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Below is a list of demonyms by country. A demonym is a name for a resident of a locality and is usually, though not always, derived from the name of the locality.

Country Demonym
Aedeland Aedelmen
Amberia Amberian
Anat Tahan Tahani
Anisora Anisoran
Atregona Atregonese (also: Atregonan [deprecated])
Becuvitatia Becuvitatian
Auresia Auresian
Cykeria Cykerian
Hayrand Hayrandese
Helreich Hellish
Ithrien Ithrieni
Penryn Penrish
Stachelort Stachelortan (also: Stachelorter)
Vittmark Vittrish (also: Vittish)
Yan Yan
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