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Cephorus IV
Dynast Emperor of the Auresians
High King of Arginium
Cephorus IV Dynast Emperor of the Auresians High King of Arginium
Photograph, 7579
Tenure 18 April 7567 - present
Born 4 March 7537
Epoxague Palace, Epoxague, Auresia
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse HM Empress Orosea (m. 7555)
Issue Faykan Constantino (s)
Elrood Cosimo (s)
Calo Amadeus (s)(twin)
Galdo Gianpetro (s)(twin)
Octa Supernia (d)
Vala Pellicia (d)
Full Name Cephorus Maximiliano Rex Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father HIH PI Margani Cosandrus
Mother HIH PI Eddara Lenora
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Cephorus IV - properly Cephorus Maximiliano Rex Lord Alexandros LL.M. or Cephorus R & I - is the reigning Dynast Sovereign of the Auresians since the death of his grandfather Emshandar III, in April 7567. He is the Sixty-Fifth Dynast Sovereign, and a member of the House of Alexandros, the VI Dynasty of the Imperial House. He is similarly the leader of the Imperial House.

As Dynast Emperor, he is Fount of Honour to the aristocracy, leads the Imperial Curia and commands the Imperial Armed Forces. He is also the grand master of three chivalrous orders, four service orders, and three military orders.

In formal address, or in formal print, the Emperor's full style is His Most Excellent and Discerning Sovereign Imperial Majesty Cephorus IV of the House of Alexandros, by the Grace of Vind the Highest, Sixty-Fifth Dynast Emperor of the Auresians and their Colonies and Dominions, Wayfinder of the Great Plan, Custodian of the Nine Sacred Shrines, Principal of the Auresian Congregations, High King of Arginium, Father of the Nation, Fount of Law and Justice, and Protector of the People.

When signing his name, the Dynast Emperor maintains the ancient tradition of his predecessors. As such, any document bearing his signature reads "Cephorus R I", which means "Cephorus Rex Imperatore" or "Cephorus, King and Emperor".



Early Life

Cephorus Maximiliano Alexandros, to become the fourth Emperor so named, was born at precisely 0117 hours on 4 March 7537. His father is Prince Imperial Margani Cosandrus, third of the five children of then-Emperor Emshandar III. His mother is Princess Imperial Eddara Lenora, neé Sardi, the youngest daughter of Filipe Sardi, a respected provincial noble. Cephorus inherited his lithe, wiry build and looks, and his intense brown eyes from his father and grandfather, and his raven hair from his mother.


Upon reaching the age of five, Cephorus entered the Veneratio Scientia where he would take up the training of a young aristocrat being molded for the Imperial throne. For the next ten years, he would study elocution, music, deportment, jurisprudence, literature, equitation, poetry, history, geography, constitutional law, theology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and philosophy, to name a few courses. He also studied the advanced disciplines of inheritance science, and other topics from the Eldritch Masters. He was marked virtually from birth to be the next Emperor, and thus studied anything and everything an Emperor would need.

Cephorus received "A" levels in his final examinations and graduated with the highest grade point of his class. He earned a coveted Scarlet Letter for his performance in philosophy and legal theory. He was present in 7550 for the wedding of his elder cousin Avrona Lassinia to the Prince Marius of Anisora. He was 13 at the time.

After departure from the Veneratio, Cephorus attended Graziani College at the University of Gaaze in 7554 and 7555. His focus was law, specifically criminal law. He achieved an associate certification in law in August 7555. During his time here, he took his final form of training in Via Vesica - Way of the Blade - a blade-fighting tradition exclusive to the aristocrats of Auresia. He continued working on his law degree in the latter part of 7555, completing additional studies in August 7557 and earning his baccalaureus degree. He was admitted to the bar in November of the same year. He would again seek to further his law studies after departure from military service, and would ultimately earn his Professor of Laws (LL.M.) in early 7568.

Military Service

Cephorus joined the Imperial Armed Forces in September of 7555 and completed his general training in November 7555. He immediately thereafter attended the Imperial War College in Bellucente and completed courses in operations, leadership, weapons & tactics, intelligence and numerous other interests required of Imperial officers between December of 7555 and December 7556.

The future Emperor would serve as an officer between September 7555 and October 7565. He would see action in numerous engagements during the final years of the Returner War, in which he would earn the scars and accolades that would help propel him onto the Imperial throne. He led troops in numerous major engagements, most notably in the last massive assault on the Lavean Union in the Battle of Orensus Mons. His most serious injuries came at Orensus Mons, where he was severely wounded by an explosive device. The blast and shrapnel inflicted a concussion and countless shrapnel wounds, and he had both legs badly broken from the force of being knocked by the blast and lost a great deal of blood. He would end up requiring three surgeries and nearly four months of recovery before being cleared for field duty once more. He would spend part of the last year of the war in rehabilitation for his injuries, but would go on to further service afterward. His last major command before departing service was to lead troops in the suppression of the Rundeen pirates that had set their plundering sights on Port Nerezenti, the port for the colony of Tang Mo.

He departed active duty with the rank of field marshal.


