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The Imperial Auresian Armed Forces - Forze Armate di Auresiano Imperiale in Auresian - is the name for the armed forces of the Auresian Empire.

The armed forces consist of three branches, each providing specific defensive and offensive capabilities. It is under the direct control of the Dynast Sovereign, who exercises his authority via his chosen deputies, the Lords Paramount. The Military is a highly mobile and capable force, considered one of the best in the world. It emphasizes mobility and firepower in balance with strong support, and all of its senior officers are versed in land and fleet combat, be it air or sea.

Imperial Auresian Armed Forces
Emblem of Auresia military
Military Branches
Air Force
Special Operations
Military Manpower
Military age 16
Availability 16-45:
Fit for Military Service 16-45:
Annual Amount Florin ƒ103,976,110
Percent of GDP7.5%



War Office

The War Office coordinates all administration, logistics, and general oversight of military operations. It's chief officer is the Minister of War, who is appointed by the Emperor and acts as his primary military affairs adviser. The Office is currently directed by Lord Processus Cavazerre, a Returner War veteran who achieved the rank of general before being chosen for his current post.

Military High Command

The Armed Forces are highly integrated. It provides the defensive and offensive capacities of the Empire when and where needed. The Army divisions provide all ground troops, aided with support and heavy weaponry from the Navy and/or the Air Force. Extremely specialized or sensitive assignments are handled by the Operations Groups from Special Operations. The entire force is guided by the service Boards, who comprise the senior membership of Military High Command, which acts as top command authority of the services.

The Armed Forces are overseen on behalf of Emperor Cephorus IV himself by two Lords Paramount. Reference to the Emperor himself will be as Supreme Command Authority. At present, the Lords Paramount overseeing military affairs are Lord Severio Cozzolini and Vittorio Leotelli. The senior uniformed officer of the Armed Forces is Supreme Commander Antono Cholini, who is known formally as Supreme Military Commander and leads High Command and is the Emperor's personal right hand responsible for overall operational command. The uniformed chiefs of each of the arms of the Armed Forces answer to him.

Main Branches

Immediately beneath the High Command, at the pinnacle of its regular command structure, the Armed Forces are comprised of eight Orders of Battle, which serve as regional commands. Each order consists of ten ground divisions, one full air wing, one Marine brigade, and one special operations regiment. Also, four of the Orders have a naval fleet. Those that do not have a fleet attached have a second air wing. These forces represent the pinnacle of Auresian military power and are the strategic capstone on all Imperial military activities. While they may not seem to be "massive" forces, the Orders of Battle are extremely flexible and capable strategic assets with the capacity to stand against any threat.

Air Force

The airborne assets of the Armed Forces are vested in the Aeronautica Imperiale - the Imperial Auresian Air Force, which controls the airships and LAC - Lighter than Air Craft- that provide air offensive power to Imperial military operations. These vessels, which are comparable in size to a range of Navy vessels, carry a range of personnel and their capacities can vary. Some are simply airborne gun platforms, others ground strike craft, and others transports and cargo vessels.



Divisions are organized and fall under the umbrella of Army Command, which directs the Esercito Imperiale - Imperial Auresian Army. They comprise all ground combat specialties and units within the Armed Forces. Combat engineering and forced siege capabilities are the specialty of the elite Siege Engineering Service. Chemical and bioweapons preparations and defence are handled via the Chemical Warfare Service. The skilled troopers of this force are known as groundnauts.

At its pinnacle, the Army is overseen by a group of uniformed officers known as the Board of Army The Army traces its lineage back to Pietro Stefano Rizzi, who is considered the "Father of the Auresian Army".

Unit Types

  • groundnaut (infantry) (GN)
  • groundnaut breakthrough (assault troops) (GN/B)
  • groundnaut mechanical (motorized) (GN/M)
  • air defence (GN/A)
  • armor (GN/R)
  • artillery (GN/T)
  • military police (GN/MP)
  • reconaissance (GN/C)
  • aetheric (GN/E)

Prominent Units

  • Knifegrinders
  • Wind Walkers
  • Death Merchants


The maritime forces of the Empire, make up the strength of the Marina Imperiale - Imperial Auresian Navy. Members of the branch are known as argonauts. Within the ranks of the Navy are numerous specializations, from rigger and longshoreman to gasman and lineman.

