Dolcega Valley

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Dolcega at Cernobbio.
Dolcega at Varykino.

The area known as Dolcega Valley is a geographical feature of Auresia located in northwestern Dolcega Prefecture, connecting it with southwestern Potevio Prefecture via the Andrevea River. Unlike several waterways in the nation, the Andrevea is not used for moving cargo or other industrial applications, and it has protected status as one of the most pristine sites of its kind. The region sandwiched between the two sides of the Nixian Mountains - Atenian in Auresia - starts at the prefectural border and moves south until it opens up to Lake Artania.

This area is most prominently home to the communities of Cernobbio (pop. 3,059), Olmo (pop. 2,693) and Varykino (pop. 2,399), which are two of the wealthiest small towns in the entirety of the Empire. Renowned worldwide for its stunning scenery, classical Auresian architecture and immaculately maintained gardens and parks along the banks of the river, the valley is both a highly-desired locale for those of means to have a private residence and for those who see a first-class holiday.

The Blue Line of the Imperial Rails has stations at Cernobbio, and the hamlet of Varenna (pop. 751) at the far northern end of the valley. This is the primary way people travel into and out of the region.

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