In mid-7565, a young Prince Imperial Cephorus Alexandros was summoned home by his grandfather after the Rundeen were crushed. He would return to learn his uncle Aulus, the eldest of Emshandar’s children and heir apparent, had taken a turn for the worst health-wise. What had originally been a minor bout of pneumonia had worsened and threatened to claim his life. The surgeons assured the Emperor they would do their best, and that with rest and care, he may make a full recovery. The prognosis of the surgeons was tragically optimistic, however, as Cephorus' uncle died in November of 7565 at the age of 57.

The issue of succession in the face of Aulus' death was further complicated when his father, Prince Imperial Margani, suffered a heart attack less than a month before the death of Emshandar himself. The prince imperial was still in hospital when Emshandar died, and he felt that given his tenuous condition, he could not discharge the duties of the Crown. While by law and tradition the next in line to succeed, Margani did not wish to unintentionally cause a potential constitutional crisis by ascending the throne during a period of ill health and uncertainty with regard to his own well-being. Thus, acting on the advice of his surgeon and the counsel of then-Prime Minister Vittorio Todesco, Margani formally abdicated his position as heir apparent on 12 April 7567, in favor of his eldest son. He communicated his intent to abdicate to the Privy Council via letter that morning. Cephorus himself was notified of this in private by his father that same afternoon, and formally the next morning by a personal visit from Lord Paramount Talon Durla. Cephorus’ status as crown prince is said to have been the shortest such tenure in Auresian history, lasting only five days. He was at Epoxague when his grandfather passed away, and it was there the following day - 11 April - that the ministers of the Curia, as well as the top military commanders, came to kiss hands.

Ultimately, another six months would pass before Margani was released by his surgeon, though he was released from hospital in time to see his son's coronation. When asked, in passing, on one occasion upon the celebration of his son's tenth year on the Golden Lion Throne, if he regretted his decision, Margani was quoted as saying, "Absolutely not. Yes, I know my opportunity has gone, but I see in my son's youth and energy a confidence that the Scarlet Dynasty will endure for many years yet to come. He has already proven he is a firm and stable leader, and the Empire does well under his guidance. And I couldn't be prouder of him."

Dynast Sovereign LXV

  • "A Jendo'a without war is like an airship without sky..."
    • Speech discussing his Janessari heritage, Imperial Institute, 7571.

After becoming the Sixty-Fifth Dynast Emperor of Auresia, Cephorus IV was initially described as "a young soldier-statesman who will face considerable opportunities, and considerable challenges - not just for the Empire, and not just Anaria, but around the world wherever Auresia has interests."

As Dynast Sovereign, Cephorus exercises his Imperial power with the traditional eloquence and style that has long been the measure of a reigning member of the Imperial House. While he is open to new and exciting ideas and developments, and acknowledges the rapidly changing nature of Anarian society in modern times, he likewise believes firmly in the Sovereign being "the embodiment of the serene constancy of Imperial power, moving forward with the times, but preserving the valued traditions and histories of our Empire". He enjoys fulfilling his official and ceremonial duties, and approaches the massive workload of a reigning Dynast Sovereign with disciplined energy and enthusiasm.

In spite of his traditional distance from all but his inner circle of advisers and friends, he has built a reputation for being amicable and approachable by those who do so with respect but without hesitation. Alternatively, however, he is known for being a man who is not to be pushed, and will not tolerate open insolence or gross negligence and incompetence. He is said to be hard-willed and gifted of an unnerving calm that will belie even his anger, often to the detriment of those he is angry with. Similarly, his tolerance for people standing up to him only goes so far, and he can act harshly if and when he feels the need to do so without preamble. He prefers those who think and act decisively and his Council reflects this.

Legendary among his earliest statements on his expectations for efficiency and thoroughness was the quote, "If I let everyone I thought was an idiot die, there wouldn't be many people left...".

Public Image

Cephorus is a towering 6'6.5" (1.99 m) tall, with a wiry and hard muscled build. His raven black hair and piercing dark brown eyes are the hallmarks of his lineage, as is his sleek and aquiline figure. Year-round he maintains his beard, though he keeps it clean and short. He is always clean cut and dresses in double-breasted suits, in either slate gray, pale gray or black, made by Rielle Brothers of Cedelphia. The trademark of his wardrobe are his ties and handkerchiefs, made of fine watered silk from Iconium, which are vibrant red, orange, yellow, green or even pink. He has a deep, cultured and very calm voice, described as a subtle purr in its soft sibilance. The tone may lilt slightly to a cat-like nuance of bemusement, a throaty purr of sinister but restrained anger, or a low growl of simmering rage. Those who are around him regularly warn their subordinates to watch his voice tones, as they are often the only real hint of what he is thinking or feeling of a situation. He can, however, hide even this nuance if he chooses. He's known for being unusually difficult to ruffle or raise to anger, is quiet and thoughtful, and demonstrates an impish streak of good humor frequently.

