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{{Person Infobox |
{{Person Infobox |
person_name = Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten |
person_name = Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten |
person_image = xxx
person_image = Matsdotter.jpg
birth_date = xxx |
birth_date = xxx |
birth_place = Lårsten mansion, [[Friställen]] |
birth_place = Lårsten mansion, [[Friställen]] |

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Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten
[[Image:Matsdotter.jpg birth_date = xxx|210 px|Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten]]
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Lårsten mansion, Friställen
Occupation Government official

First Chancellor
In office
7579 - Present
Preceded by Iodhann Persson Ödebo
Succeeded by incumbent

Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten is the current First Chancellor of Vittmark and as such the executive leader of the Second Cabinet of Vittmark. Frania av Lårsten was born at an estate in the border region between Kulla and Friställen, an estate her family had been rewarded as compensation for the stim's services in the army of the last emperor of the Greater Stoldavic Empire.

She entered federal politics in the Provisional Council of Vittmark in 7567, having been suggested as Secretary of State Development by Alf Ruvertsson who had met her at Östvallen's university. She immediately got along with Queen Anna, which secured her a position as Chancellor of Federal Affairs in 7568. In that role, she guided Fjällsta Stift, Sörmark and Fisks into the federation. She also played a pivotal role in the formulation of the new constitution in 7573, which resulted in the formation of the member states of Kletudde and Kram.

She therefore retained her position in 7574 when the Provisional Government of Vittmark was turned into the First Cabinet of Vittmark. She was one of the first government officials to visit the Kakuri people, which made her an advocate for their status within Vittmark. When Iodhann Persson Ödebo stepped down in 7579, the federal parliament appointed her to form a second cabinet, of which she became First Chancellor.

Frania av Lårsten is known to be a rather pragmatic politician, which is reflected by the fact that she is not affiliated with any political movement in Vittmark. She is however regarded as a Loyalist.

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