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The Coronation of Cephorus II.

The House of Alexandros is the dynastic imperial family that has ruled Auresia with absolute power since 7109 as the VI Dynasty of the Imperial House. Since their ascension, their lineage has comprised twelve occupants of the Golden Lion Throne.


The Dynast Emperor and his family call Veneziano Palace in Cedelphia their primary residence. They also own the private estates at Ascoranto, Galona, Casolerno, Oretini, and Livovoli. The Dynast Sovereign also personally owns the small island cluster known as the Gallinara off the northern shores of Auresia. Thanks to its centuries of investment and support of a wide range of businesses and interests, both foreign and domestic, the family is also known to be one of the two or three singularly wealthiest in the world.

The House has the professional protection and service of the dedicated terror troops of the Tentenal and are the sources of sovereign authority for the chivalric orders of the Empire. Because of the fanatical loyalty and fierce skill of the Tentenal, the Emperor wields additional power guarded by their ferocious dedication to his life and service. The Imperial House is additionally provided more regular, subtle security by the professional officers of the Home Office.


The line began in 7109 when Cephorus III became Dynast Sovereign. It has continued to currentday, and is presently led by Cephorus IV, the reigning and Sixty-Fifth Dynast Emperor. While the family gives its children names influenced by the Auresian traditions, they primarily give names which are deeply rooted in the Janessari language, often with meanings beyond what most may know of the warrior culture.

    The Imperial House   
History & Traditions HM The Dynast Emperor, List of Dynast Sovereigns, The Doom Bell
Living Members HM TDE Cephorus IV, HIH PI Emthoro, HIH PI Jerec, HIH PI Soontir, HIH PI Faykan, HIH PI Elrood, HIH PI Margani, HIH PI Eddara, HM DE Aquiala
Deceased Members Cephorus Maximus, Wensicia Maxima, Emthoro IV, Willem II, Emshandar III
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