Known to be intensely driven, immensely patient and deeply rooted in an intellectualism long considered a hallmark of being an Alexandros, he is a man who is just as at home surrounded by the books of his study as he is with his family and close friends. Those who he considers his friends speak of his deep abiding affection and loyalty, and his willingness to stand up to people who speak ill of them. While he restrains most of his emotional displays, he will not hesitate to hug or offer a kiss to his wife or children, nor will he hesitate to embrace or clasp hands with his friends. He is a patron of classical Auresian opera and the classic masters of Auresian symphony and chamber musics, and is likewise a lover of the arts. He also enjoys big game hunting and goes on several trips annually, plays golf regularly throughout the year, and visits his favorite course at the The Mezzatorre several times annually. He enjoys the finest Auresian wines, but doesn't drink to excess and looks down on those who do. He does not smoke or partake of tobacco, but does not judge those who do so, only maintaining an unspoken rule that those who do don't make a mess.

The Dynast Emperor is known as a soldier-statesman, whose tough and practical military command style has translated to his dry, somewhat wry sense of humor and firm authority. He will become curt and cold with those who push his patience too far, and tolerates no disrespect or insolence, but he commonly will slide his snide jabs at those he is unhappy with in to whatever he is saying, and his manner is such he seldom has to call anyone out more than once for such an issue. There are very few people who are allowed to speak freely at all times with him, but those who are know and all others maintain restraint.

TECH - When imagining Emperor Cephorus speaking, use the voice of Agent Kallus, a character on the TV show Star Wars Rebels.

Private Life

Cephorus has been married since 9 May 7555 to Orosea Florenzi, the eldest daughter of Marco Riccardo, the Count of Pordeviso, a respected Imperial diplomat who served both him and his grandfather as a delegate general. They have four sons - Faykan Constantino, Elrood Cosimo, twins Calo Amadeus and Galdo Gianpietro; and two daughters, Octa Supernia and Vala Pellicia. Cephorus himself is the eldest of four children, with three brothers younger than him.

His eldest younger sibling - Prince Imperial Emthoro Oreyn, is formally the Duke of Ascoranto, a traditional holding of the Imperial Family and always granted to the eldest junior sibling of the reigning monarch. He is also currently a field marshal and member of the General Staff of Military High Command.

His next younger brother, Prince Imperial Jerec Halaster, is the Duke of Galona, another hereditary holding of the Imperial Family. He is an admiral of the fleet and member of the General Staff of Military High Command.

His youngest brother, and youngest sibling, Prince Imperial Soontir Marcai , is the Duke of Casolerno, the third hereditary holding of the Imperial Family. He holds the rank of field marshal in the Military and is Chief of the Defence Intelligence Service.

Cephorus also has three grandchildren, all boys - Torian Luciano, born 15 February 7578; and Cassus Bartolomeo, born 6 April 7579, by his son Faykan and daughter-in-law Juliana; and Garon Federico, born 10 May 7579, by his son Elrood and daughter-in-law Sofia Gabriella.

His paternal grandmother Aquiala, widow of the late Emshandar III, is Dowager Empress of Auresia. She resides at Veneziano Palace in Cedelphia, and also maintains a set of rooms at Cephorus' private estate at Epoxague. She is a regular fixture in the Court of Elestis. She continues to be highly active with numerous philanthropic interests, and is leading the international humanitarian organization supported by the Imperial Curia known as SAFE.

Modes of Address

There are several accepted forms of address when in conversation with the Emperor. As Emperor, he and his wife are the only two royalty in Auresia who can be referred to as "Your Majesty", with the only exception being his grandmother, Dowager Empress Aquiala.

  • Your Imperial Majesty
  • Your Majesty

To any of Janessari blood and according rank - a close friend, trusted associate or Dynast accorded the requisite permission, he can be addressed as Jende'ade - literally "Lord Jendo" as the leader of that sub-culture of the Imperial nobility. To any other Janessari, he is Jende'alor.

In address to him personally, any Auresian can address him as Pater Patriae - Father of the Nation - as representative of his place as Dynast Sovereign.

Any bureaucratic official or member of his personal staff - i.e. the Privy Secretariat - addresses him simply as Pater - Father - as is representative of his supremacy over the government and the Emperor's tradition of being the "father" who watches and guides the nation's leadership.

Any military officer can address him as Imperatore - Supreme Commander - as representative of his authority over all military entities within the Realm.

Awards & Decorations


  • Legum Magister - Professor of Law, Graziani College, University of Gaaze
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Phalera I (3x)
  • Phalera II (2x)
  • Phalera III (1x)
  • Phalera IV (1x)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge



  • He stands 6' 6.5" tall. He is 2.5 inches taller than his father and all of his younger brothers. He is one foot, 3.5 inches taller than both his wife and his mother, and one foot, 1.5 inches taller than his paternal grandmother.
  • His blood type is O+.
  • Many of his family call him "Seffie", and his brothers like to call him "Grande Gatto" - "Big Cat".
  • He learned to play the piano as a boy, and makes a point to play at least two or three times a week.
  • His preferred hobbies are chess, reading books, enjoying Classical music, hunting, writing, and researching various topics that interest him.
  • He can fluently speak, read and write nine languages.
  • Of the forty-two Dynast Sovereigns it would have applied to, he is one of only seven to ever rise to the rank of field marshal.
  • He is a member of the Janessari elite known as the Death Watch.
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