Lake Artania

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Lake Artania at Bellario.
Lake Artania at Predappio.

The area known as Lake Artania is a geographical feature of Auresia located in northwestern Dolcega Prefecture, where the Andrevea River empties from Dolcega Valley into the lake itself. As it has protected status, Lake Artania is restricted to light civilian boating traffic. The area is the northwestern portion of Dolcega Prefecture and, alongside the valley to its north, one of the wealthiest areas of all the Empire.

This area has four populated settlements. The largest is the town of Predappio (pop. 3,953), followed by Bellario (pop. 3,102), Serbelloni (pop. 2,461) and Carlotta(pop. 2,117). Like Dolcega, Lake Artania is a pictureqsue region of the Empire that is considered a "playground" for the elite of society. It has a high standard of living, and is known for the many small shops that offer hand-crafted jewelry, brass and copper work, precious stones, ceramics and a wide variety of fine spices and perfumes.

The entire region, along with Dolcega, is connected to the rest of the Empire via the Blue Line of the Imperial Rails. In the Lake Artania area, Bellario is the point of access for the line.

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