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Hieronymus Severo Barsavi
Hieronymus Severo Barsavi
Official photograph.
Born 21 February 7537
Tuscani Palace, Duchy of Tuscani , Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Prime Minister of the Auresian Empire
Lord President of the Privy Council
In office
20 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by V. G. Todesco (3 April 7548 - 18 April 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Hieronymus Severo Lord Barsavi LL.M. LP GCG KGL GES OMM SS TC LH, 29th Duke of Tuscani is a Lord Paramount and senior adviser of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV. He is Prime Minister of the Auresian Empire (Primo Ministro dell'Impero Auresiano) and Lord President of the Privy Council (Presidente Signore del Consiglio Privato). In these capacities, he is head of the government and leader of the advisory council. He also is leader of the Conservative Party.

Alongside the Lord Privy Seal, Lord Humilio, he is one of the most powerful men in Auresia after the Emperor himself. Some observers have described him and Humilio, operating under the direction of the Dynast Sovereign, as part of the "Imperial Triad" which is the core of all political power in the Empire.



Hieronymus Barsavi was born at 2118 hours on the evening of the twenty-first day of February in the year 7537. His father is Gemlo and his mother Taya Barsavi, neé Elendria. They are the Count and Countess of Medici.

At five years Hieronymus was sent to the Veneratio Scientia for his general education. Like others of his station, he would take up training as expected of young aristocrats. His ten years were filled with courses in everything from elocution to jurisprudence, law, advanced mathematics, sciences and more. He and his Emperor have been lifelong friends, having met in school. Cephorus would later comment that it was his time studying and working with Barsavi, getting to know him well, that would encourage him to appoint the patrician to the post he now occupies. He received a Scarlet Letter for his work in legal theory, diplomatic theory, and military tactical theory.

Barsavi would later attend the Graziani College at the University of Gaaze through 7554 and 7555. He took courses in legal theory, jurisprudence, advanced legal discourse and other related topics. His focus was jurisprudence and law mediation. He achieved an associate degree in law in 7555. During his time here, he took his forms of training in Via Vesica - Way of the Blade - a blade-fighting tradition exclusive to the aristocrats of Auresia.

Barsavi joined the Military in September of 7555 and completed his general training in November 7555. He thereafter attended the Imperial War College in Bellucente and completed courses in operations, leadership, weapons & tactics, intelligence and numerous other interests required of Imperial officers between December of 7555 and December 7556. He simultaneously worked on his law mediation degree, completing his studies in August 7557 and earning his baccalaureus degree. He would go on to serve as a member of the Strategic Aeronautic Service. He remained there through the duration of his ten-year service term. He was involved in several actions during the Returner War and was injured twice, the final injury serious enough to pull him from fighting. Around the same time as his Emperor, he completed his legum magister studies and acquired his LL.M. from the University of Gaaze.


"Barsavi is a driven man and a master of innuendo and misdirection. Everything he does and says is calculated. His friends know who they are, and you are -not- one of his friends. He will attempt to trip you up, test your nature, get to the heart of who you are. Always take him seriously. And I mean always."

Lord Barsavi has built a solid reputation for being a power broker and mediator, capable of finding balance in issues where his colleagues and lessers may have no such luck. He has made a name for himself as a cunning diplomat and master of wordplay, and he will not deny that he is more than capable of - and has engaged in - manipulation of those who refuse to collaborate in order to get what he wants. He has made plain his willingness to maneuver matters however it takes to ensure the Empire's interests are protected. His hardball problem solving style has helped tighten the colonies up considerably. He likewise has demonstrated an exceptional talent for playing the various interest groups of both chambers of Parliament to maximum benefit, or to maintain balance in the legislature during particularly energetic sessions.

With the gradual introduction in the Empire of a more robust parliamentary process and the formation of political parties, Lord Barsavi has risen to become the first official leader of the Conservative Party, which currently holds the majority in the House of Delegates.

Private Life

Lord Barsavi has been married since 7 April 7555 to Romana Barsavi, nee Verdino, the middle of three children of a prominent nobleman and engineer who worked in the Ministry of Works & Infrastructure. They have four children together, who in turn have given them two grandchildren thus far. Hieronymus himself is the second oldest of five children, with a sister older and two sisters and a brother younger.

Awards & Decorations


  • Legum Magister - Professor of Law, Graziani College, University of Gaaze
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Phalera I (2x)
  • Phalera II (2x)
  • Phalera III (2x)


  • He stands 6'4" tall.
  • His blood type is O+.
  • He is an avid hunter and fisher.
  • He is a member of the Knights of Lumini.
  • His nickname is "H".
  • He is a member of the Janessari elite known as the Death Watch.
  • As Prime Minister, he is the only person after the Dynast Emperor himself, to have a key to all eight of the Curia dispatch boxes.
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