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Luciano Cosimo Rambaldi
Luciano Cosimo Rambaldi
At Leptis Magna.
Born 19 August 7536
Portavira Palace, Duchy of Portavira, Auresian Empire
Occupation Government official

Lord Paramount
In office
25 July 7567 - Present
Preceded by T. S. Roncalli (22 January 7552 - 6 August 7567)
Succeeded by Incumbent

Luciano Cosimo Lord Rambaldi LP KGL GES OMM GCWO LH is a Lord Paramount of Auresia. As such, he is a senior advisor of the Dynast Emperor under the authority of Emperor Cephorus IV. He is also the Duke of Portavira, and as a consequence of his noble title, he is the head of the Royal House of Rambaldi.

He is the great-great-great grandson of Lord Paramount Luca Rambaldi, who was a member of the Privy Council during the reign of Dynast Emperor Emthoro IV, and a prominent player in the events of the Auresio-Anisoran War of 7395-7397. Luca went on after the war to become First Minister of the Imperium, serving in that capacity from December of 7397 until August of 7422, dying in 7444 at the age of 93.



Son of the Count of Milflor, young Luciano was surrounded from birth by law, business and high society. A wealthy family, the House of Rambaldi is active in law, industry and diplomacy. Among the investment holdings of the family is the weapons manufacturer Peretti Arms. While his father holds the peerage of Milflor, his paternal aunt held a different peerage within the same area, and left it to him at her death, lacking children to succeed to it.

Luciano was sent to the Veneratio Scientia at age five where he received the education of an aristocrat. He made friends with numerous men who he would later join in the Curia, several the year after he joined the school. He became a debate society member and would later become partner on annual pheasant hunting trips in falltime, a hobby he continues to date. After departure from the Veneratio, Luciano went to Oddone College at the University of Gaaze and spent two years there, acquiring his associates in mechanical engineering.

Once out of Gaaze, Luciano entered the Imperial Armed Forces and began his ten-year stint as a junior officer. He took tactics and advanced officer training at the Imperial War College in Bellucente and took a second year there as a tactical operations officer. He also was trained and certified as a combat sniper, a requirement of all tactical operations officers. He specialized in a variety of weapons and tactical areas and was assigned as a gunnery officer aboard the frigate Talona, spending his first three years there before being moved to the cruiser Greelant and becoming its weapons master. At least six months of his time aboard the Gregarno was spent as part of operations against Rundeen pirates terrorizing the Central Colonies.

During the Returner War, Luciano was reassigned to oversee the defenses and armaments of Fort Kodentha, the sole Auresian fortification near to the Glarus Valley region of Lavea. There, he managed troops and weaponry aimed at the eastern industrial region and had to handle daily skirmishes with enemy forces. He was responsible for the troops defending the fortress and similarly increasing its ability to hold off hostile action. Kodentha would become the sole serious engagement of the war where Auresian forces had to defend their position under siege, managing to hold off at least three divisions of Lavean troops until Fleet units could arrive to provide full-scale weapons support. He was wounded by shrapnel in an explosion when an armored vehicle he was covered behind exploded, and a large shard of durasteel lodged itself in his shoulder. Despite successful surgery to repair the damage, he suffers arthritis in that shoulder to this day, brought on prematurely by the damage done.

After being released from injury status, Rambaldi returned to command the grand cruiser Ziost Warden in a mission to carry the elite Lancer Squadron to a Rundeen compound that Intelligence had discovered concealed on the Apalis Coast, near Kassido. The commandos were under the leadership of Captain Severio Cozzolini, who would later become Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee. Slipping in under cover of darkness, Lancer Squadron was to find the POWs being held there - rumors of torture had been passed along - and neutralize any hostiles encountered. The ensuing strike resulted in a panic by the Rundeen, who fired off numerous rockets that struck and badly damaged the Ziost. Ultimately, the commandos were only able to get half of the POWs out before the airship lost altitude control and crashed into the compound, resulting in a massive fire forcing them to limit their returns to find more POWs. Rambaldi and a handful of officers and enlisted survived only because they had been in fire control, which had not exploded on impact due to the heavily armored construction of that part of the ship. Thanks to quick action on the pilot's part, the ship was lower to the ground and the core of the ship survived the impact. The Lancer Squadron commandos and survivors of the Ziost Warden became known in the service as the Ziost Remnant. The events had such an impact on the survivors, later-Admiral of the Fleet Cozzolini named his flagship the Ziost Shadow after it was commissioned.

Marshal Venchenzo, having anticipated trouble from the heavily-defended outpost, sent three ships along behind the Ziost as backup just in case that arrived the next day. With support from groundnauts they dropped, Lancer Squadron swept the island clean of Rundeen survivors and were able to bring home nearly 70% of the POWs. Ultimately, Rambaldi left the service after his ten-year stint with the rank of cololnel.

Leaving the military, Rambaldi spent the intervening years prior to being named Lord Paramount in charge of operations with the Ministry Police, carrying on with his tactical and weapons expertise by using them to coordinate the efforts of the national military police force. Having been in combat with at least two of the men who would later share the Empire's highest rank or would be among the Empire's highest-ranking officials, Rambaldi was known for his quiet intensity and his capacity to do whatever was needed to defend the Empire and its interests. Gifted of an open mind and considerable political acumen, he was reputed for his capacity to maneuver resources and assets to get a job done with minimal noise and drama. It was for these reasons and others more relative to their personal friendship that Emperor Cephorus IV chose him to sit as one of his advisers.

Lord Rambaldi is known to be an amicable and outgoing fellow. He is someone good at his job, and dedicated to it. He enjoys classical Auresian opera, is a capable player of the violin and enjoys wood carving. As he himself has put it, "I have an serious job, but I enjoy the lighter side of things."

Private Life

Lord Rambaldi has been married since 20 October 7555 to Kadi Rambaldi, nee Otturia. Her father is a retired railroad executive. They have two sons and two daughters together. Luciano is the youngest of three, with two brothers older than him.

Awards & Decorations


  • Dominus Apparata - Master of Mechanical Engineering, Oddone College, University of Gaaze
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Salutatorian, Veneratio Scientia
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Evening Star
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Wensician Order


  • Knight of the Golden Lion
  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Armilla Imperiosus
    • Order of the Legion of Honour
  • Phalera I (1x)
  • Phalera II (1x)
  • Phalera III (1x)
  • Phalera IV (2x)
  • Imperial Star I
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Sniper's Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Ten Year Service Badge
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