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Balthazar Leonor Thul
Balthazar Leonor Thul

Born 9 December 7535
Dardania Palace, Duchy of Dardania, Auresian Empire
Occupation Politician

In office
2 December 7569 - Present
Preceded by T. H. Karadius (19 February 7555 - 3 August 7568)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Balthazar Leonor Lord Thul LP KDL GES OMM GL TC is a Lord Paramount of the Imperium. As such, he is a senior advisor of the Dynast Emperor under the authority of Emperor Cephorus IV. He is most frequently seen as the Lord Paramount who oversees CHAIM. He is also the noble Marquis of Alamarca.



Born into the wealthy and influential House of Thul, which has held a CHAIM directorship almost since the inception of the firm, Balthazar Leonor learned early the power of money, of numbers and of success. As such, it could be said business and economics are in his blood, and despite his youth, he remains a voracious and highly capable student of the fickle moods of the markets of Gotha.

Lord Thul is the oldest of three children, with two younger brothers.

Thul was educated at the Veneratio Scientia. Ultimately he attended the Santa Eugenio College at the University of Florincia, where he qualified in economics with extensive additional education in business, business finance, business administration and business logistics. From the time he was ten, his grandfather liked to pose economic theory questions to the young Thul, and he would have to dig into existing code and precedents to find the answers to the questions. These mind games helped him to develop his quick, dry wit and his preference for thinking on his feet.

Lord Thul served ten years in the Imperial Armed Forces. He is a qualified pilot and served initially as the flight lieutenant in command of an LAC with the air forces assigned to support ground troops during the Returner War and later led a flight section with the rank of group captain. He was seriously injured when his LAC had to make an emergency landing after being damaged by hostile fire, and he and his crew were trapped behind enemy lines until being reached by a relief force summoned by their emergency signals. Ultimately, he left the service with the rank of air group marshal.

In 7569, Lord Thul was summoned to the Privy Council by the Emperor. It wouldn't be long after that that he would be appointed to watch over CHAIM, Lord Thul proceeded - with the Emperor's blessing - to shake up the general management. Numerous managers were shuffled to new posts, some were sacked, and some were reassigned to new duties. He has since begun to make his mark on the company, and is focused on streamlining certain processes while maximizing profits in key markets.

In terse situations, Lord Thul has shown his willingness to take whatever action is required. A dispute that arose shortly after his assumption of the chairmanship over the sacking of three senior managers from the Davai markets brought complaints from a senior Board member, a lady of the House of Gilrex. Disagreeing openly with his methods rather than meeting with him privately to discuss the issue - as is CHAIM tradition - she challenged his competency in financial or economic matters in front of the assembled Board. Traditionally, one approaches a Lord Paramount in private to discuss such issues. Lord Thul made no reply to her, other than to say "That is your opinion, madam, however unsolicited." The following day the House of Gilrex had its directorship revoked and granted to another house. It is unknown what he may have said or done to convince the Emperor to take the action, but her replacement - a lady from the House of Oppediso - is herself said to be one who prefers new efforts rather than "revitalizations" where past efforts have borne little fruit.

Private Life

On 4 January 7556, Lord Thul wed his long-time beloved, Lavinia Barbarelli, in a ceremony in the chapel of the family estate in Vonora. They have two children, a son and a daughter, together. They financially support SAFE and an international children's charity headquartered in Auresia that helps to provide basic medical care to poor regions. He is also an avid hunter and his wife is skilled in drawing, commonly with charcoal mediums.

Awards & Decorations


  • Magister Argentum - Professor of Economics, Santa Eugenio College, University of Florincia


  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Phalera I (2x)
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera IV (1x)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge
  • Pilot's Wings I (LAC)


  • He is a member of the Janessari elite known as the Death Watch.
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