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Symbol of the Senex Dragoons.

The Senex Dragoons - in Auresian Dragoni di Senex, nicknamed "the Senex", and abbreviated DdS - are a highly elite unit within the Imperial Auresian Armed Forces that specialize in light infantry, infiltration, reconnaissance and a wide range of duties including target isolation, assassination, neutralization and acquisition; demolitions and ordnance handling, delivery and disposal. The Senex have long been a capable detachment of specialist troopers whose job frequently sent them behind enemy lines, and they saw extensive deployment in the Pan-Anarian War. There were numerous instances where Senex, either on their own or deployed with allied forces, provided valuable tactical advantage to Allied operations.



The Senex are casually known as "commandos" — soldiers trained in specialized behind-enemy-lines operations. They are used for tactical advantage on the ground as they can be inserted into the battlefield via sea or land. It fills two of the three types of "forced entry" strategic technique for entering a theater of war; being by air, which is the specialty of the Strategic Aeronautic Service.

The Senex are used in a wide range of duties that employ their skills, and they are some of Auresia's most capable troopers.

Present Day

The Senex were raised in the first century of the Empire by the Duke of Senex, a peerage that became extinct in the 7230s, but the elite troops named in honor of the dukedom remained in Imperial service.

There is a phalanx of Senex in every Order of Battle within the military. If not called upon to carry out duties in line with their highly specialized skills, they serve in normal capacities as field officers and personnel as required.

    Militare Imperiale   
Key Officials

Supreme Military Commander: Antono Cholini


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Specialised Units Chemical Warfare Service, Siege Engineering Service, Heliolux Fleet, Defence Intelligence Service, War Research Service
Elite Units Military: Strategic Aeronautic Service, Senex Dragoons

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