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Emshandar Armand Rex Alexandros
Emshandar Armand Rex Alexandros
At Epoxague, January 7567.
Born 3 January 7489
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresia
Died 10 April 7567
Epoxague Palace, Imperial Reserve, Auresia
Occupation Government official

Dynast Sovereign LXIV
In office
21 January 7525 - 10 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by Willem II
Succeeded by Cephorus IV

Emshandar Armand Rex Lord Alexandros (officially Emshandar III or Emshandar R & I) was Dynast Sovereign of Auresia from 21 January 7525 until his death 42 years later on 10 April 7567. He was the paternal grandfather of reigning Emperor Cephorus IV, and himself the youngest child - and only son - of Willem II. He was the Sixty-Fourth Dynast Sovereign and a member of the VI Dynasty. He was the last Dynast Sovereign born in the 75th century.



During his 42-year reign, Emshandar III was patron of numerous organizations and efforts within Auresia and its colonies, and in other nations, to promote literacy, the arts and sciences, and common trade. It was in his second decade of rule that he commissioned the founding of the International Collegium in Port Imperial as an international university of law, science, engineering and economics. He was also an avid supporter of the Imperial Apothecary Society, himself a chemist by education, and promoted health and wellness through simple prevention measures, healthy cooking and an active lifestyle.

On the afternoon of 10 April 7567, after the normally punctual sovereign was late for lunch, Empress Aquiala sent footman to his study to check in on him. He was found dead at his desk, slumped over in his chair. Aquiala rushed to his side, and was joined quickly by several members of the family who were staying the week at Epoxague. The rest followed in short order. A later examination determined he had died of a sudden, massive stroke, perhaps an hour prior to being discovered.

After his death, his final research paper on astronomy, which he had been working on at his passing, was published posthumously in his honor by his grandson, the new Dynast Emperor.

Private Life

Emshandar III was married from 7 February 7508 until his death to Aquiala Lucrezia, now Dowager Empress. Their 59-year marriage produced five children - Aulus Raimondo (born 7508, died 7565), Caminda Giovanna (born 7510), Margani Cosandrus (born 7512), Enman Lazzarro (born 7514) and Ebel Ferdinando (born 7516).

Emshandar's oldest grandchild - first of the three daughters born to his son Aulus - is the Princess Avrona Lassinia, who is the wife of Emperor Marius of Anisora. This is one of the most recent of the few instances where the Scarlet Dynasty saw one of its own wed into a family from another nation.

† - deceased

Awards & Decorations


  • Magister Chymia - Professor of Chemistry, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Order of the Templar's Cross
  • Phalera I (2x)
  • Phalera IV (3x)
  • Imperial Star I
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • He stood 6'2" tall.
  • His blood type was O+.
  • His preferred hobbies were chess, hunting, and Classical Imperial music. He was also an avid stargazer.
  • He was fluent in six languages.
  • He could play the violin and fiddle.
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