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Father = HIM Dynast Emperor [[Cephorus IV]] |
Father = HIM Dynast Emperor [[Cephorus IV]] |
Mother = HIM Empress [[Orosea E. Alexandros | Orosea]] |
Mother = HIM Empress [[Orosea E. Alexandros | Orosea]] |
Religion = [[Lazarianism | Church of Lazarian]]|
Religion = [[Lazarian Orkanan]]|

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Faykan, Prince Imperial
Crown Prince of Auresia
High Prince of Arginium
Duke of Oretini
Count of Aleramici
Faykan, Prince ImperialCrown Prince of Auresia High Prince of ArginiumDuke of OretiniCount of Aleramici
Photograph, 7574
Crown Prince of Auresia
Tenure 18 April 7567 - present
Born 19 February 7557
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresian Empire
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse HIH Princess Imperial Juliana
Issue Torian Luciano (s)
Cassus Bartolomeo (s)
Full Name Faykan Constantino Rex Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father HIM Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV
Mother HIM Empress Orosea
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Faykan, Prince Imperial - properly Faykan Constantino Rex Lord Alexandros LL.D. KCES KCWO is the first born son and eldest child of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. As both the first born and the eldest male child of the reigning Dynast Sovereign, he is the first in line of succession to the Golden Lion Throne. As the heir apparent, he holds the titles High Prince of Arginium, Duke of Oretini, and Count of Aleramici.

In formal print, his full style is His Imperial Highness Faykan Constantino Rex, Lord Alexandros, Crown Prince of Auresia, High Prince of Arginium, Duke of Oretini, Count of Aleramici, Knight Commander of the Order of the Evening Star, Knight Commander of the Imperial Wensician Order.

Having been subjected to an accelerated series of courses during his school years, Prince Faykan has completed his prerequisite courses at the Grand Collegium and has been personally taught advanced chemistry, engineering, mathematics and several other courses under the tutelage of Varnius Lord Acilida, one of his father's Lords Paramount.

He and his wife, Juliana were wed on 23 April 7577, in the Peacock Hall of Veneziano Palace in Cedelphia. On 15 February 7578, he and Juliana gave Emperor Cephorus his first grandchild, a boy, named Torian Luciano Alexandros, himself a prince imperial thanks to his father's place in the succession. The day of his birth, the Emperor was the third person to hold him, after his mother and father. As he held the baby in his arms, the Emperor was quoted as saying, "And so here you are, little one...the newest of our blood...welcome, my grandchild...welcome. Know your Grandsire loves you, now and always."

Prince Faykan and his wife would have a second child, also a son, on 6 April 7579, named Cassus Bartolomeo Alexandros.

The Prince Imperial has already earned a name for himself as an accomplished blade fighter and mixed martial artist, having competed in numerous bouts employing both combat styles. He is an expert in the forms of Via Vesica and also is an accomplished sniper-marksman. He is committed to service with the Imperial Army and holds the rank of colonel as of 1.1.7580.

Tall and wiry, with raven hair and dark brown eyes, he is said to be the spitting image of his father. He is known for being charismatic and soft-spoken, fond of books and an avid hunter. Like his father, he can be broody and distant from all but his closest friends and family, but he is fiercely proud of his Janessari heritage and is very protective of his younger siblings. Little can be said for what his future may hold, but those in the know say his father intends to make good use of his natural talents for a variety of needs.


  • Legum Dominus - Master of Law, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Salutatorian, Veneratio Scientia
  • Knight Commander of the Imperial Wensician Order


  • Knight Commander of the Order of the Evening Star
  • Phalera I (1x)
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera IV (2x)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge


  • He stands 6'5" (1.95m) tall.
  • As Crown Prince, he is accompanied by four Red Guard everywhere he goes, though they are never in formal uniform. While the crown prince is seldom alone, there has been virtually no evidence to suggest what four individuals accompanying him are the Tentenal protecting his person. What is rumored is they are four of the Emperor's most dangerous and experienced outside of the Shield.
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