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Father = HIH Prince Imperial [[Margani C. Alexandros | Margani Cosandrus]] |
Father = HIH Prince Imperial [[Margani C. Alexandros | Margani Cosandrus]] |
Mother = HIH Princess [[Eddara L. Alexandros | Eddara Lenora]] |
Mother = HIH Princess [[Eddara L. Alexandros | Eddara Lenora]] |
Religion = [[Lazarianism | Church of Lazarian]]|
Religion = [[Lazarian Orkanan]]|

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Jerec, Prince Imperial
Jerec, Prince Imperial
Photograph 7574
Duke of Galona
Tenure 25 April 7567 - present
Born 12 January 7541
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresia
Spouse HIH Princess Rinora
Issue Toran Provario (s)
Caius Marcus (s)
Galen Cosandrus (s)
Severia Magia (d)
Full Name Jerec Halaster Rex Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father HIH Prince Imperial Margani Cosandrus
Mother HIH Princess Eddara Lenora
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Jerec, Prince Imperial - properly Jerec Halaster Rex Lord Alexandros LL.D. KGL GES OMM SS KC is the Duke of Galona and middle of the three younger siblings of Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. He is presently a member of Military High Command.

In formal address, or in formal print, his full style is His Imperial Highness Admiral of the Fleet Jerec Halaster Rex, Lord Alexandros, Prince Imperial, Duke of Galona, Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star, Order of Merit (Military Division), Order of the Scarlet Sash, Order of the Knight's Cross.



Prince Imperial Jerec Halaster was born at precisely 1449 hours on the afternoon of the twelfth day of January in the year 7542. His father is Prince Margani Alexandros, third of the five children of then-Emperor Emshandar III. His mother is Princess Eddara Alexandros, neé Sardi, the youngest daughter of old Filipe Sardi, a respected provincial executive, tribune and nobleman. He would inherit his father's raven hair but his mother's pale eyes. He would inherit his looks from his maternal grandfather. His brothers all call him "Jer", and in joking, "Jer Bear".

Jerec was educated at the Veneratio Scientia alongside his brothers. He received "O" levels in all his courses and was a valedictorian of his graduating class. His training at the Grand Collegium specialized in law and legal studies.

Prince Jerec joined the Imperial Armed Forces in 7559. He spent his first two years of service as a tactical officer before spending three years with military intelligence. Though he did not enter service in time to participate in the Returner War, he was part of several operations in the Colonies and on one occasion against Rundeen pirates harassing the mining operations of Ephesus. During an engagement there, he was badly wounded by Rundeen bullets and nearly died from blood loss.

When he made tribune, he went on to lead Task Force Aster, assigned as the alert response force in the event of a military emergency in Vittmark. His time as a groundnaut, combined with his years of argonaut service have granted him considerable expertise in both fields, and have earned him the respect of many senior officers with whom he has served, and has also made him a leading naval tactician in the Imperial Armed Forces. On 28 May 7571 he was promoted by Imperial order to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet and placed on the General Staff of Military High Command. This move has classified his service record Above Top Secret.

Private Life

Jerec has been married since his 19th birthday to his secondary school love Rinora Oporano. They have three sons and a daughter together.

Awards & Decorations


  • Legus Dominus - Master of Law, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star
  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Armilla Imperiosus
    • Order of the Knight's Cross
    • Order of the Scarlet Sash
  • Phalera I (1x)
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera III (1x)
  • Phalera IV (2x)
  • Imperial Star II
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Master Sniper Badge
  • Weapons Master Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • He stands 6'3" tall.
  • His blood type is O+.
  • He is an avid violin player, and has performed with the Imperial Philharmonic.
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