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Father = [[Emshandar III]] (b. 7489, d. 7567)|
Father = [[Emshandar III]] (b. 7489, d. 7567)|
Mother = Aquiala (b. 7489) |
Mother = Aquiala (b. 7489) |
Religion = [[Lazarianism | Church of Lazarian]]|
Religion = [[Lazarian Orkanan]]|

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Margani Cosandrus
Margani Cosandrus
Photograph, 7579
Prince of Avarene
Tenure TBD - present
Born 5 February 7516
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresia
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse HIH Princess Imperial Eddara Lenora
Issue Cephorus Maximiliano (s)
Emthoro Oreyn (s)
Jerec Halaster (s)
Soontir Marcai (s)
Full Name Margani Cosandrus Rex Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father Emshandar III (b. 7489, d. 7567)
Mother Aquiala (b. 7489)
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Margani Cosandrus Rex Lord Alexandros is the father of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. He is affectionately known within the Scarlet Dynasty and by the people of the Empire, as Padre Dell'Imperatore - Father of the Emperor. He is also known as the "Crown Father". He is the third child, and second son, born to Dynast Emperor Emshandar III. He is a veteran of the Pan-Anarian War, having served as a field officer and later as an intelligence officer.

In mid-7565, Margani was in keeping himself in readiness to become crown prince, as his elder brother Aulus, the eldest of Emshandar's children, was suffering from severe pneumonia and his health was rapidly declining. It was around this same time that Margani's own eldest son, Cephorus, was summoned home by his grandfather after a brutal campaign against the Rundeen pirates. The pneumonia had only been minor at first, but had had worsened and threatened to claim his life. The surgeons assured the Emperor they would do their best, and that with rest and care, he may make a full recovery. The prognosis of the surgeons was tragically optimistic, however, as Aulus died in November of 7565 at the age of 57. With his passing, Margani became crown prince of the Empire.

The succession was further complicated Margani himself suffered a heart attack on 22 March 7567, less than a month before the death of Emshandar himself. The prince imperial was still in hospital when Emshandar died, and it was after his condition stabilized that several of his father's ministers visited him to determine an appropriate course of action. In discussion with them, he began to feel that given his tenuous condition, he could not discharge the duties of the Crown. While by law and tradition the next in line to succeed, Margani did not wish to unintentionally cause a potential constitutional crisis by ascending the throne during a period of ill health and uncertainty with regard to his own well-being.

Thus, acting on the advice of his surgeon and the counsel of then-First Minister Vittorio Todesco, Margani formally abdicated his position as heir apparent on 12 April 7567, in favor of his eldest son. He communicated his intent to abdicate to the Privy Council via letter that morning. Cephorus himself was notified of this in private by his father that same afternoon, and formally the next morning by a personal visit from Lord Paramount Talon Durla. Cephorus’ status as crown prince is said to have been the shortest such tenure in Auresian history, lasting only five days.

Ultimately, another six months would pass before Margani was formally released by his surgeon, though he was released from hospital in time to see his son's coronation. When asked, in passing, on one occasion upon the celebration of his son's tenth year on the Golden Lion Throne, if he regretted his decision, Margani was quoted as saying, "Absolutely not. Yes, I know my opportunity has gone, but I see in my son's youth and energy a confidence that the Scarlet Dynasty will endure for many years yet to come. He has already proven he is a firm and stable leader, and the Empire does well under his guidance. And I couldn't be prouder of him."

    The Imperial House   
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