Embassy of the Imperial Republic of Aedeland in Vittmark

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The Embassy of the Imperial Republic of Aedeland in Vittmark is usually regarded as the last territory of Aedeland that has not succumbed to the Aedelish Technate. It is functioning as the last stronghold of the old regime of Aedeland before the so-called Bloodless Revolution of autumn 7579.

The unusual situation started with Aedeland's decision to move its embassy to a considerably smaller building. Background to this move is the deteriorated relation between Aedeland and Vittmark, which started in 7574 with the Straits Cartel. The follow-up agreement in the form of the Protocols of Gadalhem in April 7579 did escalate in Vittmark regaining full control over the port concession in Strömstad two months later. The ambassador was withdrawn for consultation and a decision was made to downsize the diplomatic representation in Vittmark to an absolute minimum. This process was ongoing during the elections where the Häverists gained a majority in both houses. The following purging of old political structures resulted in many Aedelish diplomatic staff members seeking refuge or asking for political asylum, even in Vittmark.

The acting ambassador and remaining staff refused to hand over the embassy in Nersta to the new Häverist regime, which then opted for occupying the new, much smaller embassy in Felled. This led to the peculiar situation where Östvallen all of a sudden had two Aedelish embassies, each representing its own regime. Since the Imperial Republic never ended the lease and the Aedelish Technate already had an embassy, there was no legitimate part that could request the withdrawal of the partial extraterritorial status of the old embassy. The federal government of Vittmark, as well as the city board of Östvallen both chose not to pursue a withdrawal.

The deputy chief of mission of the embassy considers himself to be the last remaining government official of the old regime. He has formed a government in exile out of the few government officials who managed to escape the purging, either by leaving Aedeland or by seeking political asylum in a country where they already were residing, most often as embassy staff. Not all these government members reside in Östvallen and those who do are often placed under house arrest by Vittmarker authorities. Officially as a way to protect them from Häverist assassins, but also because Vittmark still has an active ban on members of the Aedelish military, both the old and new regimes.

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