Leonardo H. Gervasius

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Leonardo Hennet Gervasius
Leonardo Hennet Gervasius

Born 18 January 7537
Serenno Palace, Duchy of Serenno, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Lord Paramount
In office
18 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by D. S. Lansel (7 August 7546 - 10 April 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Leonardo Hennet Lord Gervasius LP GES OMM SS TC is a Lord Paramount of the Imperium. As such, he is a senior advisor of the Dynast Emperor under the authority of Emperor Cephorus IV. He is also the noble Count of Tremini.



Leonardo Gervasius is the second of three children born into the old and honorable bloodline of the Serenno duchy that has seen diplomats, military commanders and even spies among its ranks. He was raised by his father Gavor and mother Sial Gervasius and his beloved paternal grandmother, the Dowager Duchess Kani Gervasius.

Upon reaching the age of five, Leonardo entered the Veneratio Scientia where he would take up the training of a young aristocrat. For the next ten years, he would study elocution, music, deportment, jurisprudence, literature, equitation, poetry, history, geography, constitutional law, theology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and philosophy, among other courses.

Leonardo received his regular education from the private tutors of the prestigious and private Veneratio Scientia in Cedelphia from 7544 to 7554. He received "O" levels in his final examinations and graduated with a top grade point. He earned a coveted Scarlet Letter for his efforts in legal discourse and case law.

After departure from the Veneratio, Leonardo attended Onesti College at the University of Gaaze until late 7555. Like his father and grandfather before him, he focused on law. He achieved an associate degree in fine music in August 7554. At this same time, he took his final form of training in Via Vesica - Way of the Blade - a blade-fighting tradition exclusive to the aristocrats of Auresia.

In late 7555, Leonardo joined the Military. He would continue his advanced education during his first three years of military service concurrent with his being advanced to officer rank. Also during this time, he took advanced marksmanship courses, leadership and tactics courses, as well as further training in survival, advanced hand-to-hand combat, and other officer-mandatory subjects.

Leonardo would spend just over ten years in the Military, rising to the rank of colonel by the time of outbreak of hostilities during the Returner conflict. As such, he is a veteran of the Returner War, having led troops at Belgadarion and Bone Pass under the overall command of Prince Imperial Cephorus Alexandros. He suffered shrapnel injuries from a grenade and shattered his leg in five places while helping recover survivors from an artillery blast that left a machine gun nest blown apart.

Emperor Cephorus IV chose Lord Gervasius to serve in his present post after having known him during his time in the Military. A capable officer and administrator, he was both a successful field officer and a manager and leader of troops in and out of combat situations. Lord Gervasius maintains a somber but good-humored style and is a popular and respected member of the Court. He is well-known for speaking his mind and never withholding his opinion on a matter.

Private Life

Lord Gervasius has been married since 11 April 7556 to Irulan Gervasius, nee Gennaro, whose father is an accomplished geologist. They have two sons and a daughter together.

Awards & Decorations


  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star


  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Order of the Scarlet Sash
  • Order of the Templar's Cross
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • He stands 6'3" tall.
  • His nickname is "Leo".
  • His blood type is O+.
  • He collects antique oil lamps and has an extensive collection at Serenno Palace.
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