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The General Post Administration - in Auresian Amministrazione Postale Generale - is the agency responsible for maintaining the public mail network of Auresia. It has been in operation in one form or another for over a thousand years. It is an independent State Administration of the Imperial Curia. Its acronym is APG.



The APG is one of the best-known services of the Imperial Curia, as it can reach even to people in other nations. Intentionally lacking an elaborate structure and keeping its operations streamlined, the APG allows for some of the world's most affordable and reliable services.

The organization is managed at its top level by the Postmaster General.


The APG distributes mail via dedicated sorting centers that provide service to the prefectures and districts. Any letter or package being sent to a destination within the same district goes no higher than the district sorting center. If it is to another district of a prefecture, it goes to the prefectural sort center. Anywhere outside of the person's home prefecture, it goes first to their prefectural sort center before going to the sort center of the destination prefecture.

Auresian citizens and even foreign visitors can also visit any APG office to obtain a wide range of forms needed for various business. This includes the form required to apply for a passport, the form submitted annually when filing one's taxes, other forms needed for various applications or submissions. Every APG office also sells Imperial stamps, which come in books of twenty.



  • Letter, Domestic
    • ƒ0.02 - not over 5 oz
    • ƒ0.01 - each oz over 5 oz
  • Letter, Foreign
    • ƒ0.04 - not over 5 oz
    • ƒ0.02 - each oz over 5 oz
  • Letter, Registered
    • ƒ0.10 - not over 5 oz
    • ƒ0.15 - over 5 oz
    • ƒ0.20 - over 10 oz
    • ƒ0.05 - each oz past 10 oz
  • Postcard, Domestic - ƒ0.02
  • Postcard, Foreign - ƒ0.04


  • Domestic - ƒ0.25 per kilogram
  • Foreign - ƒ1.00 per kilogram


  • Telegram - ƒ0.10
  • Voxagram - ƒ1.00
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