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The Great Seal of the Imperium.


History of the Auresian Nobility

Since the founding days of the Auresian Empire, the peerage system has been a part of its power structure and many of them are descendants of prominent men and women who worked with or were among the ranks of the Founders. Many more, as the Empire grew in strength, territory and wealth, earned their positions in recognition of their work. Collectively, they are all known as the Peerage or the Noble Orders. From there, the distinction varies according to where within the heritage and tradition one's peerage resides.

No peerage or knighthood may be awarded but at the discretion of the Sovereign, though They will traditionally welcome nominations to such honours from colleagues of candidates for same. As the old saying goes among the aristocracy, "Only the Sovereign may grant, and only the Sovereign may take away."

No member of the Imperial peerage may declare themselves of any noble status until they have within their ownership the Letters Patent, stamped and confirmed with the Privy Seal of the Dynast Sovereign. The noble-to-be will receive these from the hands of the Sovereign themselves in the presence of the Lord Privy Seal and at least two other noble lords, typically Lords Paramount.

Since the construction of Veneziano Palace, the ceremony of investiture in which a newly-minted noble receives their Letters Patent and is recognized has been carried out in the Celestial Basilica.



The aristocracy of the Empire. They have considerable wealth, extensive land holdings, and societal influence. The ranks of this class consists exclusively of the Empire's hereditary peer families.


The upper class of the Empire. They will commonly be wealthy, hold one or more estates, and be prominent among the law, business, or government.

The Citizenry

Veteran and non-veteran families of the Empire, they are the bulk of its population and society. There are no restrictions on the work they can acquire, within the limits of their education and experience.

Titles & Stature

Total Restriction

Prince of Arginium / Crown Prince

  • Reserved solely for the proclaimed first in line to the Golden Lion Throne. The first in line will commonly continue to be referred to as "prince imperial" or "princess imperial", but this title is employed in formal documents, at formal affairs, and in ritual.
  • Spouse is a Prince Imperial or Princess Imperial.
  • Addressed as "Serene Highness" or "Imperial Highness".
  • A female heir apparent is a Crown Princess.

Prince Imperial

  • Reserved for the first through twentieth members of the line of succession to the Golden Lion Throne, as well as the siblings and parent(s) of the reigning Sovereign.
  • Addressed as "Imperial Highness".
  • Spouse will be a Princess, unless granted Princess Imperial status by the Sovereign.
  • A female will be a Princess Imperial. Their spouse is granted title.


  • Limited to the immediate relations of the reigning Dynast Sovereign who are not in the line of succession.
  • Addressed as "Imperial Highness".
  • Spouse will be a count or countess.
  • A female will be a Princess.

Peerage Honours


  • In Auresian - Duca (Duke) / Duchessa (Duchess)
  • Referred to as "Serene Highness" or "Their Grace".
  • Addressed in speech or text as "Your Grace".
  • Never granted for a life peerage.
  • No new non-Imperial dukedoms have been granted in over four centuries as of 1.1.7580.


  • In Auresian - Marchese (Marquis) / Marchesa (Marchioness)
  • Referred to as "My Lord" or "My Lady".
  • Addressed in speech or text as "The Most Honourable".
  • Never granted for a life peerage.


  • In Auresian - Conte (Count) / Contessa (Countess)
  • Occasionally (but rarely) awarded to life peers.
  • Referred to as "My Lord" or "My Lady".
  • Addressed in speech or text as "The Right Honourable".


  • In Auresian - Visconte (Viscount) / Viscontessa (Viscountess)
  • Occasionally awarded to life peers.
  • Referred to as "My Lord" or "My Lady".
  • Addressed in speech or text as "The Right Honourable".


  • In Auresian - Barone (Baron) / Baronessa (Baroness)
  • Is the most common title awarded to life peers, which expires upon their death.
  • Referred to as "My Lord" or "My Lady".
  • Addressed in speech or text as "The Right Honourable".
  • Female is a baroness.



  • Referred to as "Sir" or "Dame" ("Don" or "Donna").
  • Holds no lands aside from any personal estates.
  • Title granted to anyone who earns the highest Imperial orders.
General The Scarlet Standard, Great Seal of the Imperium, House of Alexandros
History Imperial History, Pan-Anarian War, Consolidationist Crisis, Returner War
Imperial Society

Languages: Auresian
Religion: Lazarianism
Status: Noble Status, Social Status, Noble Houses
Other: Economy , Colonies, Businesses, Products, Law

Prominent People Cephorus IV, Varnius R. Acilida, Qasimir D. Avenicci, Hieronymus S. Barsavi, Ennodius A. Caduca, Severio D. Cozzolini, Giuseppe L. Dala, Talon M. Durla, Leonardo H. Gervasius, Teodoro A. Humilio, Vittorio A. Leotelli, Dante G. Meraggio, Lorenzo V. Nicovante, Luciano C. Rambaldi, Balthazar L. Thul, Alessandro S. Virini
Historical People Cephorus Maximus, Wensicia Maxima, Willem II, Emshandar III

Features: Glacio Mountains, Hattaro Straits, Dolcega Valley, Corbolo River, Lake Artania
Regions: TBD
Cities: Cedelphia (capital city), Gaaze, Bellucente, Impport, Abessios, Lutant, Oseidon, Epoxague
Sites of Interest: Imperial Reserve, Mount Olivia, Black Archive


Institutions: HM The Dynast Emperor (supreme executive), Prime Minister’s Office (administrative executive), Imperial Parliament ( House of Lords, House of Delegates) (legislative), Supreme Court (judicial)
Ministries: Foreign Office, War Office, Home Office, Finance, Justice, Commerce, Health & Welfare, Transport, Works & Infrastructure
State Administrations: General Post Administration, Imperial Archives & Records Administration, Imperial Customs & Excise Administration, Imperial Public Health Administration, Imperial Statistical Administration, Strategic Research & Development Administration
Crown Corporations: Auresian Broadcasting Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Auresia, Imperial Oil & Gas, Savings & Investment Auresia, Transport Auresia
Other: Politics, Foreign Relations, Courts System, Law Enforcement

Military Main Branches: Imperial Auresian Air Force, Imperial Auresian Army, Imperial Auresian Navy
SpecOps Units: Senex Dragoons, Strategic Aeronautic Service
Support Branches: Siege Engineering Service, Chemical Warfare Service, Heliolux Fleet
Other Agencies: Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Recognitions: Honours & Orders, Decorations & Commendations
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