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Emthoro Damar Rex Alexandros
Emthoro Damar Rex Alexandros

Born 9 October 7325
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresian Empire
Died 26 December 7407
Epoxague Palace, Imperial Reserve, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Dynast Sovereign LX
In office
14 July 7378 - 26 December 7407 - Present
Preceded by Magnus V
Succeeded by Emthoro V

Emthoro Damar Rex Lord Alexandros (officially Emthoro IV) was Dynast Emperor of Auresia from 27 February 7493 until his death 31 years later on 26 December 7407 He was the Sixtieth Dynast Sovereign and a member of the VI Dynasty.

Considered firm and patient, as well as highly practical, Emthoro is remembered for his preference for diplomacy and outreach instead of military action, though he was a veteran of naval service and had gained a reputation as a sound commander and tactician. The fiasco of the Auresio-Anisoran War remains the blackest mark on his legacy, though his steps to correct the shortcomings that had led to Auresian defeat afterward mitigated this to some extent. One of his most significant political acts was, shortly after the conclusion of the Auresio-Anisoran War, to sack several of his Lords Paramount and replace them, most notably appointing Luca Lord Rambaldi, the famous "Iron Minister" who served as First Minister after the conclusion of the Auresian-Anisoran war, through the rest of his reign and the first fifteen years of the reign of his successor, Emthoro V.




Private Life


Awards & Decorations


  • Magister Lex - Professor of Law, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Salutatorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Order of the Templar's Cross
  • Phalera I (3x)
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera IV (2x)
  • Imperial Star II
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • Having gone completely bald at age thirty, he only wore the traditional powdered wig for formal occasions,
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