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Orosea Eshiala
Empress Consort of the Auresians
Queen of Arginium
Orosea EshialaEmpress Consort of the Auresians Queen of Arginium
Official Photograph, 7577
Empress Consort of the Auresians
Tenure 18 April 7567 - present
Born 11 April 7537
Florenzi Manor, Lutant, Auresia
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse Cephorus IV (m. 7555)
Issue Faykan Constantino (s)
Elrood Cosimo (s)
Calo Amadeus (s)(twin)
Galdo Gianpetro (s)(twin)
Octa Supernia (d)
Vala Pellicia (d)
Full Name Orosea Eshiala Regina Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father Marco Florenzi DG(R)
Mother Gianna Florenzi, née Calabria
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Orosea Eshiala Regina Lady Alexandros - born 11 April 7537 - is the consort of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. As such, she holds the titles of Empress Consort of the Auresians and Queen of Arginium. She and Cephorus have been married since 7555. As empress consort, she uses the signature "Eshiala R I", for "Eshiala, Regina Imperiatrix", or "Eshiala, Queen and Empress".

In formal address, or in formal print, the Empress Consort's full style is Her Most Excellent and Discerning Sovereign Imperial Majesty Orosea Eshiala, by the Grace of Vind the Highest, Empress Consort of the Auresians and their Colonies and Dominions and Queen of Arginium.

The Empress Consort is the second oldest of four children - and older of the two daughters - born to Marco Riccardo and Gianna Annalena Florenzi, the Count and Countess of Pordeviso. Her father worked in the Foreign Office for over twenty years, and was a delegate general during the last three years of the reign of Emshandar III and the first eight of Cephorus IV, his son-in-law, before retiring in 7575 after nearly thirty years of service. Her mother, Gianna, is a highly respected member of the Lutanian patrician circle, and is well-known for her elegant parties and formal events. She is likewise patron of several prominent charitable organizations.

While the Imperial Family maintains a tradition of respectful privacy around their personal lives, the Dynast Emperor makes no secret of his deep love, affection, and devotion for his wife. He has told friends and guests on numerous occasions that "Orosea has saved me...more than once." He refers to her privately as "il mio angelo dai capelli corvini" - "my raven-haired angel" - and she refers to him lovingly as "il mio leone d'oro" - "my golden lion".

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