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The Ministry of Works & Infrastructure - Ministero delle Opere e delle Infrastrutture - is the arm of the Imperial Curia of Auresia responsible for the Empire's systems of civil engineering, infrastructure maintenance, and natural resources.


The organization is managed at its top level by an officer known as the Minister of Works & Infrastructure, referred to properly as "His Majesty's Minister of State for the Works & Infrastructure Ministry". This individual serves as the chief public works engineer of the Empire. The current minister is Lucan Lord Grifoni, the Baron of Sendri.

The Ministry employs approximately 1,912 people as 1.1.7579.


The Ministry of Transport consists of the following subordinate agencies -

  • Department of Agriculture & Forestry

This agency is responsible for all laws governing agriculture, forestry, and food in the Empire. This includes coordination of efforts to ensure the food and forestry products needs of the Empire are met, and that the systems designed to move those products to their intended destinations are functioning smoothly, all while ensuring that the impact of these operations is minimised to ensure the health of the lands used and their continued viability. This bureau is directed by the Assistant Minister of Works & Infrastructure for Agriculture & Forestry.

  • Department of Civil Engineering

This branch of the Ministry is charged with the coordination of efforts to build and maintain critical national infrastructure - motorways, road and rail bridges, aeroports, harbour structures, as well as rail routes. This bureau is directed by the Assistant Minister of Works & Infrastructure for Civil Engineering.

  • Department of Land & Survey

Acting as the national mapping agency of the Empire, this bureau maintains an extensive range of mapping and surveying operations and products for various uses - business mapping, leisure maps, custom mapping, and educational mapping. The agency is led by the Assistant Minister of Works & Infrastructure for Land & Survey.

  • Department of Mining

The sole task of this agency is to coordinate the various mines of the Empire - precious gems, ores, etcetera - and ensure their products flow smoothly to the markets and destinations that require them, and to also ensure the safety and efficient operation of said mines. This bureau is directed by the Assistant Minister of Works & Infrastructure for Mining.

  • Department of Reclamation

This branch of the ministry is responsible for the construction and maintenance of dams, dykes, and other structures designed to both draw power from the hydroelectric assets of the Empire and to protect surrounding communities from the risks of floods and other natural disasters. It also oversees water resource management operations within the Empire. This bureau is directed by the Assistant Minister of Works & Infrastructure for Reclamation.

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