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Juliana of Anisora
Princess Imperial of Auresia
Princess of Arginium
Duchess of Oretini
Countess of Aleramici
Juliana of AnisoraPrincess Imperial of Auresia Princess of ArginiumDuchess of OretiniCountess of Aleramici
Official photograph, 7575
Princess Imperial of Auresia
Tenure 23 April 7577 - present
Born 12 September 7556
Colombera Palace, Pena, Anisora
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse Faykan, Prince Imperial of Auresia (m. 7577)
Issue Torian Luciano (s)
Cassus Bartolomeo (s)
Full Name Mariella Juliana Alexandros-Decus
House Decus
Father Marius III of Anisora
Mother Avrona Lassinia of Auresia
Religion Lazarian Orkanan
(born Peratolian Orkanan)

Juliana of Anisora (Mariella Juliana Decus-Alexandros born 12 September 7556) is a Princess Imperial of Auresia as the wife of Prince Imperial Faykan, the Crown Prince. She is the fifth child of the Anisoran Emperor Marius III and Empress-consort Avrona Lassinia of Auresia as well as a granddaughter of Anisoran Emperor Titus II and the late Prince Imperial Aulus of Auresia. At the age of nineteen she was chosen, over her elder sister Princess Victoria, to be the future wife of the Auresian heir and on 23 April 7577 the couple married in Cedelphia, Auresia.

As the wife of the heir apparent, she holds the titles Princess of Arginium, Duchess of Oretini, and Countess of Aleramici.


Early life and education

Princess Mariella Juliana Decus, or 'Ana' as she is known by her immediate family, was born on 12 September 7556 at Colombera Palace in Pena, Anisora. She is the fifth child and the third daughter of Emperor Marius III and Empress-consort Avrona Lassinia. At the time of her birth she was fifth in line to the throne of Anisora, but with the birth of her younger brother Prince Alberto in 7559 she now stands sixth in the Anisoran line of succession.

Princess Juliana attended the prestigious Exemplar Silvia Academy for Girls in Valmoresca where, according to her schoolmasters, she applied herself well to most subjects but took a special interest in theology and philosophy from a young age. She went on in 7574 to study philosophy at Casandrino College, University of Peradotto. She achieved a first-class bachelor of arts degree from the University and has shown interest in pursuing her study of philosophy further in Auresia. She has since gained a reputation as having a brilliant, inquiring mind and someone who relentlessly questions everything around her. While still studying at Peradotto she was selected as the desired future wife of the Auresian Prince Imperial Faykan and was married very soon after the completion of her studies.


She and Faykan were wed on 23 April 7577, in the Peacock Hall of Veneziano Palace in Cedelphia. On 15 February 7578, she gave birth to Emperor Cephorus' first grandchild, a boy, named Torian Luciano Alexandros, himself a prince imperial thanks to his father's place in the succession. The day of his birth, the Emperor was the third person to hold him, after his mother and father. As he held the baby in his arms, the Emperor was quoted as saying, "And so here you are, little one...the newest of our blood...welcome, my grandchild...welcome. Know your Grandsire loves you, now and always."

Princess Juliana and Prince Faykan would have a second child, also a son, on 6 April 7579, who they named Cassus Bartolomeo Alexandros.

Since her marriage, Juliana has spent her time between Veneziano Palace and Oriensis Palace, where she has a staff of twelve who attend to all of her needs as she requires. As the wife of the heir apparent, she has the full protection of the Red Guard, and four of them accompany her wherever she goes, though their presence is unobtrusive, and it is never obvious who among her entourage they are.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and Styles

  • 12 September 7556 - 11 September 7574: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Juliana
  • 12 September 7574 - 22 April 7577: Her Imperial Highness The Countess of Lazanno
  • 23 April 7577 - present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Imperial, Duchess of Oriensis and Countess of Aleramici

The Princess' full style and title is as follows: Her Imperial Highness the Princess Imperial Juliana, Princess of Arginium, Duchess of Oriensis, Countess of Lazanno, Commander of the Imperial Wensician Order and Imperial Commander of the Most Illustrious Order of Colombera (Anisora)




8. Titus I of Anisora
4. Titus II of Anisora
9. Princess XX of XX
2. Marius III of Anisora
5. Princess XX of XX
1. Juliana Princess Imperial of Auresia
12. Emshandar III of Auresia
6. Prince Imperial Aulus Calvandrus of Auresia
13. Aquiala Alexandros of Auresia
3. Avrona Lassinia of Auresia
7. Princess Imperial Jenovia Seveccia Alexandros
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