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The Foreign Office of Auresia - Ufficio Affari Esteri - is the branch of the Imperial Curia of Auresia responsible for dealing with foreign affairs, representing the Empire and the interests of the Sovereign to the other nations of the world. It likewise oversees the administrations of the Empire's colonial holdings. The Office also oversees the Empire's signals and foreign intelligence services.



The ministry is led by an officer known as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, referred to properly as "His Majesty's Minister of State for the Foreign Ministry". This individual serves as the chief diplomat of the Empire. The current minister is Thelonius Lord Facta, Count of Marsato.

The Ministry employs approximately 2,409 people as 1.1.7579.


The Foreign Office consists of the following subordinate agencies -

  • Department of Diplomatic Security

The security arm of the Office, this agency is responsible for providing protective services to Imperial diplomats and their staffs, both domestically and abroad. As part of its mandate, the agency also safeguards foreign dignitaries, advises Imperial ambassadors on security matters, and manages security programs for international events. Whenever necessary or required, it pursues these objectives in cooperation with Imperial and foreign law enforcement agencies. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Security.

  • Department of Information & Research

Acting as the Foreign Office's in-house research unit, this bureau is responsible for studying subjects of interest or concern, with the aim of providing the other agencies within the Office up-to-date reports on local matters. This work allows the diplomatic, consular, and colonial services to prepare more appropriate responses to issues as they arise, or to better prepare for situations they may be going into. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Information & Research.

  • Department of Protocol

The agency is responsible for several duties, including arranging itineraries for foreign dignitaries visiting the Empire, advising Imperial personnel on diplomatic protocols, accrediting foreign diplomats, publishing the list of foreign consular offices in the Empire, organizing ceremonies for treaty signings, conducting ambassadorial swearing-in and state arrival ceremonies, and maintaining the official guest residences used for state visitors. The chief of the Bureau will accompany the Dynast Sovereign or First Minister whenever they travel abroad. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Protocol.

  • Colonial Service

One of the three main arms of the Foreign Office, this agency manages colonial affairs in the Empire's overseas holdings. It is from this branch that the governors-general and local leadership will receive specific instructions from Imperial authorities when required. Similarly, it is responsible for coordinating the fulfillment of any critical needs any of the colonies may require. It's operations are broken into northern, eastern, western, and southern affairs sections. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Colonial Services.

  • Consular Service

The second of the three main arms of the Foreign Office, this agency manages a wide range of services specifically available to Auresian citizens traveling abroad. Through branch offices established in the major cities of nations with which the Empire maintains relations, the Service acts as a local point from which Auresian citizens may receive Imperial assistance with matters beyond their capability. This can include issues with passports or travel permits, support with some minor criminal issues, citizens dying or being robbed while abroad, and also issuing travel advisories and providing special information with regards to specific destinations. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Services. They serve as the top consular officer in the Empire.

  • Diplomatic Service

The third of the three main arms of the Foreign Office, often times called the "primary arm", this agency is responsible for the maintenance of Auresian diplomatic initiatives around the world. Its personnel represent the Empire and its interests to foreign powers, and serve as the primary point of contact between those nations and the Curia. Its operations are separated into eight divisions, each one responsible for all diplomatic matters within a single continental area. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Services. They serve as the number two diplomat in the Empire.

  • National Communications Service

This branch of the ministry, overseen by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Communications, is responsible for handling all government communications activities as well as its signals intelligence operations. It is responsible for multiple aspects of Imperial security protocols, including radio call signs and codes, as well as the protocols for regular government and military communications.

  • Secret Intelligence Service

This agency, directed by the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Intelligence, is the direct foreign intelligence service of the Empire. Its conducts analysis and review of foreign states and organizations of note or concern, and undertakes efforts to avert hostile foreign intent against the Empire and its citizens through subtle and secretive means.


Diplomatic Service

  • Ambassadors Resident
    • Senior Ambassador
    • Ambassador
  • Counselors Resident
    • Senior Counselor
    • Counselor
  • Secretaries of Mission (Embassies & Legations)
    • Senior Secretary
    • Secretary

Consular Service

  • Consul General
  • Consul
  • Vice Consul

+ Officers of this rank are appointed by, and answer only to, the Dynast Sovereign. They are selected from among senior, accomplished diplomats, and still hold the full status accorded that of a senior ambassador. While they are no longer part of the regular Diplomatic Service, their presence in a foreign nation is supported by the staff of the embassy, is still equivalent of having a senior ambassador assigned, and they have full authority to use the faculties of the Diplomatic Service.

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