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* #3 - Sanctuary of the Exemplar Margherita
* #3 - Sanctuary of the Exemplar Margherita
* #4 - Ferona Ruins
* #4 - Ferona Ruins
* #5 - ''Anello dell'Isola''' (Ring of the Isle)
* #5 - ''Anello dell'Isola'' (Ring of the Isle)
* #6 - Burning Well at Benigrono
* #6 - Burning Well at Benigrono
* #7 - Anapoli Castle Ruin
* #7 - Anapoli Castle Ruin

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Map of the island.
Galinara from the mainland.

The Isle of Galinara - known among locals simply as Galinara - is an island of the Great Banks, an area along the northern shores of Auresia. It is the largest of the islands in the region, and is a hub of tourism and recreational boating. It is a part of Dardania Prefecture.



Galinara has an area of 108 square miles (280 square kilometers). It’s two highest points are Mount Fasenza, standing 1,528 feet (465.7 meters) above sea level, and Mount Civitazzo, standing 861 feet (262.4 meters) above sea level. The island has one town - Ampelotana - and three villages - Benesaro, Marapoli, and Trevidicci - giving the island a year-round population of 8,615. An estimated 200,000 tourists visit the island annually. The most popular attraction is the Valavorna Forest, a protected forest and park that covers nearly half of the island.

Two features of the Isle make it well-known - it is the site of the annual Ampelotana Week regatta that has taken place every August for nearly 100 years, and it is the site of the Imperial estate at Portivorno. A private estate of the House of Alexandros for over three centuries, the house is a favorite of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV and he spends the remainder of winter following Winterfest there, as well as several weeks in midsummer. The estate sits on the promontory of Gavoli Ridge, on the island’s southeastern shore, overlooking Vencoso Sound. A path from the estate leads to a private dock. Near the promontory of the ridge, at Gavoli Point itself, is a private cottage where the Dowager Empress stays during her visits. Perched atop Mount Fasenza is the Imperial Observatory, a private astronomy and research facility of the Dynast Emperor.

Galinara is a popular destination for conservationists and wildlife afficionados. The island and its waters are home to a considerable range of fauna; 19 different species of freshwater fish, 45 species of terrestrial mammals, 12 species of marine mammals, 17 species of amphibians, five species of reptiles, and 311 species of birds have been recorded.

Settlements & Points of Interest

Portivorno Estate

A private estate of the Imperial Family, and the personal property of the Dynast Sovereign, the estate was established in 7280 by Emperor Willem. The original house was only a third the size of the current one. The estate was originally dedicated to the Emperor's love for hunting, and it was not until the reign of Willem II that the current house was built, with construction starting in 7493 and completing in 7498, just two months before the onset of the Pan-Anarian War. During the PAW, several of the younger members of the Imperial family were sent here, ensuring they remained far from the front.

The house is a favorite of Emperor Cephorus IV, who stays there from the end of Winterfest every year, always departing from the capital at the conclusion of the Neo Annum celebrations on 1 January, and returning on 1 March. He and his wife are also in residence from 1 June until 31 July.

Portivorno House itself is three floors, and encompasses 12,500 square feet (1,161 square meters) of floor space. There are apartments in the house for the Dynast Sovereign and his wife, rooms for up to ten guest couples, the Sovereign's private library and study, commons area, a game room, and other spaces for entertaining and relaxation. The house sits on 500 acres (202.34 hectares) of land. Because the estate is private, tours are not permitted.


The main settlement on the Isle, located on its northeastern coast, and its only town. Galinara's main port is located here, and is the site of the annual Ampelotana Week Regatta. The town is also the home of the prominent restaurant L'Otto Piatti, or "The Eight Plates" in Hallish. The restaurant serves a wide range of the finest Auresian cuisine, and holds numerous high reviews from among the elite of international society, who frequent the establishment during regatta week and the tourism season. Additionally, epicureans visit the establishment throughout the year to enjoy its offerings. Ampelotana has a population (as of 1.1.7580) of 4,235.