The Navy traces its lineage back to Giovanni Paolo Impellizeri, who is considered the "Father of the Auresian Navy".

Special Operations

The specialized combination of elite operations troops of Auresia are collectively known as Special Operations. These forces safeguard Imperial secure military outposts, and undertake specialized operations ranging from sabotage to infiltration to subterfuge to intelligence work. They are considered the "spooks" of the military.

Strategic Aeronautic Service

Nicknamed in honor of the expatriate military tactician who first aided in the Empire's development of paratrooper specialists, the Hoomhoffers are an elite branch of the Guard who are used for swift, aerial assault and infiltration missions. Commonly referred to in casual conversation as "SAS" or as "Hooms", these tough, capable troopers are highly trained and skilled in high and low-altitude drops, infiltration and stealth. Each Order of Battle has a full cohort of these professionals within the ranks of its ground units.

The SAS is part of Special Operations.

Senex Dragoons

The Senex Dragoons are a carry-over from the days of the pre-Unification Empire. Originally raised by the nobles of Senex for the king, these troops became some of the fiercest and toughest in the region. Initially, they rode horses into battle and wielded polearms and longswords. They would sweep through a battlefield in support of other friendly units to catch enemy forces off-guard and typically strike from their flanks or rear.

In modern times, the Senex Dragoons - commonly called the Senex or the Commandos - are masters of sniper and marksmanship skill, reconaissance, infiltration, sabotage and invasion preparation. Similarly they are well-versed in hand-to-hand and close-quarters combat. They can slip into hostile territory to perform intensive reconaissance and interdiction against hard targets where a smaller force is ideal to a full-scale strike. They operate in phalanxes of 200 groundnauts total, with one attached to each Order. Each one is led by an officer of the rank of major, with a lieutenant and a senior sergeant handling each 20-man element.

The existing Senex phalanxes are -

  • Aleph
  • Ember (Brace)
  • Havoc (Devastazione)
  • Lancer (Lanciere)
  • Nova
  • Tempest (Tempesta)
  • Wraith (Spettro)
  • Zero

The Senex are part of Special Operations Branch.

Defence Intelligence Service

DIS fulfills two roles. Firstly, it provides constant updates to Military High Command on the goings-on in the militaries of the world. It achieves this through analysis of patterns in orders, movements, increases and decreases in the realms of troop assignments and the addition and removal of assets. Secondly, DIS serves to ensure the internal security of the Armed Forces by coordinating with the Imperial Military Police to identify and remove threats to personnel, ships, vehicles and facilities of the Armed Forces.

The DIS is part of Special Operations Branch.

Support Services

Sustainment Command

Within the Armed Forces, the term "sustainment" refers to all support duties which center around the essential capabilities, functions, activities and tasks critical to the operation of combat forces in theater operations at all levels. An office of each branch of Sustainment Command is maintained at every major fleet station, sky station, and army fort.

  • Adjutant Service - Responsible for administrative support to command officers in all units, in all branches. Personnel of this service consist of the following specialties - personnel officers, public relations officers, administrative support officers, and military post officers.
  • Chaplain Service - Responsible for providing religious counsel and services to military personnel. Its ranks consist of Lazarianite chaplains.
  • Ordnance Service - Responsible for the supply of armaments and ammunition to units.
  • Quartermaster Service - Responsible for the supply of all non-weaponry supplies to units of the Armed Forces. Its specialties consist of the following - ordering officers, dry goods specialists, cold goods specialist, and delivery specialists.
  • Surgical Service - Responsible for providing all medical, surgical, dental, and optical services to personnel of the Armed Forces. Its specialties consist of the following - field medical technicians, surgeons, dentists, and opticians.
  • Transportation Service - Responsible for all physical transport services for personnel, goods, and equipment. Specialties in the service are - drivers, pilots, vehicle engineers, railway engineers, and waterway engineers.

