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Moreva Petroleum Corporation SpA
Società Moreva Petrolifera SpA

Moreva Petroleum Corporation SpASocietà Moreva Petrolifera SpA logo

Stock Exchange
 • Stock Symbol
Pena Stock Exchange
Privately traded
Date Founded September 7491
(as Lusavano Petrolio)
19 July 7496 (as SMP)
Head Offices Via dell’Orlême, Pena,
Anisoran Empire
Key People Founder: Sir Giuliano della Portemala
Chairman: T. Adriano Doralino-Fangoretti
Primary Industry Oil and gas
Major Products Petroleum; Natural gas; Motor and aviation fuels; Petrochemicals
Owned By
Subsidiaries Moreva Gas Corporation
Lusavanic Petroleum
D’Alzana Oil Company

The Moreva Petroleum Corporation SpA (Anisoran: Società Moreva Petrolifera; Lusavanic: նավթային ընկերությանը Մօռավիր; Navt'ayin Ynkerut'yany Mor'avir; Pastanan: Societas Moreva Petroleum), also known as SMP, is an Anisoran oil and gas company headquartered in Pena. It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading.

The company was founded in 7496 through the merger of "Lusavanic Oil" (Lusavano Petrolio) and the Pandagna Oil Company, after vast oil deposits were discovered in Moreva, in the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano, which turned out to be the second most productive deposit in the world. It is the most profitable corporation trading in Anisora, is the largest oil corporation in Anaria and is one of the largest and most profitable companies on Gotha. SMP has a primary listing on the Pena Stock Exchange, and has secondary listings on the Auresian Porto Imperiale Stock Exchange and the Aedelish Imperial Mercantile Exchange.

SMP has business interests throughout Gotha, and has active operations in X countries worldwide and is generally seen as the main Anarian competitor of the Anat Tahani oil corporations of Tharna. The Corporation’s major operations are located primarily in Anisora, centred around the vast oilfields of Moreva (from where SMP gets its name), as well as on and around the islands of Fazagoria and Vecarri in the Medio Sea. Operations abroad include oil extraction and refinement in Hattaria, in Auresia, and X.

The company is majority state-owned, with the Anisoran imperial government having obtained a controlling stake of 51% in 7508, during the Pan-Anarian War, to secure oil supplies for the war effort, with the company becoming one of the single most important energy suppliers of the Aschgæt Alliance. After the end of the war, Anisora faced large debts and looming economic disaster. According to the Anisoran economist G. Lisabetta Gorgiano, "the oil industry, which in effect meant the Moreva Petroleum Corporation, singlehandedly saved Anisora from post-war bankruptcy."a Today the company enjoys large profits and remains a significant source of income for the Anisoran Treasury.




In December 7490 a group of Anisoran geologists discovered a large amount of oil in northern Moreva in the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano. The little oil exploration conducted in Anisora before this discovery had been focused elsewhere, such as northern Casella, but had produced little to no results. But by the early 7490s, political as well as economic desire grew to decrease Anisora’s dependence on Tahani oil from Tharna. The signing of the First Friendship Accord between the Anisoran and Auresian Empires in 7489 solidified the warming of relations between the two powers in the face of growing ties between oil rich Anat Tahan and Helreich. As political desire across the nations which would later become the Aschgæt Alliance grew to seek alternative fuel sources to Tahani oil, prospectors were given new mandates to sweep the nation in search of oil. The worlds second largest oilfield was discovered soon after in late 7490 and plans to exploit it quickly materialised.

Sir Giuliano della Portemala, younger brother of the Count of Allenta-Brognella, secured a contract with the National government of Lusava and Vascano and the Anisoran Imperial government to undertake a full survey of the Moreva region and was given exploitation rights over a large swathe of territory in northern Moreva. With capital investment from his own business interests, his brother’s estates in Brignole and his soon to be partner P. Ermino Ligoretta, a millionaire who made his fortune in the timber industry, della Portemala established Lusavano Petrolio (Lusavanic Oil) in September 7491. By the end of 7493, the company had discovered further oilfields to the south and had begun to produce petroleum at their refinery at Yakalyan in increasing quantities.

On 19 July 7496 della Portemala negotiated a merger between Lusavano Petrolio and Pandagna Petrolio, the second largest oil corporation operating in the Moreva region. The merged companies would be renamed La Società Moreva Petrolifera (the Moreva Petroleum Corporation), with della Portemala as chairman. The merger, which was highly controversial at the time and led to criticism in a number of newspapers, effectively provided SMP with the lion’s share of oil deposits in Moreva – a share which would only increase under the aggressive leadership of della Portemala and increasing government concessions to the company in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Pan-Anarian War.

