrona Lassinia has held a great number of honours since her appointment as Countess of Apparona by her grandfather Emperor Emshandar III in 75XX. She has been inducted into six Orders of Friendship in both Anisora and Auresia, as well as being in receipt of nine different honours from foreign states. She is the First and Principal Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Colombera, an honour traditionally held by the reigning imperial-consort. She has also been a Member of the Imperial Order of the Fauglia since her appointment by her father-in-law Titus II in 7549 after her marriage to the Grand Prince of Pastana. She has also been an Imperial Lady of the Order of Exemplar Edvin and Exemplar Livia since 7552.

The Empress-consort also retains a number of honours from her homeland and as a member of the House of Alexandros she is currently Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star, the Imperial Wensician Order, and the Order of the Auresian Empire.

The Empress-consort is also patroness of over two hundred organisations across Anisora and Auresia and has received eight honorary degrees from universities in Anisora, Auresia, Amberia and Hallis, as well as holding the Chancellorship of Peradotto University between 7560-7571.

The Coat of Arms of HAIM Empress-consort Avrona Lassinia.


Following her marriage to Grand Prince Marius in 7549, Princess Avrona Lassinia of Auresia, as she was then known, took her husband's arms and used a variant of the Imperial Arms of Anisora for the first time. Her current arms were adopted on 7 July 7553 when her husband assumed the throne and she was crowned Empress of Anisora beside her husband.

The Arms themselves are crested with the Imperial Consort's Crown, known as the Corona di Consorte in Anisoran. The shield at the centre of the arms is quartered: the first and forth quarters a golden griffin rampant on teal (the first for the Anisoran Empire and the second for the House of Decus); the second quarter a Golden Lion on red (for Auresia and the House of Alexandros); the third quarter a triple-towered castle in gold and ajoure in teal (for the Earldom of Apparona, Auresia); and an enté en point at the bottom of a red rose to symbolise the wife of a reigning emperor. At the centre a crowned inescutcheon quartered mirrored shield, crested by the coronet of the Princess of Marona (for the Principality of Marona): first and forth quarters black cross on white with a lion rampant in black in the upper left corner; second and third quarters pallets Gules in gold and red. Surrounding the shield is the grand collar of the Order of Colombera.


Name Birth Marriage Their children
Date Spouse
Princess Livia, Princess of Pilano 14 February 7550 21 May 7568 ??
Prince Titus, Grand Prince of Pastana 11 September 7551 XX  ??
Prince Brutus, Count of Rellivetta 18 December 7552 XX  ??
Princess Victoria, Countess of Tapolia 3 March 7555 XX  ??
Juliana, Princess Imperial of Auresia 12 September 7556 23 April 7577 Faykan, Prince Imperial of Auresia
Torian Luciano, Prince Imperial of Auresia
Cassus Bartolomeo, Prince Imperial of Auresia
Princess Bella 10 March 7558
Prince Alberto 30 November 7559
Princess Julia 1 June 7562

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Avrona Lassinia, Empress-Consort of the Anisorans
Cadet branch of the House
Born: 3 October 7526   Died:
Anisoran royalty
Preceded by
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Empress-Consort of the Anisorans etc.
7 July 7553 – present
Succeeded by
as {{{as}}}
Preceded by
Title last held by XXX
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Grand Princess of Pastana
10 May 7549 – 7 July 7553
Succeeded by
XXX, Grand Princess of Pastana
as {{{as}}}
Peerage of Auresia
Preceded by
New creation
as {{{as}}}
Countess of Apparona
11 October 7545 – present
Succeeded by
Heir apparent:
Titus Decus
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Academic offices
Preceded by
The Prince of Torzarola
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Chancellor of the University of Peradotto
24 October 7560 – 29 January 7571
Succeeded by
The Duchess of Caldagno
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Order of precedence
Preceded by
The Emperor of the Anisorans
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Order of precedence in the Anisoran Empire
as Empress-consort of the Anisorans
{{{start}}} – {{{end}}}
Succeeded by
The Grand Prince of Pastana
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