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The Häverist Commonhold of Mörenburg
Flag of Mörenburg  


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State Anthem yourinfo
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Where in the world is Mörenburg?
Parent Nation The Häverist Commonhold of Helland
Official language Stoldish
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Colony Founding Date April 22, 7554RH - Häverist Commonhold of Mörenburg
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Religion Orkanan
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 • Anführer
 • Direktor

Häverist Technocratic State
Matthias Reisenburg
Rudolf Steier

Capital Mörenburg
Administrative Divisions 5 Lände
Largest City Mörenburg
 • Total
 • % water

370,443 km² (TBD sq mi)

 • Total
 • Growth Rate
 • Density

TBD/km² (TBD/sq mi)

 • Total
 • GDP/capita
 • Growth Rate

260,584,215 ₲
18.37 ₲


The Commonwealth Energy Certificate (GEA)

Time Zones TBD
Trigraph MRB
Calling Code +7

Mörenburg is a Commonhold within the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth, and once an independent country before the events of the Häverist-Wolgos War. Located on the island of Stoldavia in Anaria, Mörenburg is bordered to the south by Helreich, to the east by the Gulf of Stoldavia, to the north by XXX, and to the west by Vittmark. Geographically, Mörenburg is located in the Reikland Basin surrounded by the Blue Mountains to the west and the Ostrand Mountains to the east.



Traditionally an Orkanan monarchy of deep ancestral roots, Mörenburg of today is one of contrast and change as it transitions into the Häverist Civilization. Since the Häverist-Wolgos War, Mörenburg has developed radically and significantly through investments of Helreich and other Commonholds of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth. The planned development of urbanates and agrinates throughout the countryside has shifted the economy to favor local orientated production and manufacturing along with connections to surrounding urbanates and agrinates. Under the guidance of the Häverist government, Mörenburg has seen growth unseen since the years before the Pan-Anarian War and has experienced a decade of peace and prosperity. Despite the positive changes within Mörenburg in the past decade, Mörenburg's religious institutions were radically changed with the removal of the monarch. As a traditional Orkanan society, Orkanan was led by the monarch, chosen by Vind to guide the nation; with no reigning monarch and a completely dismantled property ownership system, traditional Orkanan has been turned on its head. Property owners who held the reigns in pre-Häverist society were forced by the Häverists to share power with the non-property owning masses, a situation that has seen itself happen recently in Vittmark.

Ethnically, Mörenburg is dominated by the Stoldish Dölmer of the Reiklands, who inhabit the fertile basin north of Helreich. With this, the Dölmer of the Reiklands still maintain a society and nation of traditional Orkanan belief with more similarities to the Dölmer culture of northern Stoldavia opposed to the progressively changing Dölmer culture of the southern lands of Helreich; although this has been predicted to change as the Häverists and Stellists of the south continue to influence and lead Mörenburg.


The history of Mörenburg is long and one full of great kings of old who sought to build a great kingdom and empire within the enclosure of the Blue Mountains, the enclosure that is often called Himmelsrand (Sky's Edge/Ring) and the Reikland due to the Reik basin being located within Mörenburg. The first united kingdom was founded as a vassal of the Orkanan Realm of Stoldavia. Following the fall of the Orkanan Realm, Mörenburg turned to a splintered kingdom that sought to reunite itself under one banner. This was achieved by the mastodon-led armies of the Greater Stoldavic Empire in 6922rh. Becoming one of the great kingdoms within the Greater Stoldavic Empire, Mörenburg prospered under the rule of the Empire. Following the Great Schism of Orkanan, Mörenburg aligned itself with the traditionalists of the north, which resulted into warfare in the Reikland and resulted in the crippling of Mörenburg. After the split of the Greater Stoldavic Empire, Mörenburg remained aligned with the north and tried to keep the empire from fracturing further. After over 50 years of dissolving, the Greater Stoldavic Empire was no more and Mörenburg fell into a state of civil war over the throne of Mörenburg. In XXXXrh, the warlord XXXX of XXXX won the throne of Mörenburg with the support of the Kaiser of Helreich to the south. Following this, Mörenburg and Helreich formed an alliance and created the dual empires of Helland and Mörenburg. 


Energy Accounting

Mörenburg's economy is based off of the Energy Accounting economic model of Helreich, which is prominant thoughout the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth. Carefull management and accounting of energy production, transfers, and usage is at the base of the economy, allowing for the most efficient production of materials that are needed by the citizens of Mörenburg. This system is relatively new to the Mörenburger people with its establishment nearly 8 years ago, replacing its faltering and failing monetary system.

The Distribution Apparatus is the at the heart of the economy, tracking and distributing the energy production thoughout Mörenburg and providing for the citizens of Mörenburg.


In terms of percentage of energy production within the Commonhold of Mörenburg, agriculture is the dominant sector of the Distribution Apparatus and employs the largest sector of the citizen population. Built on the framework of countless generations of Orkanan farmers dating back to the days of the introduction of the Orkanan Crop Rotation by the Orkanan Realm, Mörenburg's economy has always been dominated by agricutlure and foodstuffs. Also blessed by the fertile soils of the Reik River, Mörenburg's agricultural productions helps feed the Commonholds of the Commonwealth.


Although the second largest sector the economy and Distribution Apparatus, industry has been driving the development of Mörenburg from a traditional Orkanan, agricultural nation to a Häverist, industrial, urban Commonhold and society. Countless of citizens find jobs as industrial workers within manufacturing centers in both Urbanates and Agrinates along with old cities such as the capital itself, Mörenburg. Manufacturing centers are strictly monitored by the Distribution Apparatus to ensure that citizens of the Commonhold are treated farily and in accordance of their rights as Citizens of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth. This is in league with all Commonholds within the Commonwealth, an effort to stop and reverse the destructive progress of the Industrial revolution.

Major industries of Mörenburg include heavy machinery, automobile,...


Fishing in Mörenburg only contributes minimally to the Distribution Apparatus and is an industry only seen along the eastern coasts of Mörenburg along the Stoldavian Gulf.


Schwarm Whale farming is a growing industry within Mörenburg as technologies and techniques are carried northwards from Helreich and offers the most potential within the fishing portion of the Distribution Apparatus. The increases in Schwarm Oil production offers a future potential for Mörenburg to supply itself with enough fuel to fullfil its energy needs for farming and industry.


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