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Lorenzo Vencarlo Nicovante
Lorenzo Vencarlo Nicovante

Born 21 June 7536
Valdoria Palace, Duchy of Valdoria, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Lord Paramount
In office
18 April 7567 - Present
Preceded by D. N. Cosades (16 September 7555 - 10 April 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Lorenzo Vencarlo Lord Nicovante LP GES SS KC is a Lord Paramount of the Imperium. As such, he is a senior advisor of the Dynast Emperor under the authority of Emperor Cephorus IV. He is also the noble Baron of Montevento.



Lorenzo Nicovante is the oldest of seven children born to Count Pallos and Countess Samara Nicovante. He is the descendant of the legendary Linel Nicovante, who served as one of the senior commanders of Emperor Cephorus I, who reorganized the new Imperial military according to his initial designs.

When he was 8 years old, young Lorenzo was in the Tavari limousine carrying his parents and paternal grandfather to Winterfest celebrations at the family estate just outside of the town of Minzence when an explosion caused the vehicle to careen off the road and into the ditch. The driver was killed by the impact, and Lorenzo and his mother both suffered broken bones, but aside from bumps, cuts, and scrapes, no other serious injuries were sustained.

It was later discovered by the investigations officers that the explosive had been manufactured by a sect of Orkanan separatists who had suffered extensive losses during the Pan-Anarian War at the hands of General Pallos Nicovante. Having been an Imperial Army ground commander during the conflict, Pallos had commanded the elite Ninth Groundnaut against Morenberger troops in the conflict. The Home Office managed to track movements and purchases back to the responsible parties, and seven arrests were made. In modern day, Lord Nicovante remains ambivalent on the assassination attempt against his father.

At five Lorenzo entered the Veneratio Scientia where he would take up the training of a young aristocrat. For the next ten years, he would study elocution, music, deportment, jurisprudence, literature, equitation, poetry, history, geography, constitutional law, theology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and philosophy, among other courses. He received "O" levels in his final examinations and graduated with a top grade point. He earned a coveted Scarlet Letter for his efforts in law and jurisprudence theory.

Lorenzo attended Vittorio Emanuele College at the University of Gaaze until late 7555. His studies focused on legal practice and its applications in bureaucracy, diplomacy and military operations. He graduated in August 7554. At this same time, he took his final form of training in Via Vesica - Way of the Blade - a blade-fighting tradition exclusive to the aristocrats of Auresia.

In mid-7555, Lorenzo joined the Imperial Armed Forces. He would continue his advanced education during his first three years of service as well as advanced courses in tactics and other officer-centered topics.

At the outbreak of the Returner War, Nicovante held the rank of Colonel and was leading the XIII Groundnaut, a front line infantry unit that was present at Bone Pass and Belgadarion. He was injured at Bone Pass by a bullet that shattered his shoulder while seeking cover against sniper fire. Despite this injury, he continued to oversee his troops until forced to relinquish to his executive officer when his blood loss brought him to the point of falling into unconsciousness.

In modern time, Lord Nicovante is likewise known for being a man that virtually any prominent powerbroker in the Curia can go to and find information on virtually any issue. Getting him to share said information, however, is the difficult part which makes him equally infamous. He is said to be one of those whom the Emperor regularly uses to disseminate information in a fashion that he wishes. Similarly, he is one the Twelve most connected to the Home Office and the foreign intelligence services.

Private Life

Lord Nicovante has been married since 3 April 7556 to Gessele Nicovante, nee Tavastani, whose father was a career military officer. They have three sons together.

Awards & Decorations


  • Dominus Lex - Master of Law, Vittorio Emanuele College, University of Gaaze
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star


  • Armilla Imperiosus
    • Order of the Scarlet Sash
    • Order of the Knight's Cross
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera III (1x)
  • Imperial Star II
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge


  • He stands 6'1" tall.
  • His nickame is "Renzo".
  • His blood type is A+.
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