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The Imperial Statistical Administration - in Auresian Amministrazione Statistica Imperiale - is the independent branch of the Imperial Curia of the Auresian Empire responsible for compiling, analyzing, and reporting on all necessary statistics monitored and utilised by the Empire.

The organization is headquartered in Cedelphia. Its Auresian acronym is ASI.




The ASI was created in 7552 by order of Dynast Emperor Emshandar III, with the intent of unifying the statistical monitoring agencies of the Curia within a single entity. In this order, two agencies of the Ministry of Commerce, one of the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and another from the Foreign Office were unified. Since its creation, the ASI has been the sole responsible authority for collecting, analysing, and reporting the numbers when and where required for the functions of other ministries and administrations.


The ASI is responsible for maintaining the collection, analysis, publication and distribution of state statistics. This includes data on economic activity, finance and investments, imports and exports, travel, purchasing trends, construction, and production, as well as social and population statistics. It is likewise responsible for carrying out the decennial census.


ASI has gained a reputation for being a "hub of mind-numbing levels of numbers and data, painstakingly layered into carefully prepared reports which are provided on demand or requirement to the Curia for its myriad facets of decision making". The personnel who work under the aegis of the administration are required to have specific levels of education and experience in the relevant usage of the metrics the organisation uses on a daily basis.


ASI is separated into several divisions. They each cover a particular general category of the administration's work - census, economic, industrial, and social. Within each of these are numerous specialised teams who focus on specific facets of the statistical picture of the Empire and her colonies.


ASI is headquartered in the Hall of Statistics in the Montessari District of Cedelphia.

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