The smallest of the three villages on the Isle, located on its central western coast. The village is a quiet place, with an economy centered around fishing and small scale timber production. There is also a private geological laboratory located in the village that employs about 100 people. Benesaro has a population (as of 1.1.7580) of 1,057.

Fasenza Observatory

Located atop Mount Fasenza on the southern shore of Lake Pretini, the Fasenza Imperial Observatory is a private astronomical and research laboratory of Dynast Sovereign Cephorus IV. The building contains the observatory itself, a laboratory, a small library, and the Sovereign's private study and lounge. There is also a small dining room and kitchen should he wish to take meals there during the course of a visit. The observatory was constructed in the latter half of the reign of the Sovereign's grandfather, Emshandar III, who was himself an astronomy enthusiast. His grandson has continued this pursuit as a personal interest, and his time here has produced nine research papers on various subjects of interest in astronomy.

Limited tours of the grounds of the Fasenza Observatory are permitted only when the Dynast Sovereign is not in residence at Portivorno House.


The second largest settlement on the Isle, and the largest of its three villages, located along the island's southern coast. It is the nearest settlement of the Isle to the mainland, and the main road of the Isle, known as the Anello dell'Isola ("Ring of the Isle" in Hallish) passes through the village and links up to the Coreggio Bridge, which links the Isle to the mainland and the M-3 highway in Dardania, which one can take southeast to Bellucente. Marapoli has a population (as of 1.1.7580) of 1,814.


The third largest settlement on the Isle, and the second largest of its three villages, located on the southeastern coast. It is the closest settlement to the Portivorno Estate, with the southern access road to the estate leading out of the northeastern section of the village. Trevidicci has a population (as of 1.1.7580) of 1,509.

Natural Features

Alamandra Islands

A cluster of small islands located off the northwestern coast of the Isle proper, most of which are limestone karsks, few of them larger than a few dozen square meters on their top surface. The area is popular for fishing and small boats, but form a protected area of the Isle where large scale fishing or other industry is forbidden.

Ampelargos Bay

Situated northwest of Ampelotana, bordered by the Livoneo Coast in the west and the Big and Little Ampera Islands in the east, this quiet area is popular with swimmers and small boats, and on odd-numbered years is used as a loop in the main regatta race.

Mount Civitazzo

The shorter of the two mountains on the Isle, rising 861 feet (262.4 meters) above sea level. It is located in the area east of the village of Benesaro and west of the lower portion of Lesser Ravinoli. An observation point is located at the pinnacle, from which sightseers can view the Ravinoli lakes, Pesalmo, Benesaro, and even the Alamandra Islands and Bicessari Coast through a lens of sufficient strength.

Gavoli Point

A natural ridge that runs along the southeastern coast of the Isle, northwest of Trevidicci and southeast of Valavorna Forest Park. It rises gradually from near southern Lake Pretini to a crest of nearly 290 feet high along its southeastern periphery. Perched atop the highest section of the Ridge is the Portivorno Estate.

Mount Fasenza

Located near the geographic heart of the Isle, rising 1,528 feet (465.7 meters) above sea level, Mount Fasenza is visible from any point on the Isle and is its most distinctive geographic feature. The entire mountain is part of the Valavorna Forest Park, and as such the lands along its slopes are protected from any and all activity aside from hiking and tourism, with hunting allowed during strictly regulated periods of the year. The top of the mountain is the site of Lake Pretini, the smallest of the three interior lakes of the Isle, as well as the Fasenza Observatory, a private astronomical observatory and research laboratory of the Dynast Sovereign.

Lake Lamaria

The northern, and larger, of the twin interior lakes of the Isle, Lamaria is home to a bounty of freshwater fish and a favorite area for several of the amphibian and lizard species that call the Isle home. A small natural inlet drains from its norrthwestern shore into a smaller lake a short distance to the west known as Little Lamaria. It is nearest to the town of Ampelotana, and visitors to the Isle come here for freshwater fishing, small craft boating, and diving. Because the lake is in the heart of the Valavorna Forest Park, it is a protected environment, and absolutely no industry of any kind is permitted. Additionally, visitors who come to fish are only permitted a certain number of catches.

