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The Home Office of Auresia - Ufficio Affari Interni - is the branch of the Imperial Curia of Auresia responsible for domestic intelligence, internal security, immigrations, customs and management of the penal system. It is sometimes referred to informally as State Security.



The organization is managed at its top level by the Minister of Home Affairs, referred to properly as "His Majesty's Minister of State for the Home Ministry". This post is currently held by Lord Eccari, Baron of Granadella, who served in a security and intelligence capacity for nearly fifteen years, having previously been a member of the Imperial Armed Forces in the Strategic Aeronautic Service. He is known for his blunt, methodical style, and is a respected senior official.

A branch of the Office is located in the main municipality of each prefecture, and offices in other major communities are common, though they will not be glaringly obvious as to what they are. Often times, they are guarded by a front facade that is usually the services of another government unit. Through these facilities, the Office maintains security at important locations and in monitoring those in the Empire suspect of illicit activity.

While there is little public awareness of the activities of the intelligence services, the Home Office is much more prevalent in terms of the people's knowledge. They may share no knowledge of its inner workings or activities, but they all know what the Home Office is and what they do. Largely through deliberate dissemination of facts and true stories via trusted second-hand sources, the Office has built a formidable public awareness reputation for efficiency and effectiveness.

The Ministry employs approximately 2,558 people as 1.1.7579.


The Home Office consists of the following subordinate agencies -

  • Department of Corrections

This agency is responsible for the custody of individuals who have violated Imperial law. It manages the Imperial prisons and is also responsible for carrying out all judicially ordered civilian executions. As of 1.1.7579, Imperial prisons hold 31,307 inmates. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Corrections.

  • Department of Criminal Investigations

The domestic intelligence and security agency of the Empire and its principle law enforcement agency. Its jurisdiction encompasses the entire Empire and all of its colonies. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Criminal Investigations.

  • Department of Identity & Passports

This agency is responsible for issuing the personal cards carried by all Imperial citizens age sixteen and older, which serves as a combination identification card and drivers license. It likewise issues special identification materials for specific jobs and certifications, and also issues Imperial passports. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Identity & Passports.

  • Department of Public Security

This agency coordinates and oversees the law enforcement services of the Empire. Various oversight, operations control, and support services are handled through this department. Similarly, State level law enforcement takes direction via the department. It is directed by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Public Security.

  • Department of Mental Hygiene

This agency is responsible for the custody of individuals with mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities, and other psychiatric disorders. It manages the Imperial asylums. As of 1.1.7579, Imperial asylums hold 1,288 individuals. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Mental Hygiene.

  • Department of Probation

This agency is responsible for the administration of probation and supervised release arrangements under Imperial law, and serves as part of the community corrections systems of the Home Office. This branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for Probation.

  • Imperial Auresian Coast Guard

The coastal defense and maritime law enforcement branch of the Imperial Armed Forces, and one of the Empire's five uniformed services. It is a maritime, military, multi-mission service with a maritime law enforcement mission with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters. Its status as an Imperial regulatory agency mission is part of its mission set. During wartime, the Coast Guard can be transferred to the authority of the War Office. While under the aegis of the Home Office, this branch is led by the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs for the Coast Guard. In wartime, this officer would become an assistant minister of war.

Status, Access & Clearance

Security Access

Security Access Levels determine the extensiveness and intensity of security enforcement and containment. This can range from enforcement levels in Curia complexes, prisons and government laboratories.

  • Security Three
  • Security Two
  • Security One

Security Clearance

Security Clearance Levels determine the level of access an individual has to sensitive operations and information. The clearance rating of information is the measure by which all accesses are determined. Every official in the Curia and the Imperial Military, as well as intelligence and internal security, are given a rating based on several factors, including length of service, dependability and performance as well as proven trustworthiness. The higher up this list one goes, the more extensive one's priority for access and movement, but similarly the rarer such access becomes.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Information Classification

All information in Auresia that is handled by the Curia is rated one of five ways, and dictates its C&A - Clearance & Access - rating within the ranks of government and military operations. This classification is the primary benchmark by which one may gauge the difficulty one would have in acquiring specific information.

  • Above Top Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Secret
  • Confidential
  • Unclassified

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