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The Porto Imperiale Stock Exchange - abbreviated and commonly referred to as the ImEx - is an Auresian stock exchange located at 28 Via della Imperia, in the Valliano District of Porto Imperiale , the largest city in the Auresian Empire. It is one of the major exchanges of Anaria, the largest such exchange in the Empire, and a prominent hub of the regional economic structure. Historically speaking, it is the oldest exchange in the world, being one of the first agencies to issue stocks and bonds.

The Exchange provides a means for buyers and sellers to trade shares of stock in companies registered for public trading. ImEx is open for trading Monday through Friday, from 0900 – 1600 local time, with the exception of holidays declared by the Exchange in advance.

The Exchange is regulated by the authority of the Securities & Exchange Commission, a branch of the Ministry of Finance.



What would ultimately become the ImEx was initially founded in 7137 as the Grand Exchange House. It began as a place where prominent companies from throughout the Empire could maintain a presence and issue bonds and shares of stock to the general public. The companies represented sold bonds and shares in not only the firms they worked on behalf of, but also offered certificates of investment in the commodities they traded, such as spices, lumber, precious ores, dyes, fabric, and coal.

It would not be until around 7281 that the Grand Exchange House began to sell securities. It has continued to do so ever since.



The ImEx is overseen by a Board of Directors which consists of the chairman, two deputy chairmen, and fourteen additional members. The membership serve ten-year terms.


The ImEx's opening and closing bells mark the beginning and the end of each trading day. The 'opening bell' is rung at 0900 local time precisely. The 'closing bell' is rung at 1600 local precisely.

Official Holidays

The ImEx is closed on Nuovo Anno Day, Founder's Day, Cephorus Maximus' Birthday, and the two opening days of Winterfest annually.


The three central stock listings operated by ImEx are the

  • ImEx 25, based on the market capitalizations of the 25 largest firms having common stock listed on the ImEx.
  • ImEx 100, based on the market capitalizations of 100 large companies having common stock listed on the ImEx.
  • ImEx General, commonly called the ImGen, covering all common stocks listed on the ImEx. This is considered the "master index" of everything traded on the ImEx.
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