Pan-Anarian War

The discovery of oil in large quantities in Anisora caused a significant increase in tensions between the emerging power blocks which would later solidify into the Aschgæt Alliance and the United League, as the discoveries threatened to undo the almost total reliance Anaria had on Tahani oil.

Anarian Oil Crisis

Semi-nationalisation (7508)

Supplying the Aschgæt Alliance


Role in Anisoran economic recovery


SMP has operations in many countries throughout Gotha, with the corporation’s global headquarters located in Pena, the Grand Principality of Casella, on Via dell’Orlême. The corporation is one of the fastest growing industrial operations in Anaria and is expanding its operations in all areas of oil and gas production and extraction to an increasing number of countries and territories across Gotha.

SMP's primary business is the management of a vertically integrated oil company. The development of technical and commercial expertise in all stages of this vertical integration, from the initial search for oil (exploration) through its harvesting (production), transportation, refining and finally trading and marketing established the core competencies on which the company was founded. These competencies have also become vital for the corporation's natural gas sector, which is becoming an increasingly important part of the business.


The oilfields of Moreva contain the second most productive oil deposits in the world.

Anisoran Empire

The Province of Moreva in the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano contains the second largest oilfield in the world, with prospectors and surveyors confident of the region's oil wealth for decades to come. SMP operates a working monopoly over these lucrative oilfields, a monopoly the corporation has built up since the end of the 75th century.1 Oil extraction steadily increased in this region during the early part of the Pan-Anarian War, which helped supply the vast Anisoran and Aschgæt Alliance energy and fuel demands of the War. Extraction and production reached its peak in 75XX.

Since the foundation of the corporation, Morevan oil extraction and refinement have remained the company's single most important assets, providing them with substantial profits which could then be reinvested in oil and gas exploration in other areas. This occurred shortly after the discovery of the true extent of the oil deposits in Moreva, when SMP, alongside other corporations, conducted a near total exploration of Anisora, the territories under her control in Anaria Minor and the wider Medio region. Significant oil deposits were discovered on the islands of Fazagoria and Vecarri off the northern coast of Tova. Extraction there began in 7503, although the islands' full potential would not be exploited until much later during the War.

The SMP tanker SS Marigno sailing in the Varanese Sea. Shipping remains one of the most important sectors of SMP's business, largely transporting Anisoran oil east to supply Anarian markets.

Although oil extraction operations are chiefly located in Moreva, as well as Fazagoria and Vecarri, the other operations of the vertically integrated company are located throughout Anisora, as well as a number of facilities abroad. Anisora's largest oil refinery at Eralyan (Alianeva) is located in Vascano, and the hub of the corporation's distribution operation is at the port of Dorlenze in the Archduchy of Valmoresca, providing access to the Medio Sea. The shipping and distribution operations remain a vital component of the corporation's business, supplying Anarian markets with Anisoran oil. The corporation's financial and administrative operations remain primarily in Pena in the Grand Principality of Casella, at the world headquarters at Via dell’Orlême, as well as smaller offices in Fontanigorna and Tenevelan.


In the decade after the Liberation of Hattaria from Hellish and United League forces in 7529 during the Pan-Anarian War, SMP was given an imperial charter by Emshandar III to explore the region in search of oil and natural gas deposits, providing expertise in oil and gas exploitation acquired over the past three decades in Moreva. War-torn Hattaria had suffered greatly during the prolonged fighting, with much of the countryside and the urban centres alike laid waste. This, however, provided SMP and the Auresian prospectors with a unique opportunity to survey and begin exploiting reserves in ordinarily hard to access locations.

Large quantities of oil and natural gas were discovered in the late 7530s, and SMP sought to bid for exploitation rights. The Auresian government, however, had introduced a retentive economic policy on natural resources, meaning no foreign corporation was legally permitted to exploit natural resources in Auresian territory. A deal was struck between SMP and the Auresian government in 7539 that in exchange for substantial and much needed investment in the war-torn Hattaria region, including principally oil and natural gas exploitation, SMP would receive a 14% stake in Imperial Oil & Gas (IO&G), the CHAIM-backed corporation which had exclusive exploitation rights over the region. With the end of the war, and as confidence grew over the security of the region, SMP bought a further 6% in 7552, bringing their stake in the company to 20%.

IO&G today has expanded its operations and is primarily concerned with natural gas, with SMP maintaining four seats on the company’s Board of Directors. Since the end of the war, SMP has sought to increase its stake in the company, although increasing government hostility to further foreign investment means this is unlikely to come to fruition.

Natural Gas


Pontecorvo interests


1 Although SMP directly control over 90% of Morevan and the surrounding region's oil and gas deposits, all other smaller oil companies extracting or refining oil and gas there are subsidiaries of SMP.


a Gorgiano, G. L. (7557) Oeconomia post Bellum Anariaea, Peradotto. p. 94. (Hallish: The Post-War Anarian Economy)

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