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Arginium - formally the Kingdom of Arginium - was a predecessor state of the modern Auresian Empire. It controlled the territory of what is now modern, eastern Auresia, within Iconium, and was a member state of the confederation that was the First Empire, founded by Adamo the Great, which controlled Auresia from 4465 RH until 5093. Its capital was Epoxague.

In those days, the House of Accardo governed the lands of Arginium, and was locked in a civil war - known as the War of the Banners - against the House of Lamberto, which governed western Auresia. This conflict lasted from the death of Adamo the Great's grandson, Arlo II, in 4698 until the betrayal of the house by the Lamberto of western Auresia in 5001. Ultimately, the last of the line of the Accardo, Cephorus Accardo - who had been believed killed in a Janessari raid on Lutant - returned in 5090 as the leader of the Janessari, and used his armada to crush the Rundeen pirates threatening the land. He would go on to forge a stronger, more centrally governed state - the Second Empire - which was formed in 5093 and which continues to rule Auresia to this day.

The reigning Dynast Sovereign continues to hold the title of High King of Arginium, reflecting the legacy of the Imperial House. The crown prince of the Empire holds the title of Prince of Arginium

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