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The Defence Intelligence Service (DIS), commonly shortened to Defence Intelligence - is the arm of the Imperial Armed Forces of Auresia responsible for military intelligence, counterintelligence and security operations.


The Armed Forces did not have an intelligence arm of its own until the reign of Willem II, who chose to spin away from the Ministry of Intelligence the military intelligence office. It was code-named "G3" to refer to the internal communications code used to identify military intelligence prior to the reorganization. It has retained the classification to date, though it is no longer considered part of the service's official name.

DIS has a branch team at every Army Fort, Fleet Station and Sky Station.


  • Division I - Clandestine Operations
  • Division II - Measurement & Signals Intelligence
  • Division III - Information Management
  • Division IV - Advisory Support
  • Division V - General Operations
    Militare Imperiale   
Key Officials

Supreme Military Commander: Antono Cholini


Field: Weaponry of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces
Vehicles: Vehicles of the Imperial Auresian Army
Ships: Ships of the Imperial Auresian Navy
Aircraft: Craft of the Imperial Auresian Air Force
Personnel: Uniforms & Insignia of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces

Specialised Units Chemical Warfare Service, Siege Engineering Service, Heliolux Fleet, Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Elite Units Military: Strategic Aeronautic Service, Senex Dragoons

Independent: Tentenal Guard, Ministry Police

Recognition Honours & Orders, Decorations & Commendations
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