Ennodius A. Caduca

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Ennodius, Baron Caduca
Ennodius, Baron Caduca

Born 23 March 7535
Racconigi Mansion, Verona Prefecture, Auresian Empire
Occupation Politician

Lord Chamberlain
In office
18 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by C. G. Varanicci (26 September 7544 - 10 April 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Ennodius, Baron Caduca - properly Ennodius Arno Lord Caduca SC.D. LP GWCO KCES LH - is a Lord Paramount of the Court under the authority of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. As Lord Chamberlain, he is manager of the Imperial Household and the Dynast Sovereign's daily schedule, and one of the gateways which guards access to the Imperial Presence. He is also the noble Baron of Marvara.




Private Life


Awards & Decorations


  • Scientia Dominus - Master of Science (Chemistry), Grand Collegium


  • Armilla Imperiosus
    • Order of the Legion of Honour
  • Phalera I (1)
  • Phalera II (2x)
  • Phalera III (1x)
  • Imperial Star II
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge
    Lords Paramount   
Lords of the Court Qasimir D. Avenicci, Ennodius A. Caduca, Teodoro A. Humilio
Lords of the Council Varnius R. Acilida, Hieronymus S. Barsavi, Severio D. Cozzolini, Giuseppe L. Dala, Talon M. Durla, Leonardo H. Gervasius, Vittorio A. Leotelli, Dante G. Meraggio, Lorenzo V. Nicovante, Luciano C. Rambaldi, Balthazar L. Thul, Alessandro S. Virini
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