Chemical Warfare Service

Organized in later years of the Pan-Anarian War, this specialist unit researched the use of chlorine and mustard gas as weapons in battle, and conducted numerous tests with both substances. Though they did not use them in combat, the Empire maintains a stockpile of mustard gas, and the CWS works to further study them, develop more effective countermeasures against them and provide specialized assistance in clearing an area if it is subjected to the weapon. It is said the CWS is researching the hazards of other chemical weaponry but no information has been made public.

Siege Engineering Service

For breaching hostile defenses, fortifications and supporting friendly units by enabling transit or assisting in the construction of temporary or lasting fortifications, the Guard calls on the Siege Engineering Corps. Their skilled and well-trained engineers are capable of a wide variety of tasks, and are employed for tasks ranging from destroying bridges or damaging railways to establishing facilities for combat outposts and checking the safety of local resources.

War Research Service

WRS is a specialized military R&D agency dedicated entirely to the research and development of armaments, ammunition, vehicles, craft, and ships for military use. It works in conjunction with the Strategic Research & Development Administration out of Mount Olivia Research & Development Centre.


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Structure & Law

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    Militare Imperiale   
Key Officials

Supreme Military Commander: Antono Cholini


Field: Weaponry of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces
Vehicles: Vehicles of the Imperial Auresian Army
Ships: Ships of the Imperial Auresian Navy
Aircraft: Craft of the Imperial Auresian Air Force
Personnel: Uniforms & Insignia of the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces

Specialised Units Chemical Warfare Service, Siege Engineering Service, Heliolux Fleet, Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Elite Units Military: Strategic Aeronautic Service, Senex Dragoons

Independent: Tentenal Guard, Ministry Police

Recognition Honours & Orders, Decorations & Commendations
VT • [E]
General The Scarlet Standard, Great Seal of the Imperium, House of Alexandros
History Imperial History, Pan-Anarian War, Consolidationist Crisis, Returner War
Imperial Society

Languages: Auresian
Religion: Lazarianism
Status: Noble Status, Social Status, Noble Houses
Other: Economy , Colonies, Businesses, Products, Law

Prominent People Cephorus IV, Varnius R. Acilida, Qasimir D. Avenicci, Hieronymus S. Barsavi, Ennodius A. Caduca, Severio D. Cozzolini, Giuseppe L. Dala, Talon M. Durla, Leonardo H. Gervasius, Teodoro A. Humilio, Vittorio A. Leotelli, Dante G. Meraggio, Lorenzo V. Nicovante, Luciano C. Rambaldi, Balthazar L. Thul, Alessandro S. Virini
Historical People Cephorus Maximus, Wensicia Maxima, Willem II, Emshandar III

Features: Glacio Mountains, Hattaro Straits, Dolcega Valley, Corbolo River, Lake Artania
Regions: TBD
Cities: Cedelphia (capital city), Gaaze, Bellucente, Impport, Abessios, Lutant, Oseidon, Epoxague
Sites of Interest: Imperial Reserve, Mount Olivia, Black Archive


Institutions: HM The Dynast Emperor (supreme executive), First Minister’s Office (administrative executive), Imperial Parliament ( House of Lords, House of Delegates) (legislative), Supreme Court (judicial)
Ministries: Foreign Office, War Office, Home Office, Finance, Commerce, Health & Welfare, Transport, Works & Infrastructure
State Administrations: General Post Administration, Imperial Archives & Records Administration, Imperial Customs & Excise Administration, Imperial Public Health Administration, Strategic Research & Development Administration
Crown Corporations: Auresian Broadcasting Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Auresia, Imperial Oil & Gas, Savings & Investment Auresia
Other: Politics, Foreign Relations, Courts System, Law Enforcement

Military Main Branches: Imperial Auresian Air Force, Imperial Auresian Army, Imperial Auresian Navy
SpecOps Units: Senex Dragoons, Strategic Aeronautic Service
Support Branches: Siege Engineering Service, Chemical Warfare Service, Heliolux Fleet
Other Agencies: Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Recognitions: Honours & Orders, Decorations & Commendations
VT • [E]
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