Livoneo Point

The highest spot along the Livoneo Ridge which runs along part of the Isle's northern coast, this area marks the northern boundary of Valavorna Forest Park and is the site of several hiking trails which tourists and nature enthusiasts frequently enjoy. One of the best-known features on the Point is the Livoneo Point Head Light, the only lighthouse on the Isle.

Lake Pretini

Filling the basin atop Mount Fasenza, with a waterfall that empties into Lake Lamaria 1,528 feet below and to the north, Pretini is the smallest of the three interior lakes of the Isle. Because of its location, it is private property, included in the grounds of the Fasenza Observatory, which is itself a part of the Portivorno Estate. During regular periods, it is patrolled by officers of the Imperial Foresters, but whenever the Dynast Sovereign is in residence at Portivorno, the Foresters make way for the personnel of the Tentenal.

Lake Ravinola

The largest of the interior lakes of the Isle, running the majority of its north-south axis and forming the western boundary of Valavorna Forest Park, Ravinola covers 31 square miles (80.2 square kilometers) of the Isle, and is a popular destination for small scale boaters, hikers, and diving enthusiasts. The two halves of the lake - Greater Ravinola to the east and Lesser Ravinola to the west, are separated along the majority of their shared boundary by the Pesalmo Isthmus, along which the Anello dell'Isola runs the western north-south portion of its circuit.

Savoseto Island

The largest of the two small islands located off the southeastern coast of the Isle itself, Savoseto is the site of one of the oldest Orkanan chapels in the Dardania area, a pilgrimage site known as the Sanctuary of the Exemplar Margherita. It is one of the Nine Sacred Shrines. This 1,000-year-old chapel continues to draw Orkanan pilgrims who come to visit the chapel. The only other structures on the island, aside from the caretaker's cottage, are a stone well believed to have been originally built when the island was the site of a small village, and a stone pavilion that is at least 400 years old. The entire island is a protected site.

Valavorna Forest Park

The single largest feature of the Isle, covering approximately 57% of its land area, Valavorna is a protected site, maintained by the Imperial Foresters. Absolutely no industry of any kind is permitted within the forest park, which spreads out over 59.85 square miles (155 square kilometers). Residents and tourists alike may walk or drive the park along its 57 miles (91.7 kilometers) of carriage roads. The southern third of the forest park encompasses Mount Fasenza, with the carriage roads ringing its base. Within the park, the vast majority of the fauna which call the Isle home can be observed and photographed. Strict laws prohibit the killing or capture of any of the animals, with sole exceptions being granted for if a culling is required should animal populations become seriously imbalanced, and during strictly regulated hunting seasons, during which hunters are permitted only one beast per hunt per week.

Vencoso Sound

Situated in the triangle between the village of Marapoli to the southwest, Trevidicci to the northeast, and Savoseto Island to the southeast, Vencoso is a serene body of water that grants access northward to the eastern half of the largest of the interior lakes of the Isle, Lake Ravinola. Small scale boating is permitted in this area.

Unique Sites

There are twelve unique sites of interest located on the Isle. They are marked on the above map by pale red numbers. The sites are -

  • #1 - Livoneo Point Head Light
  • #2 - Amperini Cove
  • #3 - Sanctuary of the Exemplar Margherita
  • #4 - Ferona Ruins
  • #5 - Anello dell'Isola (Ring of the Isle)
  • #6 - Burning Well at Benigrono
  • #7 - Anapoli Castle Ruin
  • #8 - Fasenza Observatory
  • #9 - Coreggio Bridge
  • #10 - Valavorna Campgrounds
  • #11 - Savollino Resort
  • #12 - Buco del Tuono (Thunder Hole)
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