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Symbol of AIDE.

The Imperial Customs & Revenue Administration - in Auresian Amministrazione Imperiale delle Dogane e delle Entrate - is the independent branch of the Imperial Curia of the Auresian Empire responsible for the collection of import/export and tariff revenues, protecting the Imperial economy from smuggling and illegal goods, and processing people and goods at ports of entry.

AIDE customs agents maintain a presence at every port, railway station, and aerodrome in the Empire. Offices for taxation and revenue also exist in every major city and in each prefectural capital. The organization is headquartered in Cedelphia. Its Auresian acronym is AIDE.




AIDE was formed from a merger of two previous organizations - the Trade Tariff Service and the Customs Service - in the reorganization of 7500 by order of Dynast Emperor Willem II.


AIDE exists to defend the commerce of the Empire, to enforce the codes for imports and exports, levy and collect tariffs when and where required, and to ensure the safe flow of goods and people within the Empire's territories. Its agents maintain and oversee the points of entry for all international travel, and are responsible for the management of all international travel regulation.


AIDE maintains a reputation for efficiency and strict observation of the Imperial Code. Violations are firmly dealt with, and while agents are courteous and willing to accommodate reasonable requests or limitations, they have no tolerance for people who attempt to play on sympathy or claim ignorance. Such individuals will be reminded - politely, but firmly - that Imperial Law has no provisions for sympathetic interpretation, nor does ignorance of the law excuse the violator.





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