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Severio Dexion Cozzolini
Severio Dexion Cozzolini
Casual Portrait
Born 20 February 7536
Verona Palace, Duchy of Verona, Auresian Empire
Occupation Politician

Lord Paramount
In office
20 June 7574 - Present
Preceded by n/a
Succeeded by Incumbent

Severio Dexion Lord Cozzolini Eng.D. LP KGL KDL GCG GES OMM SS is a Lord Paramount. In this capacity, under the authority of Emperor Cephorus IV, he is a member of the Privy Council. Prior to his elevation to the Privy Council, he served several years as Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, and was the senior uniformed officer of the Imperial Armed Forces. He is the author of Fleet Tactics & Combat Methodology, a required reading for cadet officers at the Imperial War College in Bellucente. He is also the Duke of Verona, and as a consequence of his noble title, he is the head of the Royal House of Cozzolini.



Because of his previous status as the uniformed chief of the Armed Forces, Lord Cozzolini's record is largely classified. But he is a veteran of the Returner War, and was present for several of the largest battles of the conflict. During the war, he was present at Belgadarion and Bone Pass, and held command of the Lancer Squadron of the Senex Dragoons, being ferried by the Ziost Warden to investigate a Rundeen compound that Intelligence had discovered concealed on the Apalis Coast, near Kassido. The airship was led by Captain Luciano Rambaldi.

Leading his troops in under cover of darkness, Lancer Squadron was to find the POWs being held there - rumors of torture had been passed along - and neutralize any hostiles encountered. The ensuing strike resulted in a panic by the Rundeen, who fired artillery that struck and badly damaged the Ziost. Ultimately, the commandos were only able to get half of the POWs out before the airship lost altitude control and crashed into the compound, resulting in a massive fire forcing them to limit their returns to find more POWs. Commander Rambaldi and a handful of officers and enlisted survived only because they had been in fire control, which had not exploded on impact due to the heavily armored construction of that part of the ship. Thanks to quick action on the pilot's part, the ship was lower to the ground and the core of the ship survived the impact. The Lancer Squadron commandos and survivors of the Ziost Warden became known in the Military as the Ziost Remnant. The events had such an impact on the survivors that when named Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Lord Cozzolini named his flagship the Ziost Shadow after it was commissioned.

When he became an Admiral of the Fleet and later Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Lord Cozzolini built a reputation for himself as being somewhat brash, quick thinking, irreverent and unusually astute. While some dismiss his less amenable traits as simply byproducts of his youth, he holds the Dynast Emperor's favor and it is not considered wise to attempt to discredit him. Similarly, he is known as an exceptionally talented marksman and pilot, and has built up quite a base of friends and supporters in the military command structure. While some of his habits in command tend to be negatively looked upon, none dispute his knack for flexible thinking. He is also considered a dangerous man, extremely capable in close quarters combat.

As a patrician, Lord Cozzolini seldom tolerates the foolishness of his lessers, and is considered something of a hard-driving man, though affable. When sufficiently angered, he will lapse into cursing in the Janessari tongue.

Private Life

Two days after his eighteenth birthday Lord Cozzolini wed his beloved, Elara Montemora. They have three sons and a daughter together, who have given them three grandchildren thus far. His eldest son is currently a junior officer in the Imperial Navy.

Awards & Decorations


  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia
  • Valedictorian, Veneratio Scientia


  • Order of Merit (Military Division)
  • Imperial Star I
  • Master Pilot's Wings
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge
  • Sniper's Badge
  • Fifteen Year Service Badge


  • He stands 6'2" tall.
  • His blood type is O+.
  • His nickname is "Cozzo".
  • He is a member of the Janessari elite known as the Death Watch.
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