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Situated at the pinnacle of the Imperial Curia of the Auresian Empire, the First Minister’s Office - in Auresian Ufficio del Primo Ministro - is the agency charged with the coordination of the affairs of state and daily business of the Realm within the Curia. Its focus is on being the mechanism through which the First Minister exerts oversight of government affairs according to the commands of the Dynast Sovereign.

Under the reign of Cephorus IV, the FMO is led by Lord Paramount Hieronymus Barsavi LP, in his capacity as First Minister.

The FMO is headquartered in Albarella Palace on Sevriona Hill in the Five Hills District in Cedelphia.

    Curia Imperiale   
The Crown The Dynast Sovereign, Privy Council, Privy Secretariat, List of Dynast Sovereigns
Executive First Minister’s Office (Bureau of the Civil Service, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Bureau of Internal Affairs, Bureau of Correspondence)
Legislature Imperial Parliament ( House of Lords, House of Delegates)
Judiciary Supreme Court
Ministries Foreign Office, War Office, Home Office, Finance, Commerce, Health & Welfare, Transport, Works & Infrastructure
State Administrations General Post Administration, Imperial Archives & Records Administration, Imperial Customs & Excise Administration, Imperial Public Health Administration, Imperial Statistical Administration, Strategic Research & Development Administration
Crown Corporations Auresian Broadcasting Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Auresia, Imperial Oil & Gas, Savings & Investment Auresia, Transport Auresia
Related Subjects Government Structure, Foreign Relations, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Farinacci
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